I Thought I Loved Mazzy Star: Burn the Witch

For over twenty years I thought I loved Mazzy Star… from afar.

Last night I found out I love Hope Sandoval, and David Roback’s guitar, backed by great musicians.

For Mazzy Star is simply the name of the group, inspired by Westerns.


Nobody in Mazzy Star is a witch as far as I know, and neither am I.

This blog post is positive for women and artistic creative people.

I only love Hope Sandoval’s voice and stage persona. I have never met her, and don’t know much about her, as my admission of twenty years of Mazzy ignorance shows.

I have not had anything to do with the music or videos above, and don’t know exactly what or who they refer to, as you will never know exactly what I am thinking and writing, but I try and make it as clear as possible, losing some of the mysterious artistic effect, as I don’t live in the nice arty world at the moment, like Radiohead and Mazzy Star (that’s a statement of fact, not envy, although California has always been a dream), and have to receive feedback all the time from those who decode it to suit their agendas.

Making of this Blog Post

Mazzy Star was one of the recommended videos on YouTube last night, and the Radiohead song was the first I saw this morning. So I thought I’d combine my new knowledge from last night with the first video I saw this morning, and created the link, with the Radiohead video theme also linking with my recent blog post Mad as a March Hare.

For more mysteries, that could have ended like the Radiohead video, see:

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