Estonia Travel History Article Published

Travel Thru History has kindly published and presented well my Estonia travel history article from my week there in May. It’s available on the travelthruhistory website. Here’s ten more photos from my trip. The first five are from Parnu, and the second five from Tallinn; the last three are from the Open Air Museum:

101_4178 101_4182 101_4189 101_4194 101_4200 101_4225 101_4233 101_4253 101_4267 101_4258

Accepting Mourinho’s Submission

This blog is to show how Double Negativity works, as used by less accomplished media people against me; as I am somewhere between them and Mourinho. I have nothing against Mourinho as a person, have liked some parts of his personality, and respect his achievements.

This blog post, like the previous ones, uses a mixture of fact and speculation to create a parody blog post. I wish Mourinho success and happiness in his life, but not footballing success as manager of the Red Devils (little friendly poke at the ‘nice club’ at the end there – if there is a god, heaven and hell, then they seem to be receiving help from the root of all evil side).

A Mata of Thanks: Double Negativity

After I first wrote about Mourinho, and mentioned his embarrassment of Mata during the Community Shield match at Wembley, Mourinho played Mata against Bournemouth in the first game of the season.

I then wrote that I didn’t think he’d play him in the next match, but Mourinho did play Mata against Southampton too. They won both matches.

Mourinho seems to be bouncing back well, and proving me wrong, not that I know he knows about me; or think that he does much, although there is that possibility.

However, by the laws of Double Negativity, I can still claim victory, by arguing that Mourinho is still following my lead, from the first blog before the start of the season.

I could also make Mata out to be in the wrong, for not thanking me for my help.

This is an Example of My Experiences

Despite thinking up lots of great new concepts over the last fifteen years, writing seven books and thousands of blogs, I still find myself fighting off those who claim credit for my mind.

Some people have influenced me, but nobody has to a great deal. Even my mentorship in my PhD was standoffish at best, and non-existent at worst. I’m glad in a way, because it inspired me to be more independent, which is what it is supposed to do after the first year.

In university I had friends who thought they influenced me when I’d been living that life since around 1980, and on all the populated continents by the time I met them: fifteen years of life experience and knowledge, living as independently as possible in the ‘counter-culture’.

This was followed by people in work, who followed them like sheep, believing those from higher classes or positions in society; not even believing someone like me could be a doctor of philosophy.

That’s Britain in the 21st century, and that’s why it seems to be heading in the direction it is.

What’s that got to do with Mourinho you might be asking, if you remember the start of the blog. Well, if I really considered myself having control of Mourinho’s mind, strategy and tactics I think I’d be as bad as those with much less life experience, knowledge and qualifications claiming credit for my writing!

They can try and claim credit just by spending time with you, even if you try not to have any conversation. That’s why I try and avoid contact with them at all. I can do it with ‘friends’, but not in work when I’m put in to work with them, although I’ve made it clear I don’t want to work with them.

Those are the lengths I’ve gone to for MY writing, and secondly for anybody who identifies with it, hopefully helping those who might share some of my demographic, interests and objectives.

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Mosque not Church for Team GB Advert

My paranoia about the intentions of the Chronicles of Nadiya documentary had been raised by seeing a National Lottery advert thanking the British people for helping make Team GB brilliant in Rio.

It featured an image of lots of people on what look like the cliffs of Dover, under what looks like a mosque. There’s no church or other religious building as far as I can see.

It’s the scene below, which is at the end of the video:

Making Britain Muslim

There’s lots of greenYgrey PinkyOrangePurple (POP) scenery in the video, and I’m not a Christian now, so I shouldn’t really care that much.

However, it does seem to confirm what I’ve been saying for the last 10-15 years: that the British establishment is trying to keep Britain god-fearing. Transforming it from one Middle-Eastern monotheistic religion to another; from Christianity to its younger brother by 500 years, Islam.

The establishment’s (royal families etc) close relations with Saudi Arabia, also seen in international affairs such as Syria, and the money involved, is probably key!

Chronicles of Nadiya Review

Nadiya Hussein seems beyond criticism, like the royal family used to be. So here’s some criticism of her new documentary Chronicles of Nadiya. The criticism is of the documentary, not Nadiya, who seems nice on the surface.

Chronicles of Nadiya felt more like an advert for Islam than a food programme, such as her lengthily describing how great the hijab is, and how brides are supposed to look melancholy and submissive on their wedding day; bit of an own goal the latter I think, although I don’t think anybody cares anymore, and especially women, with the establishment returning women to their Victorian men-dependent places, after a brief flirtation with independent thinking!

Bangladesh Islamist Wave of Killings Omitted

While a normal cookery travel programme wouldn’t be expected to address social issues, there was so much Islamist religion in the Chronicles of Nadiya that it could have been mentioned that there have been a wave of Islamist killings in the country this year, targeting secular and gay writers and publishers, as well as other religions.

Nadiya did say she wouldn’t put her children through arranged marriages, which was a sign of progress. And she did seem a nice sweet woman. It is not her I have an argument with, it is what she might be being used for, by the British liberal establishment.

Below is what the Guardian reported about Bangladesh in April:

‘Anyone could become a target’: wave of Islamist killings hits Bangladesh

Spate of attacks on country’s prominent atheist and gay activists, bloggers and academics engulfs Dhaka

There is an eerie feeling out on the streets of Bangladesh. To some of the city’s academics, activists and gay community, Dhaka now feels more dangerous than a war zone, after a spate of machete attacks by Islamist groups, including the murder last week of the founder of Bangladesh’s first magazine for the gay community.

At least 16 people have died in such attacks in the past three years, among them six secular bloggers, two university professors, an Italian priest, two other foreigners working in the development sector, and a prominent gay activist.


I’m criticising the lack of balance from an agnostic/atheist/secular point of view by the way, not gay, although I opposed attacks on them just as much… and especially non-heterosexual beautiful women!

A recent Daily Mail article wrote that some arrests have been made.

Rio 2016 greenYgrey Legacy Games, Part 1: Brazil

While the London Olympics 2012 has already been named the greenYgrey games, and Rio 2014 the greenYgrey world cup, Brazil winning the Olympics men’s football in such dramatic style, and Team GB winning a record-breaking amount of medals, has forced me to put in some overtime, to declare the Rio 2016 Olympics the greenYgrey legacy games.

That’s mostly because of Team GB, but Brazil has always been a bit special, due to their footballing passion and then providing three amazing sights on my journey through the country, only from Paraguay to Rio: the Pantanal, Iguazu Falls and Rio itself. So this first part of my greenYgrey legacy games focuses on Brazil.

Brazil Win Record Medals

The Brazil men’s football team won Olympic gold in dramatic fashion, with star player Neymar scoring the winning penalty in a 5-4 win; exactly the same as Leeds beat Fleetwood a couple of weeks ago, and mentioned on this blog, although the order was different, with Leeds taking their penalties first, and Brazil taking theirs second.

I think this was coincidence rather than the Leeds win influencing the Brazil one.

As that blog post combined green pools with Green the goalie, there was another classic combining of green during the Olympics football final. Brazil wore their classic yellow and green shirts, while Germany had a subtle dark green and grey shirt, with a yellowish badge.

So with more than a hint of parody, it wasn’t surprising that the two teams were locked at 1-1 when extra-time ended. However, then the goalies took centre-stage, and while Brazil’s wore all green, the German goalie wore red. So it was no surprise to me that the Brazilian goalie saved the fifth German penalty, and Neymar won the game with Brazil’s fifth successful penalty out of five.

Screenshot (64)

Individual Golds for Silvas

Germany’s Rohler won the men’s javelin the same night, which was worth the same as the Brazil football win on the medals table, and probably meant as much to most of the German public… to everybody not involved somehow with the football team anyway.

It seems unbalanced that an individual winning with nine throws over three days can count as much as a team playing six games over two weeks, but there is much in the Olympics that doesn’t balance: such as both boxing semi-finalists getting bronze, while losing taekwondo semi-finalists have to fight again for a bronze.

Anyway, I have digressed. Getting back to Brazil, there was a magical individual gold before the men’s football team won theirs, as Thiago Braz da Silva beat his personal best by over 10cm to win gold. If he’d allowed wordplay to get in his way, he would surely have accepted silver.

Moreover, Rafaela Silva made it a double Silva gold for Brazil in the women’s judo 57kg. In fact, Rafaela won her gold a week before Thiago, but I only saw it afterwards.

Of course, the Silvas did not face the same wordplay difficulty as an English language born Silva for at least two reasons. The English language Silva would probably be called Silver, the exact same as the colour Silver; while silver in Portuguese, the language of Brazil, is prata.

So the Silvas in fact probably felt no silver destiny at all, unless they were reminded of it a lot by English language speaking people.

In contrast, the greenYgrey started off with silver, before achieving gold…

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Melissa Bishop – Gold Medallist

Team GB has just landed from their record-breaking medal haul in the Rio Olympics 2016, so I thought I’d ignore them today, and use this blog to award Canadian middle-distance runner Melissa Bishop the AAW-WOW gold medal.

Don’t Bash the Bishop

I don’t know anything about Melissa Bishop apart from that she is a runner, and was beaten to bronze on the home straight in the Rio Olympics 800 metres. The race was won by controversial runner Caster Semenya, whose levels of testosterone are unusual for a woman.

I don’t want to be involved in that controversy, and don’t think it’s Semenya’s fault at all; and that Semenya must be applauded too for her athleticism and mental strength to put up with all the debate.

However, Bishop does look like a poster-girl for AAW-WOW, and took being 4th angelically as far as I know.

No Sex or Race

Awarding the AAW-WOW gold to Bishop does provide space too; to make it seem less likely that I’m doing this for personal reasons, such as the hope that Bishop will reward me. I haven’t looked up anything about Bishop, such as her sexuality or marital status.

There were many beautiful women from all over the world in the Olympics, in line with the original premise of the Adult Angelic Waifs – Women of World. Bishop’s beauty was increased by her tragedy, also bringing a paradigm shift in interpretations of AAW-WOW… which is also in line with greenYgrey thinking.

AAW-WOW was originally meant to describe a high-pitched excited exclamation, but Bishop has shown that it can also be used as a low-pitched feeling sorry for women abbreviation too. So Bishop is not only a gold medallist, but also a paradigm shifter.

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