Defenders of Wildlife… and Humanity

Defenders of Wildlife have a triple your donation special at the moment, last day today. I don’t know how it works really, and to me it looks as if it’s money they’ve already got, or the Board of Directors and National Council at least, who might/must be wealthy individuals pledging their own money for a good cause, in this especially dangerous time for wolves? I make that greenYgrey point as a long-term supporter, and witness to the immense good they’ve done in defending American and world wildlife.

One thing I am sure of, is that they’ve used a cute greenYgreying photo to advertise it:

Donate today and your gift will be matched!

The U.K. may be leaving Europe, but I think we should be emulating it and North America about conservation and forestation. Hopefully we’ll care more about it if we feel it belongs to us… our own garden, filling our sight with wonder, and our lungs with clean air.

While only food and drink can fill our bellies, our spirits can be lifted in many ways; one of the oldest ways is the natural world around us, and the animals that share most of our internal and external properties and personalities.

Defenders of Wildlife appeal.

Arnie Schwarzenegger Inspired by Nietzsche and Adler

I’d originally remembered Nietzsche through the work of Alfred Adler, one of the three most noted Vienna psychologists in its classic age around the beginning of the twentieth century. Adler was a Jewish concentration camp survivor, who’d used Nietzsche’s philosophy to help him survive his persecution.

Warning: this blog contains real people that may remind you of yourselves or people you know; especially the Facebook-nowonly celebrities, although you may become Zoellas one day, and I hope the nice ones do. Now that I think about it, I can think of people who most relate to them, but I could do that for any big celebrity I included. These are three goodies anyway, chosen for good reasons, and the people I think of most relating to them were all goodies too; not to be mistaken with The Goodies.

And I thought after yesterday’s blog I should have written a crazy little thing called mixed-up vole, referencing the Queen song, which might have turned it from a good reference to more memorable genius-like, as some songs are raised to classics by little touches like that, such as the whistling in one of Rammstein’s songs (Engel), bagpipes in Bon Scott’s AC/DC Long Way to the Top, or the high-pitched singing in Deep Purple’s Child in Time and Pink Floyd’s Great Gig in the Sky (inspiring the first fictional writing great gig in the sky that I know about in my very own Werewolf of Oz!).

What brought me to this place, you may be asking? A pleasant previous day at work, a good night’s sleep, pleasing morning run, a Dr. Oetker’s funghi pizza, a protein shake and two big mugs of coffee. Deep Purple’s Child in Time plays now, unchosen by me, but Deep Purple Live in Copenhagen 1972 had started playing before I wrote the last paragraph, unchosen by me, after I’d chosen to listen to Black Sabbath Live in Paris 1970 before it.

I added the last three paragraphs in a time of coffilosophy, and could keep rambling with you all day, but work calls from a downpour end of June days, but I have a hot shower to look forward to before that. Is this any different to the XaW Files you may be asking? No different in some ways, I’d answer; the rambling parts of real time. But there is a big whole lot more of fiction in it, bringing a decade-long concept to what I consider a was a good ending… or was it just the end of the beginning… or the beginning of the end..?!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Inspiration

Returning to XaW Files, I later combined the three; Frankl, Adler and Freud; into a Frankenstein inspired creature, at Lake Geneva, where Mary Shelley wrote the classic tale. Freud is the third Genius of the Modern World documentary series this week, after Nietzsche and Marx were the first two.

Arnie Schwarzenegger used the will to power in a good way, and has since used his power in a good way, supporting environmental causes while showing that muscular men can be intelligent.

Image result for schwarzenegger photos

Riley Stone Magic

Supporting perceived himbos and bimbos, fighting the stereotype, was one of my objectives when starting the greenYgrey, within the working-class and women Ws of www (wolves were the other for new readers, trying to show their positive side, and not just the negative of folklore and film).

Sharon Stone was going to be the prime example, because I’d heard she had a high IQ as well as amazing beauty, but then I read there were doubts about her IQ score story. I don’t what the truth is, but she seems very intelligent and smart anyway.

Image result for sharon stone photos

Moreover, Rachel Riley, who I just noticed is an RR to Sharon Stone’s SS, has shown it’s possible for beautiful women to be intelligent, starring on Countdown, and appearing in XaW Files: Beyond Humanity.

Image result for Rachel Riley No Makeup

I chose the above greenYgrey photo to show that I’m not jealous of Pasha, Rachel’s partner after meeting on Strictly Come Dancing. Tess Daly outshines Rachel in this photo, showing greenYgrey can look better than mostly white, and mature women can look more beautiful than younger ones; just not on average.

Here’s the episode that reminded me of Friedrich Nietzsche, and made me want to include him in the book.

XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, Chapter 6 Episode 7

We weres (and a mixed-up vole) were in Vienna. So we needed to disembark the train. I looked at the others in our Mozart room, expecting them to be excited at our arrival, but none of them seemed to be a-were (sic) of it. Werewolfie was taking notes, Stella was designing new fashion and Love was all over the place.

Goodnight Vienna

I fell back into unconsciousness, before once again feeling awake. I must have been asleep for a while, and panicked that we had missed our Vienna stop. However, the others were still doing the same things, with no concern for where we were (a-were of the double meaning!).

I suddenly thought I must be in a dream state of hypnagogic sleep paralysis, with my mind in the terminator twilight zone between the unconscious and conscious.

Or was I passing from the first phase of Viennese psychotherapy to the second: from Freud to Alfred Adler.

Alfred-Arnold Terminator Twilight Zone

Grey had encountered The Terminator in its classic epic Werewolf of Oz, and now I was travelling through the home country of its star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

However, this episode belonged to Alfred Adler, so I wondered if I could make a connection between the two. In my dream state I travelled into the www, which of course has a different meaning in the greenYgrey world, but there is a holistic connection between the two.

My unconscious told me that although Arnold became a very successful bodybuilder, actor and politician amongst other things, his drive might have been influenced by what Adler called a neurotic character: ‘(The Neurotic Character) defines his earlier key ideas. He argued that human personality could be explained teleologically: parts of the individual’s unconscious self ideally work to convert feelings of inferiority to superiority (or rather completeness).’

My Unconscious Correctness

Arnold had an inferiority complex when young, and used bodybuilding in line with Adler’s Nietzsche-inspired creative ‘Will to Power’ to improve his self-esteem.

Arnold was quoted in a Fortune magazine interview as saying he thought that ‘Many of the children I’ve seen were broken by their parents, which was the German-Austrian mentality. They didn’t want to create an individual. It was all about conforming. I was one who did not conform, and whose will could not be broken.’

Community and Ecology

Adler also had a term called Gemeinschaftsgefühl to describe ‘the state of social connectedness and interest in the well-being of others that characterizes psychological health… a community feeling whereby one feels he or she belongs with others and has also developed an ecological connection with nature (plants, animals, the crust of this earth) and the cosmos as a whole, sub specie aeternitatis.’

As Governor of California Schwarzenegger signed a bill in 2006 creating the nation’s first cap on greenhouse gas emissions. The law set new regulations on the amount of emissions refineries, utilities and manufacturing plants are allowed to release into the atmosphere. Schwarzenegger continued to support green initiatives while in office, and also tried to cut his own carbon footprint.


Adler and Schwarzenegger information from Wikipedia.

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Amber Heard not Amber Rudd

When I heard Amber Rudd going into No. 10 Downing Street yesterday I thought of this blog.

No offence to all the middle-aged women out there, but if I’m open to any relationship, I’m looking more for Amber Heard than Amber Rudd.

If I’d married an Amber Rudd when young, who still looks nice, hopefully I would love her enough to remain faithful to her.

However, now she doesn’t provide the kind of spark to provide lift-off for a loving relationship with her.

Amber Heard definitely still does, despite her troubles with Depp. Although her name sounds like herd, Amber is also very independent in mind and personality.

This is not about UK v US, but all about that little thing called mixed-up vole.

Image result for amber ruddImage result for amber heard

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When Nietzsche’s Why Met greenYgrey Y in the Beautiful Middle

As I wrote in the last blog post, there was a new documentary about Friedrich Nietzsche last week, so this week is dedicated to discussion about him, and how I suddenly realised, about ten years into the greenYgrey, how much his philosophy had in common with the concept; and as his ideas preceded mine, and I had read them, then they had probably been a strong influence all along. Here’s how they emerged near the end of the seventh chapter of nine, in XaW Files, when I still didn’t know how the rambling journey was going to proceed and end.

The philosophical discussion was included in a fictional meeting with real Wolfsburg people, a la Spitting Image and Simpsons, after the epic Euro hike arrived in the German city. From Chapter 7 Episode 14:

For an artistic input I chose Wolfgang Müller of Die Tödliche Doris (The Deadly Doris) fame. His background in performance art meant he seemed like somebody who would know Andy Warhol, if not our Wolfhol, and is also an expert in elves and other fairytale creatures.
Secondly, I chose Alexandra Popp of the VfR Eintracht Wolfsburg football team. They not only won the Women’s European Champions League in 2013 and 2014, but also play in green and grey, and have an X on the front of their shirts, as our Andy Wolfhol now has in front of his name. Popp was initially chosen because her name reminded me of Vladimir Propp, who studied fairytales, but then it sunk into my conscious that her surname is POP with an extra P, like the art movement made famous by Warhol, and adapted for the twenty-first century by Wolfhol’s PinkyOrangePurple sunrise and sunset POP twilight times.
Thirdly, I added the EHC Wolfsburg Grizzly Adams ice-hockey team, because their name was influenced by an old television series favourite of mine, and they also support a local bear park.

The next chapter Nietzsche philosophy debate continues after this Wolfsburg greenYgrey relevance images collage:

Alexandra Popp

Image result for wolfsburg

Die Tödliche Doris in 1983. From left to right: Utermöhlen, Müller, Kruse

This is a philosophical discussion, bringing academia to the people, as I have tried to be the people’s (and animals) doctor of philosophy over the last decade. If you can’t take philosophical debate, then please don’t read. As for me, I’ll be watching the footie tonight with the rest of the flock, after doing my individual things during the day; in a beautiful greenYgrey combination of aspiration and cooperation.

Chapter 7 Episode 15

I might have known our debate would ramble on into the night, and even a long morning of a midsummer week. Once we started on Nietzsche I knew there was no easy exit. We would have to sit, read, concentrate and absorb… all the time using up the battery, gambling against common sense, trying to better a straightforward travel episode waiting to be written… hoping to unearth something more… something monumental… rising high from a deep base… digging as deep as one can safely go… something that would bring us more knowledge about us and our place in the world, or worlds.

Knowing Me, Knowing Nietzsche

Do you need to read extensively to be a great philosopher? To debate properly probably, but not to think; you only need to read to know what has been said before, and sometimes it provides inspiration for new thoughts. Isn’t it all age-related anyway, with new knowledge showing that most of the great thinkers were only right some of the time, and often not much of the time, greenYgrey style.

I knew Nietzsche before I knew wereselves, but now know wereselves more. We didn’t feel we’d outgrown Nietzsche, or become something bigger; just forgotten what an influence he was on us.

I wondered if I met Nietzsche in person, whether he’d try and take credit for influencing me to read him, or if he’d accept that he was just the thinker, and somebody or something else introduced his philosophy to me.

Although I joked that Buddha and Socrates were the only philosophers above me when I entered the human world, I didn’t really think I am better than Nietzsche, and many of the other philosophers I’ve met before and on this ramble.

I don’t know if I’m not as good, but I know I am too late… too late to be original about most things anyway, with only the piecing together of others’ ideas in new concepts left to me.

Can I even access the thinking process of Nietzsche and the others? If Nietzsche was like a shepherd to his flock, would he consider me a fellow shepherd or one of his flock: I’m metaphorically eating well because the grass has grown since Nietzsche departed, thinking I’ve become fuller in knowledge because time has brought new findings; but am I really still eating from his field, with the walls still the same, and me a flock member unable to see over them like he the shepherd could?

I tidied up the above paragraph on an afternoon after a twelve miles run, when I had a couple of naps within a few hours as my mind felt exhausted. I had forgotten to summarise episode 14, so put 15’s summary in 14, bringing me back to this episode the next morning. After a good sleep and two mugs of coffee I then added the following three paragraphs:

Are the walls of society always the same through time, or do they change? And are they really there, or is it all in the individual’s mind? Some people probably don’t think/see walls at all, and is that because the walls aren’t there, or because they don’t realise they are there, as a shepherd knows the whats and whys of walls, but the flock doesn’t.

The flock are probably better off not knowing. They have each other, and don’t know the shepherd’s life and reality, and why they are being kept within the walls. They follow each other, thinking themselves the wisest, only listening to the shepherd under duress, in their own world, eating the grass provided.

And maybe that is the best life for them, as safe as possible from predators. For some, a life running wild in the mountains would probably be preferable, but not for all. Many would probably prefer being in warm conditions in winter than out in the snow, where many perish from the cold.

greenYgrey Cultural Background

One side of our debate argued that Nietzsche foresaw the greenYgrey, another thought that he could have helped create the greenYgrey, while another said the greenYgrey would have been too trivial to interest him at all.

When my Y asked why we thought Nietzsche would not be interested in it, we had to tell it that it was just another form of something Nietzsche already knew, as he had talked about ‘the beautiful middle’ representing real Greek tragedy, between the Dionysian confusion and Apollonian clarity.

After giving our perspectives, we re-read that Nietzsche had invented the concept of perspectivism, in line with his belief that there would be no universal perspective in the future: no objective truths; rather, there would be ones that would always be changing and different, dependent on time, individual and society.

I thought our philosophical debate may fill half this episode, but never imagined it would overrun to nearly the end of page 2, meaning it is time to bid you adieu. This was meant to be Germany’s last episode, but the fact that Nietzsche considered himself stateless for much of his adult life, and more Polish than German, I guess means that there was very little of Germany in it… apart from the Wolfsburg debaters of course… of whom I am still very a-were…


Wikipedia on Nietzsche: He notes that whenever Apollonian culture dominates, the Dionysian lacks the structure to make a coherent art, and when Dionysian dominates, the Apollonian lacks the necessary passion. Only the beautiful middle, the interplay of these two forces, brought together as an art represented real Greek tragedy.

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Too Late to be Great? Great Enough Not to Care!

A few months ago I watched an Artsnight documentary on the BBC presented by David Baddiel about how there are now so many writers and critics that there are no writers who are considered the greats of their generation, as New York’s fictional writers like Bellow, Mailer and Roth were considered at the end of the last century.

I think most of the people above are Jewish, but that didn’t motivate my interest. The writers are described as great, but with very flawed personalities, so it’s pretty balanced, greenYgrey style.

Third-Rate Great?

Baddiel interviewed Martin Amis, who has written twelve novels, so he is greater than me really, as many writers are. I think the last two books of my trilogy are comparable with his books, after the first was a fun freewheeler; kind of like a punk demo as I’ve written before. If he’s a premier great of our time, maybe I’m a third-rate great with about a third of his literary output; like I’m about the joint-third best philosopher of all time.

I hope the fact that I don’t really think I’m great in a legendary career way is as good for my message as my celibacy. However, as Amis says of his father, Kingsley, I do still care about it all, as every worker cares something about their trade, and how it is considered. Even those who bring their trade into disrepute, such as dodgy builders or fraudulent accountants, probably like to think they are good at their jobs really; or could be if they tried.


Continues below this D.I.Y. punk, leftist counter-culture, Glastonbury welly-seller advert:

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and all great big bookshops.


Amis said that what made the great men of literature was that they didn’t care – I’m just listening to the programme again, on YouTube, and heard that, having already written the second half of the blog’s title – proof of my unconscious at work, as I didn’t consciously remember it in the programme, which I last watched weeks or months ago?

Here’s a drawing I did soon after finishing my PhD in 2005, around the same time I volunteered to take part in a biobank medical study for the good of humanity, with just basic expenses such as food and travel. It’s a self-portrait of my mind, after I’d recently learnt about ADHD, and thought it explained why I could do well academically, while often seeming dull or slow in public. It is still relevant a decade of creative writing later!


Amis also said that today, the quick way to the kind of fame that takes a lifetime of writing is terrorism, citing the Paris attacks. They also say that the great men of literature had in common the fact that they were terrible fathers and partners, too engrossed in their writing and egos to care about those close to them. That is also true of the greats in other countries, such as Rousseau and Dylan Thomas.

Revolution versus greenYgreyvolution

I wonder if that was/is what Russell Brand was/is aiming at: to be an old-fashioned literary great man; we are both children of Kerouac, who similarly tried to create a better world while not behaving well personally. However, Brand seems to be just copying the greats, like he copied Chomsky for his philosophy.

My writing and lifestyle is much more revolutionary, in a new kind of way, as is my new kind of great literary man: one who doesn’t use his work to treat women shabbily. However, there have been those who’ve retreated from humanity, from Diogenes ‘the dog’ in ancient Greece to Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd.

I have not retreated so much though, looking for the Goldilocks zone of being just right in the middle, like the greenYgrey Y.

While Brand is just speaking to the converted, caring too much about not upsetting his followers, I am more like the literary greats of old in that I don’t care, I have no left or right biases, I just write what I think, without barriers, or concerns about political correctness.

That’s why you should trade in Brand’s Revolution, if you’ve still got it, and buy my much more original and really revolutionary in an evolutionary way books. I also deserve it if modern Britain is a meritocracy, having spent ten years in further education and gaining a PhD, reading and analysing Chomsky about fifteen years before Brand, and with the balance that years of research provides, rather than reading it alone and unbalanced, as Brand seemed to do!

I was warning my left-wing friends years ago that the majority of British people wanted a revolution more like the Brexit vote than more and more immigration, multiculturalism and loss of of British identity. The left-wing ‘traditional Britain haters’ tend to support everybody’s independence from Britain, but not Britain’s independence from everybody else!! I hope we can have a Glastonbury-type existence, but believe we can only do that with restrictions and regulations; as the festival is much safer and more peaceful since they built the big fence around it.

When the Yazidis were getting ethnically cleansed by I.S. I thought of an example after a helicopter trying to take too many Yazidis off a mountain crashed killing them all. I thought that was an example of how Britain could end up, trying to rescue too many people, and crashing itself, killing everybody. The Glastonbury crowd lefties are like that pilot, trying to be ‘too nice’ for their own good.

I hate the fact that climate change might be affecting people already, either from desertification or flooding, but don’t believe that we should just move the problem to our countries, which are already suffering some of the consequences; mostly flooding. Sweden has one of the best environmental records, but is now building hundreds of thousands of new homes for refugees. Can they absorb such numbers? Hopefully, but how many more?

I was inspired to write this blog now, after it’s been planned for a while, after watching a Bettany Hughes Genius of the Modern World documentary this week about Nietzsche, who has risen to prominence in the greenYgrey world since XaW Files; as I realised how his work had inspired mine unconsciously much more than my conscious had realised. XaW Files also includes the great mother and daughter writer philosophers, Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley. More about that soon.

After Brexit Referendum: Best British Way to Travel Europe

With the pound plummeting, my first post-university book, a memoir of European travel, The Guns N’ Roses Worker-Traveller, and my last, a fantasy European travel, XaW Files, are possibly the best ways for British people to travel Europe after they voted to leave the EU in yesterday’s referendum.

Just a little ironic parody above, with a hint of truth, after the pound has indeed plummeted, but will probably start rising again pretty soon, like the markets. I think the best way to travel is to do it yourself, but it is also good to do it viscerally occasionally.

U.K. and Europe Future

I hope the vote works out in all the good ways, inspiring British people to be proud of their country, and feel they want to work for it, like I thought countries like Cuba, Norway, and those in the Baltic seem to do when I travelled through them. I hope Britain’s desire to be like the Baltic states doesn’t negatively impact them!

I hope it doesn’t result in a backwards step, to a Victorian style divided society, with an even bigger gap between rich and poor, and a return to animal cruelty sports; a horrifying example was on the news yesterday, with live fox cubs being thrown into packs of hounds to teach the dogs to kill.

The EU is supposed to have helped the UK environment, but millions more people is obviously going to impact it. However, the right-wing generally seem to just want the environment to kill animals and make a little more money doing it. Or build golf courses and wreck the environment,  like Donald Trump ruining scientifically important sand dunes in Aberdeenshire, where there will be protests when he lands there today.

Sorry to any golfers, and I support your sport generally, although I don’t have much interest in it, but have enjoyed the last few holes of a major tournament occasionally, and admire the mixture of power and precision needed to play it well.

U.K. has Rejected Islam and Multiculturalism, not Europe

I think the U.K. has mostly voted leave because of the seemingly uncontrollable immigration from outside Europe, and the social problems and security risks they’ve caused. Brussels corruption and a feeling of losing control of our country were probably the next most important factors.

While Europeans cause problems too, they are usually the same problems as British people: drinking, fighting, robberies etc. They haven’t groomed British children on an industrial scale, or threatened to fly their flags from Buckingham Palace, after trying to behead British soldiers.

I know it’s a minority that have done that, but a sizeable minority, or a majority, have been trying to raise their culture to the hegemonic leader in the country, filling the vacuum left by Christianity, with mosques dominating city skylines as physical symbols.

Better For Women?

Yesterday’s news contained a feature about the first Muslim woman to receive a court order against her own family to prevent them forcing Female Genital Mutilation on her.

When I started the greenYgrey I was campaigning for such women, but have received loads of negativity from them, and other women, as if I’m trying to tell them what to do, rather than trying to help them, as the women campaigning to wear veils etc make out.

So I’ll leave their campaign for liberation to themselves, those who want it, and concentrate on myself and my future; because a lot of them are way ahead of me now, like Nadiya, Bake Off champion, and poster-girl of multicultural Britain.

While I think there is a place for nice talented women like Nadiya in Britain, and the celebrity circuit, this morning I saw a reminder of greenYgrey fashion, and to me a much more inspirational woman, as her success is over decades in the tough music and fashion industries.

Looking a fit and healthy golden brown in a stunning Y outfit, it’s Posh Spice Victoria Beckham, reminding me she inspired one of my greenYgreyesque epithets for myself: Posh Chav! I hope British women have the freedom to be and look like Posh Spice (Spice Girls) forever!!

She is helped by being very wealthy too, and I know her wardrobe is outside the price range for most women. My book is well inside everybody’s price range, and especially on Kindle, where it’s free for Amazon Prime customers!!

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