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Is Marc Latham the Winston Churchill of his Generation?

Last August we asked Is ML the Sylvia Plath of his generation. Now, five months later, we ask if he is the Winston Churchill of his Generation on the 50th anniversary of Churchill’s state funeral.

We guess some of you might think it a little strange, but at the greenYgrey we see this as normal, and in line with our own self-parody and the don’t keep all your eggs in one basket idiom.

Who is the Churchill of Our Generation?

Churchill’s bulldog image was cited as an influence at the start of the greenygrey website in the biography page:

While divine inspiration may have inspired the unconscious, rewinding the conscious for possible influences brings to the fore: green legends; mythical dogs and shapeshifters from British and world mythology; Churchill’s bulldog image; rock n’ roll legends; and Bill Bryson’s book title ‘Tales from a Small Island.’

Marc Latham’s biggest claim to the Churchill of our generation tag is that he has spent a decade in the wilderness warning of the Islamist threat, as Churchill warned of the Nazi threat in the 1930s while being ignored and ostracised by the appeasers.

It was while wandering through the wilderness that Marc discovered the greenYgrey world. He liked it so much he stayed.

Is David Cameron Latham’s Biggest Rival for Churchillism?

I’m sure David Cameron is considered more of a Churchill of his and Marc’s generation by many, what with him being a posh Conservative PM, and we wouldn’t necessarily argue with them.

Outside war, Cameron is definitely more Churchillian, with Churchill having no deep empathy for the working-class and their unions.

Like most people and history, Marc mostly likes and respects Churchill for inspiring the RAF and suffering civilians to save Blighty during 1940 in the Battle of Britain.

Winston Churchill and World War Two

In winning that battle Britain may also have saved all of Europe from the Nazi threat, epitomised by the undeniably impressive fighting soldiers of the Waffen SS. They reached the edge of total victory in Europe, before being turned back by the incredible bravery of the Russians, and all the partisan resistance groups across the continent.

While the German soldiers could be forgiven for their belief in superiority when they went east, most of those lucky enough to return knew the Slavs were not their inferior, as they’d been told by their Big Lie propaganda.

The American arrival in Europe also played a big part in winning the war, but it had been saved by Britain in 1940, and Churchill’s amazing speeches played a big part in that.

The Unknown Leader

While Marc may be more comfortable being an Unknown Leader, reminiscent of the Unknown Soldier, he thinks his best foreign policy contribution was advising Cameron and Obama to stay out of Syria, as they looked to be leading the U.K. and U.S.A. into war alongside I.S. last year.

In the end, the British parliament voted against the war, and that might have persuaded the U.S.A. to stay out.

We don’t know if anybody was persuaded by our blog, or even if anybody influential reads it, but I think we chose right, and so did the politicians.

P.S. Hope you liked yesterday’s XaW Files. Sorry if the early birds had more technical issues. I realised I had to deactivate and delete the WordPress.com jetpack to get all the offending gremlins out of the system, or widgets as they are known in the WordPress world!

Prose Poetry Comedy On The Road Minsk, Belarus


Great greenYgreyliens, are you ready to ramble? I said, ARE YOU READY TO RAMBLE?

To replicate
is not to create.
To create
out of replication
is creation.

Did readers in the U.K. notice it was snowing yesterday, and now there’s only half a moon?

Great Philosophy News

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, satirical comedy fiction correspondent at the greenYgrey, inspired by legendary Harry Potter wizard writer J.K. Rowling.

Great news from Hungary, where our philosophy correspondent Mary Werewolfstonecraft has joined the travelling trio for Chapter 4.

It seems from the two XaW Files we’ve received that Mary is already inspiring some philosophical thoughts, as Jack Wolfpac inspired some travelling narratives when he joined greenYgrey and Love the mixed-up Vole for Chapter 3.

It seems a trend that was unintended, or at least unknown, at the start of the XaW Files, although there was always a feeling that some of us would join the greenYgrey somewhere on its ramble.

This episode sees the travelling trio as they were then still on the edge of Minsk, Belarus, and combines a lot of prose poetry with a little gentle comedy, which could be inspired by a lifetime-worth of sitcoms and a little Belarus research?

Chapter 3 Episode 4

I didn’t plan to write this time
sleep soothed mind sublime
couple of steaming coffees
before sun lightened skies
piloting skydiving capsules
sparkling like solar systems’
extreme outsider planets
rocks, meteors and comets.

I could see it was green
behind the iron curtain
when I grew up thinking grey
the way I remember it displayed.

1980s warning nuclear winter
with the Cold War creating fear
not to say there weren’t social snags
too many secret police and gulags.

In the West we had illusions of freedom
but were they just shading serfdom
destroying our land and nature
to line the pockets of our betters?

Branching Out in Belarus

Mustering half-asleep in early dawn’s twilight dark
finding out our location in Lyeninski Rayon park
Chyzhowskae Reservoir looked just like a lake
asked a friendly local where to make a break
‘for somewhere else
another country
it is up to you,’ he interrupted,
‘but there are many places
in Minsk and Belarus to see,
and you’ve already done the first,
talking to one of the hospitable people like me,
followed by fantastic architecture from 12-17th centuries
then there’s the cuisine I don’t think you’ve seen
I guess you’ll be interested in lovely nature and wildlife
and fifth and finally our country caters for adventure sports.’

I thanked him, and he continued on his journey.

Jack said he hadn’t realised there was so much to do in Belarus; Love said it sounded a lovely place, and what a pity it was that we had so little time, what with our travel quest to find ol’ Wolfhol our Andy Warhol taking precedence.

I agreed with them, before adding that although I was as grateful as them for all the great and kind information, I had only been about to ask if he recommended doing something quickly in Minsk before a chapter break! I guess he did that for me!!


The friendly old man’s advice inspired by Five Reasons to Visit Belarus: http://www.belarus.by/en/

New Theme and Look… Looks to be Working…

The greenygrey looks to have upgraded to the 2015 theme successfully after a week of work and techy tribulations, and a morning of trial and error.

I think that disconnecting from the WordPress.com account did the trick, which was down to mental work rather than magic. The problem was probably our techy turmoil rather than the WordPress system, and thanks again to WordPress for providing a free blogging service.

All apologies to any great greenYgreyliens for any disruption and problems this week, and some apologies to any nice and good passers-by that have returned despite any time wasted.

Hopefully the blog is sorted now for a big year of greenYgreying, with our third and final fantasy ramble hopefully wrapped up and even published by mid-winter Christmas.

Thanks for your patience, and have a nice day… hopefully the next XaW File will be posted tomorrow…


Holocaust Memorial Day, a Special Cartoonist

Remembering all the victims of the Holocaust, including Axis countries innocent victims, but yesterday I found this on Wikipedia after receiving a XaW File from the Czech Republic, and I thought it was particularly relevant this month, after the Charlie Hebdo killings.

Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression

Josef Čapek (Czech pronunciation: [ˈjozɛf ˈtʃapɛk]; 23 March 1887 – April 1945[1]) was a Czech artist who was best known as a painter, but who was also noted as a writer and a poet. He invented the word robot, which was introduced into literature by his brother, Karel Čapek.


Čapek was born in Hronov, Bohemia (Austria-Hungary, later Czechoslovakia, now Czech Republic) in 1887. First a painter of the Cubist school, he later developed his own playful primitive style. He collaborated with his brother Karel on a number of plays and short stories; on his own, he wrote the utopian play Land of Many Names and several novels, as well as critical essays in which he argued for the art of the unconscious, of children, and of ‘savages’. He was named by his brother as the true inventor of the term robot.[2][3] As a cartoonist, he worked for Lidové Noviny, a newspaper based in Prague. Due to his critical attitude towards national socialism and Adolf Hitler, he was arrested after the German invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1939. He wrote Poems from a Concentration Camp in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where he died in 1945.

His illustrated stories about ‘Pejsek a Kočička’ (‘Doggie and Pussycat’) are considered classics of Czech children’s literature.

New XaW Files Mystery Inspires Fresh Departure

In the latest XaW File we received, it seems as if the travelling trio are nearing the end of Chapter 3 in the X Files parody, and are due to visit Slovakia before a thrilling denouement to the Central Europe section.

I’m delighted to report that I’m heading out to the Czech Republic tonight, to try and catch greenYgrey, Love the mixed-up Vole and Jack Wolfpac before they leave Slovakia, as I may have researched an important lead on our search for Andy Wolfhol.

XaW Files Philosophy

Hi, it’s Mary Werewolfstonecraft, philosophy correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by original liberal feminist Mary Wollstonecraft.

Just after reading that the travelling trio are on their way to Slovakia I read in Isabel Kuhl’s book on Andy Warhol that Warhol’s ancestral home is in Mikova, Slovakia.

I also read in the book that Warhol’s nickname was Drella, a cross between Dracula and Cinderella, which is quite greenYgreyish.

Where the Fascist Feminists and Niqab Nazis Meet: Liberal Anti-Liberals

Apparently The Sun Page 3 saga was all a publicity stunt, and did the trick getting in all the media, including on last night’s Question Time and This Week political debate shows. As well as publicising The Sun it also inspired many ‘modern liberal feminists’ to speak up, after they had been silent about more serious ‘minority culture in the U.K.’ sexism, like George Galloway’s attack on Charlie Hebdo.

Charlie Hebdo Racist Pornography?

I saw video of a speech made by ‘Gorgeous ‘ George Galloway recently, where he called Charlie Hebdo racist pornographers.

I suppose he was talking about their cartoon satirising the 72 virgins promised in the Islamic heaven. Islam is a religion, not a race, and Charlie Hebdo’s satirical image probably suggests that the pornographic sexual reward used to entice people to their deaths in the Islamic book is just a propaganda tool.

Female nudity and images of the ‘Prophet’ were in fact common in ancient Islamic Art.

‘Gorgeous ‘ George’s best T.V. career moment was probably when he indulged in some soft-porn purring with Rula Lenska on Celebrity Big Brother!

Or maybe it was his masochistic grovelling to Saddam Hussein and other Arab leaders that he later opposed after changing sides in the Arab Spring!?

George Galloway’s Hypocrisy

Gorgeous George also accused Charlie Hebdo of satirising the weak instead of the powerful, claiming that Muslims are the ones suffering the most at the moment.

Well, the fact that thousands of indigenous girls have been groomed by Muslims over the last twenty years, bought with false compliments and cheap gifts, suggests that it is the demographic that Galloway has deserted that is the weakest and most vulnerable at the moment.

I haven’t heard Galloway mentioning the child-grooming cases, or the other gender crimes committed by the religion he has chosen to follow, with plenty of financial and sexual rewards I’m sure.

Charlie Hebdo were not satirising poor Muslims anyway, they were satirising the bullying hypocrites waging Jihadi war against the world, resulting in mass murder, rape and fascist removal of personal freedoms.

Freedoms he’s been enjoying as a Muslim man.

I didn’t know about Galloway’s personal life when I first called him a snake-oil salesman, but wasn’t surprised to see that he’s had four wives, including one with one of his researchers.

Liberal Elite Feminist Hypocrisy

That reminded me of the ICS’s ‘Jihad Jane’, who was a feminist when it suited her, and as a student researcher slept with the Heads of Department when it suited her.

None of the other Liberal Elite feminists seemed to think there was anything wrong with that!

Under the Multicultural Fascism of the last twenty years in the U.K. these Liberal Elite feminists only seem to care about attacking white men and Western society, trying to make them into model metrosexuals, while ignoring and even supporting the much more sexist and homophobic cultures, such as Islam.

To them, and George Galloway, the beauty of the semi-naked female body in capitalist publications is a more important issue than mass child-grooming, female genital mutilation and forced marriages in minority cultures.

And they not only dislike/hate the men who produce and buy the publications, but also the female models who try to make a comfortable living, often having come from difficult and poor backgrounds… classism basically… and sometimes jealousy… and why they support Islam so much… because they’re not that different from the rich matriarchal Muslim women who want to cover up their poorer rivals, and make it into a contest of clothes and jewellery instead of natural beauty…

… and I think that is why the child-grooming went on for so long unchallenged… because the liberal elite care more about what’s on show in the ‘Western media’ than they do behind closed doors in academic institutions and minority cultures.