Halloween Fashion Sensational News: POP-olution Emerging from greenYgreyvolution Shadowlands?

As the greenYgrey world could be described as being in its shadowlands age now, with the greenYgrey trilogy complete, the PinkyOrangePurple (POP) age its implosion created, like a dying star creating a bright supernova, seems to be heating up. That’s after Poppy James and Suki Waterhouse created the Pop and Suki fashion company,  following Stella McCartney’s POP perfume.

Suki Waterhouse Top of the POPs

Suki Waterhouse had never appeared in the greenYgrey/POP world until starring for Burberry at the AW (AutumnWinter reminiscent of AAW-WOW, Adult Angelic Waifs – Women Of World) London Fashion Show in the same month that the Love the mixed-up vole anagram star lookalike picking berries photo called Berry Bunch was named the Countryfile Calendar winner.


Now, she has risen to the top of the charts, where she would have appeared on Top of the Pops if the chart was musical singles in my childhood and youth.

In a crazy-head self-parody, just afterwards, I proposed that Taylor Swift had organised a greenYgrey night out with Suki and Cara Delevingne in a celebrity shoot-out with Taylor Momsen, after the three spellbinding women were photographed together.


Now, I’m wondering if the photo was to symbolise they were leaving the greenYgrey world once and for all, to pop into POP full-time; like stardust creating new worlds.

Pop and Suki

Now Suki has allied with bf Poppy James to create the pinkylicious Pop and Suki. The first image from their website below is like a meeting of the greenYgrey and POP worlds.

screenshot-79 screenshot-80

Of course, my PinkyOrangePurple POP is only an adaptation from Andy Warhol’s pop art, as Japan’s J-Pop was inspired by 1960s pop music. Suki also gets in there!:


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Halloween and Samhain Time-Travelling Book

The next episode of the fur-riendly veggie werewolf travelling Europe to an X-Files theme in the third of a trilogy pioneering the totally new and original genre of web maps fantasy travelling fiction, like a literary version of Pokémon, leaves Moldova, as the werewolf and Zdob și Zdub allies goodies travel for a final confrontation with the vampire baddies.

Vampires of Energy Soul

The New York Dolls represent the baddies, but that has nothing to do with the way I view them. The vampires do represent the people I feel feeding off me and my writing though; those I view in a negative, blood-sucking way, trying to use me to advance themselves, like Dastardly and Muttley still in my life, and many that are now out of view.

Anyway, it’s Samhain/Halloween, so I hope you all have nice spiritual thoughts and fun, witch-ever/whichever way you’re celebrating. This episode isn’t very relevant really, just travelling to Transnistra with comedy wordplay, and On The Road to battle of the bands war movie references.

Chapter 4 Episode 16

Bucharest was to the south-west, but we set off to the south-east. Our Zdob și Zdub
leaders said they thought the New York Dolhascas vampires would expect us to cross the border into Romania on the E581, and probably to overnight in Vama Albita.

Travelling to Transnistria

So we were going to try and lose them by first travelling into the disputed territory of Transnistria, and then rambling across the south of Moldova to cross into Romania on the R34 to Oancea.

The Zdob și Zdub leaders also hoped to pick up some extra allies on the way.

There did seem to be some shadowy activity along the road in Moldova, which could well have been vampire spies, or vamspiers as they are known locally.

However, it didn’t seem long before we turned the bend around Bender, and approached Tiraspol, the capital city of the largely unrecognised state of Transnistria.

Time-Travel in Transnistria

At the entrance to Tiraspol, original ZSZ member Roman Lagupov called us together to address us. He sounded like a great resistance leader as he declared, ‘I am a musician, like the rest of you, apart from greenYgrey and Buck. As well as singing, I am an expert on the yorgaphone, flute and ocarina. I am not a soldier, or an expert with any weapons.’

‘Hopefully we can win Bill and Ted’s Apocalypse Now Battle of the Bands, but I don’t know if we can totally defeat the New York Dolhascas vampires, so I have a favour to ask greenYgrey. I have read that you are an expert at time-travelling, so can I please request that you travel back in time to the 18th century, and ask the founder of this great city to lead our campaign in Romania.’

‘By that I mean Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov, Count Suvorov of Rymnik, Prince of Italy, Count of the Holy Roman Empire, national hero of Russia, and the last Generalissimo of the Russian Empire, as he was an undefeated general and wrote extensively about military leadership.’


The rest of our travelling party looked at me, but I didn’t feel a-were of any pressure or an undue weight of responsibility. ZSZ had saved gYg, and I quickly said it would be an honour to be of service to them. Moreover, Suvorov seemed a fascinating historical figure, and a double double-letter name, with the double double-letters divided by another letter, like my name, so it seemed as if it would be a pleasure to travel back in time to meet him.

Reality Check

I’m pretending I’m in Transnistria
as a travelling were
but I’ve never been there
as you’re probably aware
I’ve just read about it on Wikipedia.



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Global Warming and Antarctica Deals Positive for Humanity and World

With I.S. in retreat, and an Antarctica conservation deal following a Global Warming deal within the last month, could the world finally be emerging from a baker’s dozen years of hurt, and could collective humanity ascend from murky militant monotheism, maturing into a caring, responsible adulthood; living up to its image of itself as the guardianYgardener of a planet most think a god created for it.


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Wartime Thinking Poetry and Prose Wordplay Comedy in Moldova

The next episode of XaW Files; scandalously ignored by the Man Booker awards, but congratulations to fellow esoteric satirist Paul Beatty for winning with The Sellout; mixes deep conflict themes with slapstick comedy wordplay, as well combining poetry and prose.

Japan World War Two and Islamism War Comparison

It features the award winning French movie, Of Gods and Men, which told the true story of a Trappist monastery being attacked by Islamists in Algeria during 1996. Now, mainly secular Muslim forces are fighting the Islamists, including many female soldiers, who face death as bravely as the monks, and I hope they prevail.

Maybe it’ll be better for monotheistic religion if the moderates do win, but that doesn’t matter to me; I’d rather a world full of nice monotheists, believing in some kind of god, than a world with less monotheists, but more murderous-rapist extremists like I.S., who demand you believe in ‘their god’.

Judaism has a small home now, Christianity has calmed down, and hopefully Islam will soon, or one day. Sometimes it is not Islam’s fault, but they are the only religion at war with all other major religions in the world, with none of the others still fighting each other.

Maybe Islam won’t find peace until they revise their beliefs, as the Japanese withdrew their belief that their emperor was the leader of an imperial cult after World War Two. Islam isn’t a small country though, so it will of course be much more difficult.

Japan’s Emperor During and After World War II Wikipedia

The role of the Emperor as head of the State Shinto religion was exploited during the war, creating an Imperial cult that led to kamikaze bombers and other fanaticism. This in turn led to the requirement in the Potsdam Declaration for the elimination “for all time [of] the authority and influence of those who have deceived and misled the people of Japan into embarking on world conquest”. Following Japan’s surrender, the Allies issued the Shinto Directive separating church and state within Japan, leading to the Humanity Declaration of the incumbent Emperor. Subsequently, a new constitution was drafted to define the role of the Emperor and the government.

Fiction Writer Growth

This episode and the next few also show my growth as a fiction writer, as I plan comedy over the episode, and over a few, by naming a pony Buck. With Werewolf of Oz, the second of the trilogy, I wrote to the end and then returned through the story to create connections, after taking a six months unpaid career break from the day-job.

With XaW Files I pretty much planned and wrote the 115,000 epic words along the way, with a minimum of additions afterwards.

Chapter 4 Episode 15

I woke up feeling alone for the first time in a long time. I was still in the lair of Zdob și Zdub, with lots of company, but I knew they were only here people, and not there a-were: they were not my travelling companions from the greenYgrey world. They would not be leaving this chapter, but maybe they would make it out of Moldova… and some may even return.

A Pony Called Buck

Sveatoslav Starus
brought me breakfast
extra mature cheese melt
asked me how I felt
I mentioned Mary and Jack
how I wanted them back
still missed Love’s trill ring
and felt tired from rambling.

Sveatoslav sympathised with me
said they’d arranged a pony
his name was Buck
he was full of pluck
over many moons he won Zdob
loadsa ponies which is quite a few bob
I said I couldn’t wait to meet Buck
Sveatoslav smiled and said I was in luck
for he was outside having a snack
with ZSZ guitarist Sergiu Cobzac.

Meeting Buck Fills Me with Luck

I took to Buck
without any work
he was full of character
great horse-sense patter
could see he’d been around
his theories on life were sound
we rode around the block a bit
having fun, not racing, or giving a whit
he said he was looking forward to leaving
and meeting my companions after retrieving
from Romania’s southern half capital city
after first getting down to the long campaign nitty gritty.

Keep the Home Fires Burning

That night we huddled around a roaring fire in the Zdob și Zdub backyard; the band, Buck and me. We talked and neighed not a lot, and when we did it was only for the most serious utterances.

We looked at each other deeply across the flames, as monks did across the dinner table in the movie Of Gods and Men. Looking for recognition and acknowledgement; and the right to return them; a little more knowledge to top up or complete a lifetime of experience.

You never know, on a mystery tour.


We knew we would never again share a fire in Chisinau, but that made the night all the more special.

One time when I looked at Buck, I remembered seeing him when I arrived, and that I hadn’t acknowledged him then. I had only seen an old pony, empty of experience and relevance. Now I knew a good friend.

I no longer felt alone, or like passing the Buck.

We would return to Romania together, side by side, and one atop another.


Pony is slang for £25. Bob is slang for shilling, an old British coin.
Horse-sense is slang for common sense: independent of specialized knowledge or training.
ZSZ guitarist from 1994-1996, Sergiu Cobzac.
Keep the Home-Fires Burning (‘Till the Boys Come Home) is a First World War song composed in 1914 by Ivor Novello with words by Lena Gilbert Ford.
Of Gods and Men, directed by Xavier Beauvois in 2010.

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Space Weather Exo-Planets Documentary Conspiracy Comedy

A few posts ago I mentioned that a Horizon documentary about space weather was on the BBC that night. It included a lot more than I expected, continuing into the search for exo-planets. Without blowing my own trumpet, I knew most of it already; the general theories at least, if not the specific.

Space Philosophy Brain, Lifetime To Explain

I’ve been watching The Sky at Night all my life, but have taken more interest in space over the last fifteen years, trying to find my/our place in space and time. I nearly did Astronomy as an elective module at university, but decided it was a bit risky in the end, being very different to my Humanities focus.

I lost interest in humanity by the end of my Humanities study, and they continue to prove my decision more right than wrong. Ironically, humanity seems to think I’m more interested in them, the less interest I take. The more I try and ignore them, the more they seem to think I’m interested in them really, or even needy.

Most 50+ people have had enough of general humanity, it’s just that most of them have careers, houses and family to isolate themselves within. I’m a well-educated man with a lot of life experience who has made his judgement on humanity thoughtfully and rationally. That’s not to say I never want to see humans again, or kill them all, just that as a species they are what I thought they were when I was a rebellious youth who wanted to escape society by travelling.

I’d have continued into space if I could, but it doesn’t look as if I’ll make it physically this time; has my mind, at that hypnagogic time between waking and sleep, the conscious and unconscious, it often looks like space then, with the stars like sleep stuff, food for the mind to sleep, or are they actual neurons, visible to the inner mind, as they deliver chemicals such as dopamine to the sleep bay, damming conscious thoughts, creating a reservoir of dreams.

BBC Horizon Highlights and Conspiracy

The documentary hotted up with greenYgrey relevance in the second half, starting with exo-planet Roxette 12b  looking greenYgrey through an infra-red spectrum image after about 35 minutes.

There was a weird coincidence, as far as I know, five minutes later, when the next exo-planet, a hot gas planet they think is blue really, called HD189733b I think, looked POP (PinkyOrangePurple) through the infra-red spectrum.


That planet is thought to have winds 20 times the fastest as on Earth, as they take its star’s heat around the planet so fast there isn’t the differences in temperatures they expected.

One planet was thought to have parts that experience continuous twilight time, with a combination of greenygrey and POP imagery:

However, perhaps the strangest of all was an omission, as Dr. Brice-Olivier Demory explained the exo-planets life theory, not too hot or cold, in a great greenYgrey setting, without mentioning Goldlilocks!

The search for exo-planets is in its infancy, about twenty years old, and Demory thought they’d find a habitable planet in the next 5-10 years.

Considering Jupiter’s red-spot storm has been there since Galileo first observed it 350 years ago, before being persecuted by Monotheism for his findings and beliefs, a decade or two is a tiny amount of time in space.

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Writing Career Wordplay Comedy Werewolf Capers Word Creation

The next thrilling episode of XaW Files, probably the most interesting and original fiction book this millennium, continues to catch up on events in Transylvania, before the end sets up a return to Dolhasca for a thrilling denouement of this passage in the raucous ramble around Europe; which makes the Euro Trip movie and Eurotrash T.V. series seem quite pedestrian… in some ways… but is less controversial in others.

It mixes prose and poetry, lovely voles and monsters, fact and fiction, and comedy wordplay, to create a quite esoteric display.

Esoteric: (adjective) Beyond understanding of an average mind. Synonyms: abstruse, deep, profound, recondite. Slang: heavy.

Hopefully Love will Prevail, Even if I Fail

Hopefully I’ve impressed the esoteric amongst you, who are most likely to be book-buyers (self-parody), but I don’t want to lose the humble, or give the Negatives ammunition, so I will just add that although esoteric is not a new word to me, looking it up and fully understanding it just happened, at the ripe old age of 51.

While I think my writing is esoteric, my mind is balanced by being not very good at other things, such as concentration, short-term memory, patience etc, resulting in not excelling at practical jobs, maths, sciences, technology etc.

Permanent Vacation (Aerosmith) My Vocation

Football was the sport I excelled at, and writing is the creative. That’s why I try and do it: it’s what I enjoy, because I think it’s what I’m good at. I’d probably rather be doing sports with people if given a choice, or working with animals, relating to an interview I read recently where the charity worker said paperwork was the worst thing about the job.

But there are times of coffilosophy, when I’m were (sic – remembering were is the human part of were animals) I want to be. Not for ever, or even very long, but for short bursts of original creative breakthroughs, with music in the background, comfort behind, and the sky above, there is the pleasure of contentment.

I’m nothing that special, probably just an average doctor of philosophy, but different because I’m from a lower social class, and am still working in it. I think XaW Files is special though.

I could try to make myself out to be extra special to the people around me, take advantage like a cult leader or grooming pseudo elite/alpha, but prefer keeping my distance, and sharing my knowledge, like Derren Brown, David Attenborough and Brian Cox.

I’d probably prefer entertaining you with music, seeing the smiling happy faces in the crowd, like my contemporary Slipmatt, showing the tricks of his trade on a greenYgrey mixing desk in this video, but words are all I have! And they’re enough for me!! When I reach epipha3 (epiphany)!!!

XaW Files episode finally starts below it!

Chapter 4 Episode 14

Once the last episode’s information settled I realised Pezza had said deadly duel, so I asked him if anyone died in the Dolhasca alleyway. He replied that it depends what you mean by died, because the vampires are of course the living dead, so they cannot die.

However, they had managed to totally terminate three of the New York Dolhascas’ road crew, so that was kind of the same thing, in a greenYgrey way.

Love will Conquer Vampires?

Pezza continued by saying there was good and bad news about my travel companions. The good news was that they didn’t seem to have joined the undead the last time he saw them, but the bad news was that they were all in the hands of the vampires.

There was hope however, because he thought my mixed-up vole friend may have just a little too much love for the vampires to overcome, and it could even warm their bodies enough to make them think twice about continuing their wicked ways.

Hob pie Grub with Zdob și Zdub

The rest of Zdob și Zdub joined us then, and Grandmamma warmed some traditional Moldovan food on the hob, such as Mămăligă and Invârtită.

Vadim Eremeev, who I related to, as we are equally e-3s, said there was news from Dorohoi in Romania. They had received information from a good source that my travel companions were in a satisfactory condition.

Moreover, he said there was another Battle of the Bands in a couple of weeks, like the one in Cluj-Napoca, only this one was being billed as Bill and Ted’s Apocalypse Now. Dorohoi were once again entering, and were hoping to deliver a decisive blow to the New York Dolhascas, as it was taking place on a Full Moon.

The last BotB had apparently ended in a bore draw, which the analysts put down to there being too much at stake for the New York Dolhascas vampires.

Chisinau Selection Makes greenYgrey Feel at Home


Chasing in Chisinau

‘Now, let us show you Chisinau,’ said Victor Dandeş, ‘I am sure you would like to stretch your legs, and prance about on your feet and paws.’

‘Thank you,’ I replied, ‘so we are in Moldova’s capital.’

‘Yes,’ replied Victor, ‘and there is much to show you in the short time you will be here.’


I found that out razor sharpish,
sailing the River Bic feeling outlandish,
in a boat made of vampire skin,
I never felt like jumping in,
even passing the ballet and theatre auditorium,
or the archaeology and history museum,
but the shopping centre bowled me over,
because I liked the name Malldova.



Chisinau, Moldova does indeed have a mall/shopping-centre called Malldova.

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News, Celebrities, Immigration, Grooming, Rape and Terrorism

After writing some nice things yesterday I got some feedback from immigrants making out that I was just after money. So, to balance the books, greenYgrey style, today’s blog is more negative towards ‘foreigners’ and immigration. It’s all stuff I mean and truly believe, like the nice things I wrote yesterday about the XaW Files people and countries.

My Sacrifice, Being Nice

To make it clear again, I dropped out of university life to write what I believe, walking away from a possibly lucrative career, while foreign students were sleeping with tutors or grovelling to them; or using their postgraduate majority status to push their weight around, or look down on this chav British student.

I’m not saying it was all the time, or all the people, but it was some of the time, and some of the people. Tutors and the department seemed more interested in full-fees-paying international students, and even conferences got more money for more international students.

As Jo Cox said about life in Cambridge university, British students can be just as snobby, and so can working-class people when they get power, or are in the majority.

As a humanities and social sciences graduate, my criticisms are more about humanity, and society, than individuals and individual countries: they are just examples I have encountered in my daily life, never having requested I be where I am.

Gary Lineker and Lily Allen on Immigration and Rape

In the last week Gary Lineker and Lily Allen have voiced their opinions on the Calais immigration situation. I felt sorry for the nice people left there interviewed on the news. Some did sound nice and it was sad; in my experience, it’s the worst that will have made it to Britain, and the nicest left behind.

As an honest writer, I must admit that I have queue-jumped myself, mostly after learning about the realities of life On The Road; but I’m probably usually still too quiet and reserved compared to those desperate and ruthless in their ambitions: I publicise my books with the minimum of advertising pressure, simply showing them and providing examples, with no outside help or promotion.

I loved Lineker as an England footballer, and like him as a nice, warm, funny presenter, and maybe I’m losing my chances of ever appearing on Match of the Day, like Russell Brand, but found Lineker’s intervention one-sided, as far as I know it from its reporting in the media; it’s the first social comment I’ve heard him make.

Maybe he could also call the groomers who targeted white girls racist. Not that I only care about white girls, and I’m glad that some Calais girls were rescued and brought to Britain; not that I want anything to do with them, reading the thoughts of the Double Negatives!

As well as apologising for ‘her country’, maybe Lily Allen could also apologise to the raped British girls for her ‘liberal left’, who allowed it to happen. It always seems to be the ‘poor men’ who get the apologies and publicity (and national riots!); even from women! He seemed a nice enough chap himself, and with a good family there’s hope for him.

The liberal left love immigration, but in my experience many/most of the new immigrants are totally the opposite of the counter-culture/left’s tree-hugging and socialist values, which I largely share. The new immigrants often want money and power, and look down on poor British people like me; and even more the women; not realising or caring that I’m a graduate, and the sacrifices I’ve made.

Many are ‘escaping’ socialism/communism, so it’s not really surprising they want to rise as highly and quickly as possible if they think they are able and have the opportunity; especially as many/most don’t really care about Britain and its indigenous people.

Niceness can be perceived as weakness, and coupled with my role as a small businessman can be depicted as the Jewish stereotype – especially as most of my criticism is not against Jewish people, although their religion is included in my criticism of monotheism (most of the negatives who fall into this bracket don’t know what monotheism is anyway; as I didn’t before taking more interest in religion after the rise of Islamism).

News Headwear Controversy

The other sensitive controversy I noticed this week, and had what I think are original thoughts about, was Kelvin MacKenzie’s criticism of Channel Four’s Fatima Manji for wearing a hijab while reporting the news; his article followed her reporting from Nice, after the Islamist attack that killed dozens.

While critics called MacKenzie offensive, I think it is offensive to wear headwear supported by Islamists while reporting the news (affirming my earlier point about some people not really caring about Britain or indigenous British people). While women freed from I.S. are burning their religious headwear, a British correspondent feels the need to wear a symbolic sign she knows irritates or frightens many British people.

Maybe Manji doesn’t know that many British people, like MacKenzie, view Islamist clothes like some American people view Klan clothes; or maybe how Muslims feel about seeing British nationalistic symbolism. Maybe Manji doesn’t care that she’s the only reporter or newsreader that wears religious clothes.

If British reporters and newsreaders started wearing traditional national headwear; looking nationalistic; maybe she’d know how people feel when they see Islamist symbolism at an Islamist atrocity:


Or maybe the news teams of the future could style themselves on the Village People:


Criminally ignored by the British media, publishers and public, and the only place you’ll probably see it advertised, what I think is truly a great book of the 21st century:

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.