X Files Parody Reaches Episode Thirteen for Halloween

With twenty-five episodes in the second series of X Files I guess greenYgrey has passed the halfway point in the second chapter of the punky prose and poetry parody XaW Files fantasy travel ramble across all regions of Eurasia.

Finishing Finland

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, poetry travel writing correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary travelling poet novelist Jack Kerouac.

Yes, we’ve reached episode 13, funnily enough (not in a ha! ha! manner) for Halloween, in Chapter 2.

20141031095913It looks as if greenYgrey’s Finland dream has come to an end, and it has traced its time travelling from Saint Petersburg in Russia to Estonia, via the long Finnish countryside and Baltic Sea.

However, the X Files parody keeps the strange twists flowing, as it seems this file ends in Estonia’s southern neighbour Latvia… which looks like it has just as much wonderful wildlife and pristine nature as its northern neighbour…

XaW Files Chapter 2 Episode 13

I remembered awakening next
to the Baltic Sea in Sillamae
as my memory travelled further
back through Finland’s Siilinjarvi
vampire dogs barking
reminded me of Oz in Varkaus
via rejuvenating Jukajarvi
waters enjoyed in Juva house
Savonlinna was where
we began to Finnish
after leaving Saint Petersburg
in a timely minish
we’d flown over
Russia’s Lake Ladoga
the largest lake
in the whole of Europa
it must have been
what I could vaguely remember
seeing the shores
of Lake Peipsi in Estonia.

I heard a rooster crow
wondering where in my dream
seemed as if Love held me
sniffing morning smelling sunbeam
opening my eyes
I thought I must see
where I remembered
laying down in Mustvee
but the rooster was calling from
its identity as a male Rigan
thanking all the vegetarians
and especially those who are vegan.

Riga is the Baltic Sea capital
of Estonia’s neighbour Latvia
so I wondered if we had crossed
during my dream a southern border.

Thanks to the British Soldiers

Thanks to the British soldiers who served in Afghanistan, and suffered the horrors of war trying to create a better society for women and children… and fair-minded men.
Shame there were some who put patriarchal culture above human rights.
Good luck to the Afghan soldiers taking over their operations.


Happy Halloween Samhain Day of the Dead

Werewolf fans expecting lots of werewolf images will unfortunately be disappointed. There are no werewolves in a greenYgrey Halloween, apart from the residents, as we’re werewolves 24/7 365-days-a-year, so we get enough werewolfism around here, and don’t think we’re at all scary!

Happy Halloween to you all, with Oz and other countries in the Far East already in Halloween Day.

Halloween Global Tradition

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman, head honcho of greenYgrey creation inspired by legendary photographer Baron Wolman, in the absence of Andy Wolfhol, who was inspired by legendary creative Andy Warhol, and has now inspired the XaW Files after going AWOL!

Day of the Dead

In Mexico they celebrate Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) for three days, with one day a bank holiday. The festival is still inspired by the pre-Columbian Lost Civilisations recently featured on this blog. We liked this greenYgrey representation of the Lady of the Dead:

Samhain Tradition

In Europe, Halloween harks back to pagan celebrations marking the end of the year, which ended at the end of summertime. In the U.K. clocks went back an hour last week, marking the end of summertime.

There were lots of nice greenygrey witchy Halloween images available, but I plumped for this pumpkin one, as I liked the way the greenYgrey blends together at the top, and it is true to the original meaning of the festival, which was to celebrate another year and harvest.

Dracula, Hammer House, 1958

I recently watched Hammer House’s 1958 Dracula. I thought it was still a good film, and enjoyed its nostalgic value… and noticed there was even greenYgrey female fashion back in those days within the Hammer House world:

The Birds Fashion

It wasn’t only on the Blighty side of the Atlantic either, as five years later Tippi Hedren sported a classic greenYgrey outfit in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.

Edith Head's costume for Tippi Hedren in The Birds

Like wolves and humans, birds are usually very nice.

Owl Image

Birds also look very nice, and are nice subjects for artwork. So we thought we’d balance mentioning The Birds movie with this lovely owl image and message posted on Google+ by poet and artist Stormy Seas.

Werewolf of Oz in Line with Modern Halloween

The Wizard of Oz is considered a horror movie by some, and is still a favourite theme for the modern tradition of Halloween fancy dress wearing.

I was reminded of the movie when I saw Melissa Rensen’s photo in Metro from somewhere over the rainbow:

Plane passenger captures amazing rainbow pic

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Victoria Beckham Fashion Icon Designer Entrepreneur of the Year

After Olivia Palermo recently set the greenygrey fashion world alight with the first recorded greenYgrey Folding Mirror, Victoria Beckham has upped the ante by adding a one-armed  boomerang to a greenygrey (gygboo) Folding Mirror photo, although that seems to have meant she didn’t manage to fit in any yellow.

Victoria Beckham at her Dover Street store: ‘Love it or loathe it, she is good at what she does. She’s recently seen a sales growth of 2,900% and employment growth of 3,233%.’ Photograph: Victoria Beckham Limited

In that way, Victoria’s photo seems to mix n’ match classic and new greenygrey fashion.

Hi, it’s Paco Wolfsang, fashionisto supremo at the greenYgrey inspired by fashion legend Paco Rabanne in the absence of Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno, who is believed to be in Riga, Latvia according to a recent XaW File.

Entrepreneur of the Year

Victoria Beckham was recently named entrepreneur of the year by Management Today magazine, presumably only just beating the greenYgrey.

Matthew Gwyther didn’t cite  Posh Vic’s love of greenygrey Folding Mirroring as a reason for her success.

Maybe he doesn’t know.

Maybe it’s Victoria’s Secret! Until now!!

Victoria Beckham Spring 2003 Icon Collection

Victoria Beckham not only likes to boomerang in front of greenygrey mirrors, she has also designed a few greenygrey numbers. This one in her spring 2003 Icon collection is our favourite:

New Words of the Year 2014 by Collins Dictionary

After missing out on the Oxford Dictionary again this year it was double disappointment for the greenYgrey this week after we also missed out on the Collins Dictionary words of the year.

Words of the Year

Hi, it’s Susie Dentinfang, satirical comedy word correspondent at the greenYgrey and Countdown to the Full Moon inspired by legendary word expert on Countdown Susie Dent.

The Telegraph reported the Collins Dictionary top five words/phrases of the year are bakeoff, tinder, devo max, normcore and photobomb. The latter was the word of the year.

There was a small consolation for greenygrey not being the word of the year, or even in the top five, when it was the chief colour composition of the most famous photobomb of the year, featuring Princess Kate the Great’s grandmother-in-law:

Commonwealth Games 2014: Day one live

Oldest Word

The Telegraph was interested and earnest enough to give backgrounds to the words, and I had mixed emotions (now I know how Love feels!: Love is our resident mixed-up vole for new readers) when I read that Vogue had only introduced normcore to its readers this year, whereas our greenygrey dates back to at least 2006, and this website has been live since January 2008.

Hopefully we’ll be more in vogue with our in-house fashion correspondents, although Paco Wolfsang is currently wolfmanning the fashion denhouse as a skeleton crew, with Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno reported to be in Europe according to a recent XaW File.

Rewilding Britain Theme Finland X Files Parody Poem

Rewilding was discussed on Sunday Morning Live a couple of Sundays ago, with George Monbiot speaking up for it, following the publication of his book of that name. The discussion was focused on the Alladale Wilderness Reserve owned by Paul Lister.

Rewilding Britain Discussion

Lister has proposed reintroducing wolves, lynx and bears within his high-fenced land. The land is currently quite barren, so they are trying to plant trees to recover its former glory, and making it habitable for the return of Britain’s extinct native animals.

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, poetic writing correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary poet writer novelist Jack Kerouac.

English: Shot at the Minnesota Zoo. A critical...

English: Shot at the Minnesota Zoo. A critically endangered Mexican Gray Wolf is kept captive for breeding purposes. Less than 15 Mexican Wolves are currently estimated to survive in the wild. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Interviewed on the programme, Lister said it would probably be 20-30 years before wolves were reintroduced, so it will be a long time in the future, if ever, and dependent on how lynx fare before them.

Not knocking Britain, because Blighty still has some great wildlife, as well as making many important animal welfare advances over recent years; and being in some ways better than other European countries in regard to fishing, hunting and farming; but the reports from Russia and the Baltic states from greenYgrey’s latest fantasy travel across Eurasia has inspired us to think how some areas of Britain could be made even more beautiful, in line with the amazing forests and wildlife still thriving in even small countries like Estonia.

X Files Parody Epic Poem

grey wolf

grey wolf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The greenYgrey is of course still in Estonia as far as we know, but the latest XaW Files report we’ve received continues its dream regression through Finland, with this one continuing down the eastern side of the dream arc while thinking about rewilding Blighty.

Thanks to Denyse Shorrocks for allowing her artwork in the middle of the poem to be used, and there’s lots more at the Stoneart Design website… including lots more greenYgrey.

Chapter 2 Episode 12

I fell down the world
as my dream unfurled
Pudasjarvi, Taivalkoski,
Kajaani, Suomussalmi,
wrestling with my memory
never needing anybody
to tell me what to do
but to understand me true
through and through
down to you
time in lieu
Love and me
wolf bear honestly
would you come back to Blighty
for enough wilderness to live free
forgive us for the mission
of your ancestors extinction
I like the way you live
free in Finland please give
a little time and thought
to a question that is
in essence short
but admittedly
the ramifications
are long and complex
and I am only a duplex
held together by a Y
maybe you’ll understand me
better in rune lexicology
it would be better if I was wolf
but in fact I’m better explained
by eolh-secg symbology

I’d like to provide defence,
sacred ground sanctuary
but I can’t speak for everybody
because Blighty’s a democracy
I think it would be nice to see
wolf and bear under tree
of life like in history
people might appreciate
you more now
time’s getting late
you want to wait
to see which way
the people look
when they settle
the British sea
and live on a lake
safe from dangerous
high waves
allocate us some land
where we can live
wild and free
and your children
are happy with security.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

High Altitude Space Jump Record Broken by Google’s Alan Eustace

Google computer scientist Alan Eustace broke the sound barrier as he freefalled from near the top of the stratosphere 135,890 feet above the Earth to break the two-year-old record set by Felix Baumgartner.

The terminator line at sunset over central eur...

The terminator line at sunset over central europe and its seasonal changes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eustace was up amongst the Terminator twilight zone of the Earth’s atmosphere before jumping from his helium balloon, with that beautiful phenomenon featuring heavily on the greenYgrey this year.

Google, Red Bull and greenYgrey

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, satirical comedy sports correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by darts legend Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams.

The greenYgrey heavily covered Baumgartner’s world record jump, and that was despite his sponsorship by our fiercest friendly rivals Red Bull.

Although Baumgartner did pose with the Greenygrey, as it was known then, during a later interview.

Eustace also created some great greenygrey images on his jump, with this close-up from the edge of space probably the best:

Returning to Earth

Although I’m sure it was a big thrill rising up to that great height, and hurtling through space and sky, it was also an amazing feeling returning to Earth… and fitting in some more greenYgreying;

Princess Kate at Wildlife Photography Awards 2014

Our favourite British princess until Cressida Bonas becomes one, the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Kate the Great, attended a gala event at the Natural History Museum this week, where the winners of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 were announced.

She found time to fit in a little greenYgreying before getting down to business:

Great greenYgrey Bird

Hi, it’s Chris Packwerewolf, satirical comedy natural world correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by nature expert Chris Packham.

I’m delighted to announce that Jan van der Greef of the Netherlands won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 award with “Touché”, featuring a sword-billed hummingbird (the greenYgrey one on the right) and a collared inca hummingbird.

Jan van der Greef, the Netherlands "Touché"

From Inca to Aztec

Funnily enough, when I searched hummingbirds on Wikipedia, I saw that Huitzilopochtli, an Aztec god, was often depicted as a hummingbird; and a greenYgrey one like the one above by the look of his image on Wikipedia.

The Aztecs were of course featured in our blog earlier this week about Lost Kingdoms of Central America.

Several of the other photo winners have varying shades of greenYgreyness, with an iguana under sunlight and a storm over a forest probably the next two most greenYgrey in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014.

Thanks to all the photographers for capturing nature and wildlife so vividly, and to the organisers and Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for promoting and publicising wildlife photography.