Good Without God, or Elite Background

There was a religious leader from one of the Middle-Eastern monotheistic religions on the news recently, in one of the worst places for U.K. child grooming, and he described people without religion as having no morals. That was shown after an earlier news story about a religious leader from one of the other Middle-Eastern monotheistic religions being convicted of child abuse.

Apart from being hypocritical I found that opinion stupid, or ignorant. While I don’t want to be stereotyped as a fighting man, and renounced violence in 2003 when I took up my running ambition, I know that the military and military-style gangs can have much stronger morals than the average religious person or community; as seen recently on Channel 5 in SAS: In Their Own Words.

British Politics and Culture

When I set up the Greenygrey website for my freelance writing I was disillusioned with the way Britain was going, after at first feeling enthusiastic about Tony Blair and New Labour. I’d been waiting all my adult life for a Labour government, but they seemed to be more interested in religious multiculturalism, big banking and mass immigration than making Britain more equal: the rich poor gap grew under them, and they spent all the money.

I warned then that it was a mess, and that there would be a clash of cultures. The upper classes I knew didn’t listen of course, thinking themselves above me and all that. Now they blame Brexit and the fall-out on the working-class, while lauding civil liberty protesters in other countries and cultures. They seem to care about everything else apart from their own poor.

Not that all the poor are faultless and innocent victims of course. If the richer people’s only contact with the poor is as victims of crime, then it’s not surprising that they don’t care about social equality after university.

I’ve even had some people think I’m an I.S. supporter, after warning about Islamism since my M.A. in 1999. I’ve stopped wearing a running event black t-shirt with white writing, that I think some conservative/right-wing people thought looked a bit I.S.! However, I’ll probably be accused by the left now of not wearing black because I’m racist! It’s certainly not easy being greenYgrey.

A lot of people in the middle just sit there making money, altering their position slightly, always taking the majority view. It’s the smart thing to do if you just want a quiet life and make money, relying on others to write or fight their battles, and keep them free and comfortable.

Anybody who is different is lumped in together, such as I.S. and Britain’s sub-cultures. Ironically, the recent spate of I.S.-linked attacks in Europe by people who were just petty criminals before suggests they are not as distinct as I once thought. We’re all the same threat to the normal moneymaking culture.

Britain and the world has always been like that. I think the modern world has gone too clerical though, losing too much of the warrior chivalry ethos, as in The Gladiator example I recently quoted; not that I think there should be more wars.

As I grow older I can relate to it more. I’ve joked that everything I rebelled against in my youth seems like a good idea now, such as the suburban house and lifestyle originally rebelled against by Kerouac and the Beats.

Youthful rebellion is mostly about wanting freedom to have a good time and meet lots of people, learning about a world that’s still mostly new to them. In adulthood and middle-age that has faded, thinking that I’ve seen and experienced enough human relationships. Some people reach that stage much earlier; some never seem to want to experience it at all.

Good Without God or Devil

While I was a rebellious youth, over the last decade of my greenYgrey writing I’ve been trying to set a good example, partly inspired by my university experience, to show them that an underclass/working-class chav can write and create every bit as good as them.

That’s another reason why I stress I’m agnostic bordering on atheistic – without any strong belief in God or Devil – because some people would rather think it’s all done with outside help, rather than the inside of my brain.


If I was doubting one of their favoured people could think intelligently, the liberal left would call me racist, but they don’t consider themselves prejudiced for doing the same; that’s because the only prejudice they know is white on non-white racism after New Labour’s multicultural fascism.

I’m a bit of a neo-pagan, respecting nature, but don’t believe in spells or rituals. I may hug a tree occasionally, but that’s between me and the forest.

I was already about five years into the greenYgrey decade when I happened to be in Edinburgh on the day the Pope visited. I enjoyed the spectacle, but my most important memory of that event was that I first saw the Good Without God campaign.

While I was a hedonistic youth, taking inspiration from the wildest writers and musicians from the 1950s to 1990s, I saw my PhD as a way to concentrate on my writing and try and do some good for life on this planet, focusing on the www of women, working-class and wolves for wildlife.

I’ve seen lots of working-class role models out there now, after emerging from my university pits, and escaping my middle-class university friends, who were nice in most of their own ways, but I really think my fantasy writing trilogy, and especially the third and final one, are unique – hopefully showing that you don’t have to look and talk like Russell Brand to write well.

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