Girls, Girls, Girls: California Dreaming (Part 1)

After first getting heavily into rock and metal via Rainbow and AC/DC, although I’d liked some rocks songs before, such as Sweet and Slade, and Queen and Pink Floyd; I could blame the latter’s “Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)” (We don’t need no education,  We don’t need no thought control) for my school rebellion, but it was just a second opinion really; was it already ADHD, not to say I think I was totally wrong, or the song is.

I also mostly wanted to be a footballer at the time, and had an all or nothing attitude, that is perhaps still evident in my writing ambitions. It can work, leading to great success, but of course only for a minority.


School and Work Systems

It’s not against all schools, which I probably didn’t realise at the time, relating it to my own mind and school, which wasn’t particularly strict or rigid, and in fact had a nice lenient headmaster; but against some types of schooling and teachers, which is probably what I’m still rebelling against now, and the similar people and systems within the workplace. As Wikipedia says about it: ‘All parts were written by Pink Floyd’s bassist, Roger Waters. Part II is a protest song against rigid schooling in general and boarding schools in the UK in particular.’

When I brought up legendary boarding schools crimes against children with middle and upper class students in university they became all protective, and acted as if I was attacking their system. So no wonder that they weren’t interested in trying to stop care home abuses either… or workplace abuses. Not saying the working-class are any better, and many of them can be worse when they get power, but the upper classes usually have more chance to make a difference in the media or government.

Jon Gaunt was recently on Sunday Morning Live saying there’s a ‘rape culture’ now in upper class schooling, according to his daughters, which is probably a meeting of traditional upper class misogynistic behaviour merging with new multicultural influences – such as some of the lyrics in rap (which is like the modern rock to some extent); while other rap lyrics have beautiful topics, or justifiable protests.

Gaunt was there to talk about sexism and wolf-whistling (which has nothing to do with real wolves, whose alpha pair live faithful lives, and bring the pack up with exemplary family values), defending the working-class, who I think are usually the easy scapegoats for feminists.

One of the biggest examples of that is rock music, which I will finally get to tomorrow. I’m sorry for the delay, but hopefully you’ll follow my and Van Halen’s example:

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Did Love Find Amber Heard the Caraway, Lovely POP, Princess Kate

Thinking more about the Estonia to Latvia episode of XaW Files, the X-Files parody, mentioned a couple of posts ago, it would seem quite prophetic for Amber Heard, what with Love  the mixed-up vole travelling with greenYgrey shapeshifted into a caraway cheese. Now Amber Heard looks like she’s found love with Cara Delevingne: the Caraway. (I was probably a bit slow there, not realising it more at the time, again hopefully showing this is ‘live’ thinking unless I say differently, as with the conceptual art documentary; better late than never!).

BBC POP and greenYgrey Twilight Times

I owe a lot to the BBC, for my creativity, and as most other companies have had similarly poor workers and systems, I can’t be bothered boycotting or marginalising them any more. Hopefully they’ve got a better system now, and if Keeley Donovan’s happy, then that’s good enough for me (truth and humour greenYgrey mix).

I was lucky to have been a child during what is considered by most in the media as the golden age of children’s TV, and then the classic era of pre-political-correctness comedy in my later childhood and youth. They were a big influence on me and my writing. There is still a lot of good comedy on TV, but this era’s probably going to be remembered more for online ingenuity.

The BBC seems too politically correct now, but still creates a lot of great programmes, as well as good news coverage, so it is obviously a valuable resource.

Okay, POP (PinkyOrangePurple) sunsets (Lincolnshire and Chester) from yesterday and a greenYgrey sunrise this morning (Newcastle, County Down) did take a clean sweep of weather-watcher photos on this morning’s news, so I was quite chuffed.


The presenters even discussed whether they were pink or orange, and called one PinkyOrange. Thanks to them, and the people who sent the photos in; not that you sent them to me of course, and may never have heard of gYg POP.

Greenygrey History

It reminded me of a sunset I saw in the early days of the greenYgrey, with one photo on the last page of the old Greenygrey website, between one of me only in silhouette, and another facing the sun, as if having been enlightened.


Maybe that POPing of my mind was always foretold in the Greenygrey, and when it happened in XaW Files, unexpectedly to me, it was just its time?! Or maybe I always planned it, and have forgotten the plan now? I think the plan was always there, but it wasn’t connected to the twilight time then, and the POP age didn’t start to materialise until Andy Wolfhol became the head-honcho of greenYgrey creation, between the Werewolf of Oz and XaW Files books 2 and 3, years after the website started.

As Princess Catherine was described as eating a ‘phallic’ clam yesterday on the royal tour of Canada, that cloud could be described as the female equivalent! Princess Kate (in the greenYgrey world to Queen Kate Moss) was in great gYg POPing form yesterday by the way, in a photo article from The Sun:

The Duchess of Cambridge arrives at Whitehorse Airport in Whitehorse, Canada, during the fourth day of the Royal Tour to Canada. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Tuesday September 27, 2016. See PA story ROYAL Canada. Photo credit should read: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge visit University of British Columbia, Kelowna, Canada. 27/09/2016 Credit Photo ©Karwai Tang For more information, please contact: Karwai Tang 07950 192531

By Royal or Royle Approval? (Remembering the late great Caroline Aherne, who was way funnier than me, with Mrs Merton probably a big influence on my celebrity coverage, and my particular fondness for Parky, although having liked him from watching his interviews when young, around that Match of the Day time – possibly my first introductions to the minds of famous people).

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Yakult Advert First of gYg POP Age

Over the years, Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonhill posted many greenygrey and greenYgrey adverts here, inspired by Harry Hill’s TV Burp, and earlier such programmes, such as the 1980s Clive James on Television.

Now we have entered the POP Age (PinkyOrangePurple), and I think I have found the first advert celebrating the transition from gYg world to POP:

As well as gYg POP scenery, it also has a greenygrey message, because I believe in science for nutrition.

There may be some magic in the world, and universe, but with food, I think it’s all about science.

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A Pretty Reckless Tale of Two Taylors

When I called myself Taylor Momsen’s super-groupie, and wrote a Folding Mirror poem calling her the new Debbie Harry (I write that DESPITE somebody with a similar name trying to be too much in my life now, not BECAUSE, and the same with all the other NEGATIVES I’ve been AVOIDING the last few years), I didn’t expect The Pretty Reckless to visit the city I live in, Blighty’s city of… (Under the Bridge)…

The Pretty Reckless Update

It became my gig of the year. There were meet and greet tickets available when I first looked, but I thought I’d keep my distance, and leave them for bigger fans if they wanted them. They did sell out, and I bought a normal ticket.

I sometimes wonder if I made the right decision, and what might have happened if I did meet her. Would I be in California now living the rock n’ roll dream? Or would it have just been uncomfortable, or totally negatively humiliating for me? (a little fun humiliation isn’t too bad!).

While my super-groupie self-description was meant as a joke, three years later Taylor Momsen is still my rock leading lady, so in terms of duration and faithfulness, I guess I am now a super-groupie! I did love lots of Motley Crue / Alice Cooper and Download women too, and hope it was the same for you!!

Heaven and Hell: Humanity Hard to Tell

Although I don’t agree with TM’s Satanism, if she really does believe in it, I think I made the right decision with Taylor Momsen. Along with her band, she has produced great music, and they delivered a fantastic looked-sold-out concert.

While Taylor Momsen’s image is of a bad girl, I haven’t heard much negativity about her personal life. In contrast, Taylor Swift has a really good girl pop music image, but has reportedly acted quite cynically, and maybe even sadistically, with the men in her life. Women might say she’s just acting like male celebrities have traditionally, and I think that’s quite true.

Maybe the above paragraph might inspire Swift to swoop down for me, and I might not be able to escape, so Momsen had better be quick if she wants to Take Me Down… to California…

Henry Rollins Punk Rock Ethos

Sorry if this deep thinking seems a little weird, but it’s a part of me trying to be ethical, and bring a better life for women… and men… and children… and animals. Most unethical behaviour is unthinking, although some is calculating.

The next episode of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity is similarly deep, so if you just want some light reading poetry please return to the Estonia to Latvia episode linked to in yesterday’s blog, as I read that again today, and it is even better than I remembered!

XaW Files is a mixture of deepness and humour because that’s how my mind works. I could have tried to be one or the other, but that wouldn’t have been in line with the artistic ethic of writing what you want, rather than what is commercially expected.

Henry Rollins is the latest artist to declare the age-old adage that he makes music he wants, rather than to please others, as reported on Classic Rock (although in line with greenYgrey thinking, I like old bands playing greatest hits sets now).

Despite that, I of course hope my writing does please you too, and that you’ll value it more because you think it comes from my heart as well as brain. People are still trying to control me, and get my mind right, as a 50-year-old Dr: as if I’m still a cog to be chiselled and smoothed, rather than a 3-D (Decades: 20s traveller, 30s student, 40s writer) genius; and not just any kind of genius, but a self-proclaimed genius (ending with some self-parody humour before you enter more deep thinking… if you dare!?).

It also discusses sunrises, and uses sunshine as a writing analogy. Funnily enough, there was a great sunrise this morning, with what looked like a sunshine pillar, with sunlight from under the horizon lighting up the cloud directly above. It wasn’t as clear as this POP (PinkyOrangePurple) one from the web:


Chapter 4 Episode 5

After initially forgetting where I’d put my last file I had a smooth ride in my Google Drive. It’s been difficult getting used to it at times, but it’s hopefully worth the experience. However, while I was ‘driving’ here, I had visions of Chapter 5, maybe because this is episode 5, and they weren’t nice; weren’t nice at all, quite apocalyptic actually… actually just made me think of The Pretty Reckless: Since You’re Gone song lyrics (My life has moved along quite nicely actually) or was it vice-versa… I think I thought of the word before the song, but I only know my conscious mind, and not the unconscious, so who knows what’s going on inside the un, and where it gets its ideas from, let alone in what order.

Thinking of the muse and idea of an infinite cosmos, maybe my conscious mind is like a postbox, relatively small and enclosed in the dark. Sometimes my conscious ‘postbox’ gets ideas delivered from the cosmos, as letters drop into mail postboxes; with the inside not being able to see who posted them.

Sunrise Recorded

A greenYgrey theory of the mind would probably have green as the conscious, grey as the unconscious, and Y as the point of contact where they meet. Y is like the epiphany moment when old information meets new, creating an original idea or concept.

During the editing, a few days before reaching this point, I saw an article about just such a central area of the brain, called the Corpus Callosum. It even has a nice greenYgrey ring to it, or Green Grey at least, with its two capital Cs like my Gs!


Maybe epiphanY should be spelt like that in the new greenYgrey rebranded world, or even YpiphanY thinking totally outside the box, because we can do what we want really, as it’s our new world language.

Like a new sunrise over the city, ideas brighten the grey matter. Perhaps they literally light it up when viewed in brain scanning images; thinking inside my brainbox about how my brain looks at this precise moment.

I Think, I Saw the Sunrise

Seeing the sunrise while thinking and writing is quite enjoyable though isn’t it; or at least it feels that way seeing and thinking new things at the start of a new day, even if some of the sights and thoughts seem familiar.

They are never the same though. There are always new shades and new movement; and new clouds swallowing them up.

Sometimes the clouds hide the sunrise, like I guess many of my ideas are just out of sight; they are there, like the sun is in the sky, but I’m not in the right place to receive them, as sometimes the sun is obviously shining on nearby land, but not where I am.


Clapham direction from Ingleborough, winter in Yorkshire Dales

However, today I recorded the sunrise and my thoughts, for I was in the right place at the right time. My eyes and mind fed off each other, like sky and land within Earth’s atmosphere.


Since You’re Gone is on The Pretty Reckless album Light Me Up. It was written by Phillips, Ben / Momsen, Taylor / Khandwala, Kato.
Corpus Callosum:

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I Won’t Allow Amber Heard and Cara Delevingne Relationship…

… because I am not their controller or judge.

If I was their controller or judge I would positively encourage it.

If they need a valet (toy doctor), I would also apply.

If people wonder why I’ve never been to a Pride event, it’s because Amber and Cara haven’t invited me… or any other such AAW-WOW couples!

Apparently, Johnny Depp didn’t approve of their friendship when he was with Amber, which suggests I am more liberal than him in that way. Book and cover comes to mind. Although he is still one of my favourite actors for the roles he’s chosen and played.

I wonder if greenYgreying brought Amber and Cara together?

Celebrities are seen leaving Madonna's 'Love Party' held at LouLou's in Mayfair, London, England. Pictured: Amber Heard Ref: SPL1358841 200916 Picture by: Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles: 310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 870-934-2666

Celebrities are seen leaving Madonna’s ‘Love Party’ held at LouLou’s in Mayfair, London, England.

Time for Wordplay

So I hope they will forgive me a little wordplay, in an age of joining couples’ names together.

It may sound a little cheesy, but their names together remind me of camembert cheese. It contains all the letter ingredients, but doesn’t join their two names together smoothly, like camber, such as in the: slightly convex or arched shape of a road or other horizontal surface (online dictionary confirmed my thoughts on it).


Thoughts of cheese reminded me of quite a classic Chapter 2 episode of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, previously previewed on this site, link ahead, when greenYgrey was a caraway cheese crossing the Estonia to Latvia border; a trip I made the other way this year, inspired by my XaW Files research!

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Freedom Hawk Inspire Writing and Musical Careers Analogy

Saw this album cover on YouTube and thought it was quite a good representation of the greenYgrey and PinkyOrangePurple meeting, although on closer inspection, there’s no yellow, as with the Bruce McLeod painting.

It is therefore more like a meeting of the greenygrey and POP worlds before the Y capitalisation, which didn’t happen in the chronological history of the worlds as I know them.

Freedom Hawk Music and greenYgrey Writing

On second thoughts (creating a little wordplay, using it in a different way, as they are probably fourth thoughts really, after the first thought was the album cover reminded me of the the gYg POP worlds, the second was that there is no yellow, and the third was about the image seeming to miss out the yellowing of the greenYgrey), I thought Freedom Hawk may be like the musical equivalent of the greenYgrey.

They have a good name, concept and music, but I hadn’t heard of them before. There are loads of similar good bands that appear as musical suggestions on YouTube I haven’t heard of before.

Which may be where the greenYgrey is now. Great writing going unnoticed in a media world of celebrity writers and free content. Good luck Freedom Hawk, fly free and far…

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Wordplay Poem Creative Circle

Four years ago I posted this wordplay Folding Mirror poem on my fmpoetry website:

Turning Around OCD

cod doc
file of fish

only control direction
obvious central division
obsession can’t deliver

doctor of fish
doc cod

Doc Cod to Doc Coffee

During the writing of XaW Files a year or two ago I called my coffee-fuelled writing sessions coffilosophy.

Ph.D stands for Doctor of Philosophy, so if it is changed to Doctor of Coffilosophy, it becomes Co.D.

The cod doc has received a paradigm shift in a different way a couple of years later.

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