Moscow Fantasy Travel Episode Played Out in Chess Quotes

Chess is a great game, not that I’ve played much, or acquired much skill in it. The World Championship was dominated by the Soviet Union during its existence. So, what better way was there for the greenYgrey to get to grips with Moscow’s hectic big city lifestyle, with lots of exciting attractions to see, a big business district and great amounts of greenery, than to fall into a chess world of stalemate time and pieces of imaginative helpers.

English: The Cathedral of Intercession of the ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, satirical comedy fiction correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by Harry Potter wizard writer J.K. Rowling. Get your thinking hats on, and chess quotes conundrums countdown clock ticking, as Moscow provides quite an exciting day for the greenYgrey:

Chapter 1 Episode 22

You must forget you ever knew me, but remember what I said.
I am the Moscow jellyfish, concentric circles on Russia’s seabed.
Now you are ready to pass through, be careful where you tread.

Inside the Moscow Jellyfish


Those who say they understand Chess, understand nothing.  – Robert Huebner

I walked for miles around Moscow, passing the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum, Tretyakov Gallery and Gorky Park.

By the time I reached Red Square my feet and paws were sore, so I sat down  on a paving slab. The Kremlin looked like a king; St. Basil’s a bishop; the trees resembled pawns.

The arts centres named after Russian writers and artists reminded me of my epic Russian journey, and Dreams of My Russian Summer returned to mind.

According to such great attacking players as Bronstein and Tal, most combinations are inspired by the player’s memories of earlier games.  –  Pal Benko

Red Square Horse Knight

Inexperienced players have a fear of this piece, which seems to them enigmatic, mysterious, and astonishing in its power. We must admit that it has remarkable characteristics which compel respect and occasionally surprise the most wary players.  –  Eugene Znosko-Borowski

I was feeling like a werey player in a great game, when a great horse appeared, beckoning me aboard.

It seemed an ideal way to see the city, so I jumped on. It galloped two strides forward, and one to the side. I thought it was a little strange at first, but got used to it as it continued to move like that, or sometimes took one stride forward and two to the side.

We moved effortlessly from grey squares to green parks, and vice versa.

Combination Move 1: Trouble

Every move creates a weakness.  –  Siegbert Tarrasch

However, after some time, the horse began to tire and weaken. It lay down on the edge of one of the fantastic forests I’d noticed around Moscow, lay down on the grass, and went to sleep.

In chess, as in life, a man is his own most dangerous opponent.  – Vasily Smyslov

Although the forest looked wonderful, I felt lost. My green side told the grey it might have been a mistake accepting the ride off the horse. The grey said that it was the green’s turn to be a-were. The green said it thought it was grey’s turn.

You must take your opponent into a deep dark forest where 2+2=5, and the path leading out is only wide enough for one.  –  Mikhail Tal

A page from a 1935 Calendar (USSR), illustrati...

A page from a 1935 Calendar (USSR), illustrating the concept of шестидневка (sixday). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Green told Grey that they should enter the forest, to take some time out, and try to resolve their dilemma, decide on a unanimous decision, so that they could continue as one.

I/we entered the forest and travelled deep into what seemed like a neverending woodland.

The worst enemy of the strategist is the clock. Time trouble … Reduces us all to pure reflex and reaction, tactical play. Emotion and instinct cloud our strategic vision when there is no time for proper evaluation.  –   Garry Kasparov

I/we continued to walk, but didn’t seem to be getting anywhere.

Although my/our feet and paws had recovered while on horseback, they were now back to square one; metaphorically that is, rather than the sleep-inducing one on Red Square.

It is a profound mistake to imagine that the art of combination depends only on natural talent, and that it cannot be learned. Every player knows that all (or almost all) combinations arise from a recollection of familiar elements.  –  Richard Reti

Combination Move 2: Resolution

English: Grave of Alexander Alekhine, Montparn...

English: Grave of Alexander Alekhine, Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During a chess tournament a master must envisage himself as a cross between an ascetic monk and a beast of prey.  –  Alexander Alekhine

Green wanted to become human, Grey a wolf. They shapeshifted against each other, becoming neither wolf nor human.

Green accused Grey of wanting to eat it, Grey howled that Green wanted to skin it.

My/our body was twisting itself into turmoil, threatening to break itself apart.

…sound strategy often demands that you submit to the opponent’s will so as to strengthen your weaknesses and get rid of defects in your game.  –  Emanuel Lasker

Yellow decided it had to intervene, saying it had seen enough; adding that Green and Grey should submit to each other, as together they were much stronger and wiser than separate and fighting.

How vain are our fears! I thought to myself. Sometimes we fear that which our opponent (or fate) had never even considered! After this, then, is it any longer worthwhile to rack one’s brain to find new ghosts to fear? –  Aaron Nimzowitsch

I returned to being the greenYgrey all of a sudden, awakening out of the inner frenzy I’d induced. Green saw Grey did not want to eat it, and Grey realised Green had never wanted to skin it. It was lucky we now knew Y.

The forest once again looked like it really is: a natural environment for lots of forms of life, with some natural dangers for humans, wolves and werewolves, but no more than in civilised human society.

The Forest of Countess Mordvinova (1891) Oil o...

The Forest of Countess Mordvinova (1891), The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Play on both sides of the board is my favourite strategy. – Alexander Alekhine

I walked and ran the last shreds of stress out, reaching a stream with clear water. I sat and drank, resting and refreshing.

I could see where I had been, and I could see where I had not been.

From somewhere in-between I saw our Red Square horse galloping towards me.

It was recognisable from afar, with its distinctive two forward strides and one to the side, or one forward and two to the side running style.


Chess quotes from
Dreams of My Russian Summers is a novel by Andrei Makine.

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Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Rotherham Reason: New Labour Multiculturalists and Liberals Love Islam, Hate Chavs

The Rotherham child abuse by mainly Pakistani and Asian men is said to have started in 1997. Is it a coincidence that is also the year the New Labour government took over in Britain. Is it also a coincidence that the abuse only started to be uncovered after New Labour left power.

Rotherham and the ICS: a Comparison

The child abuse was not only covered up in Rotherham council, it was covered up by the whole of the British liberal elite, including the ICS university department, who suppressed, bullied and intimidated Marc Latham when he tried to write about what was happening to the people they liked to call ‘chavs’.

The heads of department had their own grooming going on anyway, which was also ignored and supported by their ‘yes people’ below, including fawning women, as long as their careers were kept on an upward trajectory. The student complaints and alumni office also didn’t want to know.

Chavs and Bloody Nasty People

When Owen Jones was lauded as a great working class hero for his ‘Chavs‘ book, most of his supporters failed to notice or care that he left out the child abuse scandals. As I wrote in my Goodreads review nearly a year ago:

‘The first chapter could have been about the care home scandals; both the abuse by those in charge inside, and those waiting to prey on the poor and vulnerable outside; rather than the Shannon case, which doesn’t really work. The media did intensely publicise the Shannon disappearance, and it turned out to be a hoax, as those who look negatively on ‘chavs’ would have presumed.’

The problem is, from my experience, it probably wouldn’t have been published by the liberal dominated publishing media if it had tried to tackle the worst atrocity against the ‘chavs’ over the last couple of decades.

Instead we had a polemical book on the BNP that seemed to want to be the next ‘Chavs’: sub-titled Bloody Nasty People. I don’t know any BNP members, and never have, and maybe they are nasty people. But are they any worse than those who’ve either helped suppress news or ignore evidence against the child grooming gangs?

The left seems to think George Galloway and Russell Brand are bloody nice people, despite years of using and abusing women via their lucrative careers. As long as you support Islam!

The Child Abuse Problem in Britain is Islam Using Multiculturalism

While most Muslims and their British liberal supporters are probably bloody nice people, so were most Germans in Nazi Germany. It is what they support and ignore that is abhorrent.

The Islamic prophet is supposed to have had a child bride and harem, and Muslims are supposed to think he led a perfect life.

While it may have been the norm in those days, with British royalty also having child brides, British men don’t consider those kings to have led perfect lives, and don’t try and emulate them.

Boko Haram and British Child Abduction

I remember Liberal/LibDems’ Shirley Williams saying on Question Time that Boko Haram’s kidnapping of Nigerian girls should have got more publicity sooner, and that it was probably down to race. Shirley, 1000s of white girls have been kidnapped in Britain, and you and your Liberal friends ignored and suppressed it.

Rapes and abductions have been a part of the ISIS (IS) war in the Middle-East, with women told to convert to Islam and become a slave baby machine or die.

Liberal Britain Creates Hatred, Submission and Suppression:
Better Raped than Racist

While everybody deserves a voice, that should be balanced. Liberal Britain has created a culture over the last twenty years where it must seem better for white working class girls in places like Rotherham to be raped than considered racist: at least they’ll feel normal then, one of the crowd, rather than ostracised from polite society like Jade Goody.

I recently saw Jim Davidson grovelling to Naga Munchetty on the BBC morning news sofa, as if begging her to approve of him. A veteran comedian under the power of a television newcomer. Seemed like a microcosm of today’s Britain.

Steve McQueen, director of 12 Years a Slave, is said to be working on a BBC drama about the lives of black Britons, which follows the lives of a group of friends and their families from 1968 to 2014.

While it will probably be good, and worth telling and watching, it will also probably help promote the liberal Britain myth of white evil and black goodness; leading to more British non-whites supporting the Islamist cause, like the murderers of Lee Rigby and James Foley.

By the way, I haven’t heard them being called ‘racist’ murders by the liberal media. Foley’s father, maybe in his terrible grief, unfortunately even called his son’s murder an ‘execution’. While ‘execution’ can broadly be used to describe murder, it is most often commonly used to describe punishments for wrongdoing.

Terrible things were done by British colonists and slavers in Africa and around the world, but Arab slavery in Africa far outdates the white European, and it is still going on now, and seems to in fact be growing. There was also an Arab white-slave trade.

What about a film about the Arab white-slave trade, or a BBC film about what it’s been like for white working-class people living under multicultural fascism.

Oh yes, the BBC did have a white season, but it was more critical of the white working-class than supportive, and even depicted Islam as the saviour for an 11-year-old white girl; seems too eerily like Rotherham and all the other real life cases! As I wrote in a Suite 101 article in 2010:

White Girl on the BBC in New Labour Britain

Abi Morgan’s White Girl for the BBC White season in March 2008 showed a totally positive image of Islam, as it provided a sanctuary from the seedy, violent and dysfunctional white community. There were no paedophiles to groom her, and the drama would probably have sent any impressionable young girls into their hands.

The drama, which was supposed to be part of a season providing a voice for the white working class community, showed a white British family splitting up because of an abusive husband (Stevie).

Of course there are such families within the white working class community, but there were also many stories of a paedophile problem within the Asian community in Bradford.

But when the mother (Debbie) moved to Bradford with her daughter (Leah) there were no Asians trying to groom her. Instead, the Muslim community was shown as the salvation, in direct contrast to the white working class community, which was supposed to be having its voice.


2004 Abuse Documentary Objections

Earlier in the article I’d written about how a 2004 documentary about the child abuse going on in Bradford, which is not far from Rotherham, had been postponed because of ‘community protests’:

In 2004, a Channel Four documentary about the problem in Bradford was delayed because of a local community protest ( and threats of legal action, as it reported how local parents were battling to prevent their children being groomed by predominantly Asian gangs.


Writing from the Underground

Liberal academics have been focusing on Islamaphobia, and this must have made the Muslim child groomers’ work much easier: how they are always the victims of nasty racist Britain.

A groomed (or seducer, she got married to one head of department anyway!) Italian academic who wouldn’t enter into a discussion about Islam got all the jobs and career progression in the ICS. She has since turned into a bit of a ‘Jihad Jane’.

I didn’t want to be a part of that liberal elite anyway, too aware of what they were defending and supporting, and the way Britain was going.

Incredible Incredulous British Media

And the British ‘liberal media’ are now wondering why British youth are being radicalised into Islamic fundamentalists!

The Birmingham schools being taken over by Islamists only seems too reminiscent of British universities in 2000 -2005, where support for al-Quaeda was the norm, Bush-Blair were the terrorists, they only boycott the Jews (their derogatory way of saying it, and nice George Galloway now wants a Jew (Israel) free Bradford; with no criticism of Islamist child groomers presumably!), and the ICS was probably training members of ISIS/IS in propaganda and video production while grovelling for Saudi money!

So well done to liberal Britain. You’ve made the country a breeding ground for Islamist terrorism, helped some have a good time raping and torturing the hated chav girls, and probably helped create a Caliphate in Iraq/Syria. Seems like you achieved the objectives all too apparent when I studied in the ICS 2000 – 2005.

Travel Morning Philosophy in Moscow Map Jellyfish

All roads lead to Moscow looking at Moscow’s Google map, while there are also circular roads ringing the city’s centre. That image seems to have made quite an impression on greenYgrey, as it provided the inspiration and framework for its arrival in Russia’s capital city virtual travel blog post.

English: Cassiopeia andromeda (Upside-down jel...

English: Cassiopeia andromeda (Upside-down jellyfish) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, fiction writing correspondent at the greenygrey inspired by Harry Potter wizard writer J.K. Rowling. I can see what the greenYgrey’s getting at, as this upside-down greenygrey jellyfish photo looks to me like a city seen from the air at night.

I just followed an in-text link to Upside-down jellyfish, and found out it’s not a jellyfish finding itself upside-down for some reason, it’s the simple name of an actual genus of true jellyfish called cassiopea. No lies, it is a true jellyfish.

The name cassiopea reminded me of the star constellation Cassiopeia, which is an easy to spot w shape in the northern night sky, and recently drew my attention to it with a comet apparently passing near it.

I didn’t see the comet, but then again, I didn’t try very hard, or look closely. I’m a bit werey (wary) about going out at night with binoculars!

I always thought Cassiopeia looked nice, probably somewhat to do with it being clear to see, and just saw on Wikipedia that it’s ‘named after the vain queen Cassiopeia in Greek mythology, who boasted about her unrivalled beauty.’ Makes sense, and I will try and remember that the next time I see her.

Finding out all this extra knowledge shows there are some perks to this job, and it’s not all unpaid enjoyable rewarding toil. Anyway, I fear I have digressed, and without further ado, as our Wolfhol used to say to you, here’s the greenYgrey virtually arriving in Moscow:

XaW Files Chapter 1 Episode 21

A perfectly flattened greenYgrey jellyfish called Moscow.

That’s what my map looked like in the early morning sunlight. There were blue veins and pools of water amongst the greenYgrey on the map, and the sky above me was blueing too.





Moscow Map and Reality

The water didn’t look as blue in Moscow yet, but it might get bluer later in the day, when the sun was directly above.

The yellow map roads were no dust sandy paths like in Oz. They were grey. Pure tarmac. Dull  and efficient. I thought that was quite ironic, something of a coincidence, one greenYgrey colour representing another greenYgrey colour.

The green and grey of the map were pretty representative of their real entities. Some of the green was scorched yellowybrown, and some of the grey was painted other colours, but they were essentially greenygrey.

Moscow Morning Musing

Sunshine and colourful buildings made me want to walk. Yerofeyev’s Venya had wanted to talk. He was killed. So I didn’t talk. I walked.

Quiet empty grey streets and awakening green park life made me feel at home. I thought of Marc Latham arriving in Stockholm to finish off his twenty-five years of travel.

If the city still slept, was I sleepwalking? Out of bed, bedroom and house, through the streets and junctions like a thought neuron travelling the synapse pathways of the mind. I felt a warm feeling as I thought of myself within Moscow’s mind, sleepwalking within a sleeping city. Moscow would no doubt awake thinking it had been lucid dreaming. I clearly remembered…

I saw beer
bought from booths
babies born
on balconies
at first light
before the sun
rose above

St. Basil cathedral in Moscow.

St. Basil cathedral in Moscow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)









a beautiful coloured cathedral
illuminated at night
like a jellyfish bell

Moon jellyfish in the Pairi Daiza aquarium in ...

Moon jellyfish in the Pairi Daiza aquarium in Belgium. Because of the lighting, the organism in shown in false colour. Français : Méduse aurélie à l’aquarium du parc pairi daiza (Belgique) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




painted underground tunnels
spreading out in all directions
like a jellyfish bloom
stretching their tentacles
after a long tiring swim
to their ocean reunion.

Jellyfish microbes






I was not a jellyfish or tentacle in Moscow. I was simply a microbe. But I was alive and moving. And the city seemed to be awakening in a good mood.



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Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Arriving in Moscow on Yerofeyev’s Train Journey Play

Yerofeyev had two Ys
greenYgrey asked two whys
why am I virtually travelling?
why am I fantasy writing?
There was a one word answer
to retain a sense of wonder
but wonder’s homophone is wander
and that made it wonder
if it was also because mind wander
helped it imagine an eternal traveller
its spirit had now become
as our planet orbits the sun
circling the Earth like celestial moon
writing propane to a hot air balloon.

Author J.K. Rowling answers questions after re...

Author J.K. Rowling answers questions after reading from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, fiction writing correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by Harry Potter wizard writer J.K. Rowling.

Petushki – Moscow Play Homage

To mark reaching Moscow in the twentieth episode of its epic comedy fantasy travel X Files parody XaW Files search for our Andy Warhol it looks as if the greenYgrey has celebrated with a twenty-line poem. Six lines longer than my introductory poem!

It seems it travelled on the Moscow – Petushki train, following a landmark narrative path written down by a famous Vladimir city writer called Yerofeyev. It must have passed through Vladimir between Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow.

This greenYgrey statue and surroundings scene will guide you to the greenYgrey’s homage…

English: Monument to the "Moscow-Petushki...

English: Monument to the “Moscow-Petushki” by Venidikt Yerofeev installed in the Borby Square, Moscow. Sculptors Valery Kuznetsov, Sergei Mantserev. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

XaW Files Chapter 1 Episode 20

An autobiographic alcoholic
intellectual on a short train ride
was the most famous work
of Venedict Vasilyevich Yerofeyev
Vladimir’s most prestigious
prose poem writer
according to Wikipedia.

Petushki, Vladimir Oblast
forty-two miles west of Nizhny
the destination point
on a seventy-eight miles journey
Moscow to the end of the line
worth an episode of mine.

Venya died after Moscow return
failing to disembark love’s train
lost in a sea of sozzled words
high-minded philosophy world
from his tale I aimed to learn
to only keep on fantasy travelling
until finding our creative halfling. 

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Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Is Marc Latham the Sylvia Plath of his Generation?

I was watching Great Poets in their Own Words (3 days left in U.K. to watch) this week, and after hearing that Sylvia Plath only became an icon of her generation after her death I couldn’t help wondering if Marc Latham will only be recognised as a great poet after he is no longer with us.

While there are no doubt better classic poets, has any poet of his generation captured the essence of the greenYgrey age better than Marc, and especially with the Folding Mirror poetry form.

To be honest, I don’t think he really cares that much, and although I think he’d have enjoyed that documentary he’d have preferred watching The Old Grey Whistle Test (6 days left in U.K. to watch), featuring some great old footage of Vinegar Joe, Blondie, Patti Smith, Curtis Mayfield, Captain Beefheart, Bob Marley, Johnny Winter, Dr Feelgood and Iggy Pop.

If you can’t watch them in the U.K. I’m sure you’ll find lots on YouTube etc, and here’s my favourite revelation from the documentaries.

When I saw Vinegar Joe’s performance I wondered why I hadn’t heard of them and why their Janis Joplinesque singer hadn’t made it. Then I saw that it was Elkie Brooks, and I did know her, and she did make it as a solo star. Apart from her amazing vocal performance, it was nice to see the other members of Vinegar Joe enjoying their music, and obviously appreciative of Brooks’s frontperson performance themselves.

Life Metaphors Poem

Hi, it’s William Wolfsworth, poetry correspondent at the greenYgrey with occasional satirical comedy, inspired by legendary Romantic poet William Wordsworth.

Sorry for digressing with my extended opening, as I’m only really here to introduce the latest reflection from Marc Latham’s 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections.

It mirrored Dying to Live, Living to Die, and this is its first online publication as far as I’m a-were.

Reflection 26 is simply called Life is Like…

Life is like a journey on a neverending road,
you know you’ll never find out
the destination at the end,
but just try and learn along the way.

Life is like flying over a real rainbow,
you know you’ll never find
golden immortality at the bottom,
but just try and enjoy the journey.

Life is like a big night out,
you know that you’ll peak and tire
and not continue forever
but just try and make the most of it.

Have a great weekend…

Smashwords cover

Celebrity Big Brother Lookalikes Top Model News Words

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 has started in the U.K. and there’s unfortunately no representative from the greenYgrey world again. We also missed out on the Oxford Dictionary new words round again, with greenygrey, boomerang (new social media craze meaning) and gYgboo missing out to amazeballs, side-boob and cray! This is despite the gYgboo becoming ever more popular amongst celebrities, as shown in the photos below.

Hi, it’s Wolf Whitzer, satirical comedy intrepid newshound at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer.

Duchess of Cambridge Lookalike

When MSN asked which celebrity Christina Spencer had quit her  solicitor job for to become a lookalike we took one look at the photos and of course guessed greenYgrey.

Christina says comments about her likeness to the Duchess of Cambridge began in the run up to Royal wedding in 2011

Our second guess would have been Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and that would have been right.

She does do a great greenYgrey too though, and even gets in a one-armed gYgboo in the photo below, using tree, dress and leaves. We think that greenYgrey could be her second choice back-up celebrity lookalike speciality.

kate lookalike

Kate Moss Great greenYgreying

Talking of Kates, it was great to see Kate Moss looking great while gYgbooing (greenYgrey boomeranging). Always the fashionable innovator, Kate chose a one-armed boomerang, and an angled greenYgrey, using her KM as the centrepiece amongst a green and grey background.

Kate Moss

It’s no wonder she continues to be one of the world’s top models, and it’s great that she has found love and stability with Jamie Hince.

J-Lo Joins Celebrity Craze

No, my heading doesn’t refer to the ice bucket celebrity craze, which is doing some good work raising money for charities. I am of course still talking about the gYgboo.

This was shown by Jennifer Lopez gYgbooing Tyler Posey in this photo featured on MSN. J-Lo achieved the colours with dress and hair, and achieved the boomerang with her left arm. These one-armed boomerangs seem to be growing in popularity on the celebrity circuit.

Celebs uncovered with AngryBritain