Valentine Love 7 on the 7th: Feminism Politics and Rock Chicks I Remember

It’s the 7th Valentine Special on the 7th of February, half way to Valentine’s Day on February 14th. It would be a coincidence if I hadn’t started dead on February 1st, or wasn’t doing them daily.

Derren Brown and Black Sabbath

Remembering Derren Brown’s mention yesterday, and one of the themes of his Miracle show being how we remember subliminal messages in society, such as from the media, he might argue that I’d been inspired to write yesterday’s blog since taking that photo, with the close-up of Tony Iommi’s thimble fingers imprinted on my mind.

I can’t argue totally against that, but I can say that I’d forgotten about Black Sabbath playing their last show on Saturday until seeing it in the media, and Iommi’s ingenuity and perseverance in the face of adversity has impressed me since I first heard about it.

Rock Chicks I Remember

Having hopefully convinced you of my mind control mission over the last decade, then I hope it is safe to mention some women without the rest of women thinking I’m after them, and men with women thinking I’m after their women.

This is for the good of humanity and society, and women in particular.

When I was a rock fan in the 1980s and mid-1990s I was totally in awe of beautiful sexily dressed rock chicks, mostly seen in videos for me; transferred to clubbing for the next decade. Now it’s a more academic AAW (inspiring acronym creation appreciation).

So when women are trying to recreate that in work or everyday society now, it’s just tedious or annoying; unless they are in the 21-40 goldilocks zone, and angelic waifs, and who seem to be doing it for the right reason, rather than trying to provoke their man or make me out to be under their control.

I know women/feminism has always been a major part of the Greenygrey/greenYgrey/POP, and I appreciate any good acknowledgement and fandom, but it can become a bit tiring, and especially if they seem to be getting it all wrong, or just playing upon old themes I talked about years or decades ago.

I’ve been trying to be mature and responsible because I’m a doctor of philosophy and might have a partly young audience, with trying to stop the industrial scale grooming and rape epidemic one of the major objectives. I’d rather have been acting like Motley Crue and Guns N’ Roses in the 1980s, but I might not have survived anyway, with hedonism coming to a head (pun intended) a decade ago!

Feminism Politics in a Country Focusing on Race, Race, Race… and Religion!

I believe in the Scandinavian free speech and equality political ideology, and that’s what I’ve been following most of my life, with 1960s/1970s counter-culture childhood influences, rock and metal in the 1980s, and rave/clubbing in the 1990s/2000s.

Multicultural Fascism of the 2000s twisted it around to make those who criticise the inequality fascism and oppression of other ‘cultures’ – religious, as well as spoiling the freedom in safety ethos of the counter-culture, which may have always been an illusion anyway (I write with my view of the wholescale goodness of the human species having declined in the last twenty years).

I now think more freedom will only lead to a quicker destruction of the planet, extinction of more species and more human trafficking: sorry to the Build Bridges brigade, who seem to have made my Bridge on the River Kwai Syndrome theory a reality! I don’t agree with Donald Trump’s total bans though, but the U.S.A. isn’t my business; just a proper immigration system for the U.K., letting in those who like Blighty and want to live and work here for the right reasons. I still love Ivanka, in a faraway admiring way, not wanting to go out with her now even if she split from her husband.

I wouldn’t visit, live and work in a place I didn’t like, so please don’t expect me to respect you if that’s what you do… for the money… and especially if also calling people names in line with the Nazi stereotypical greedy Jewish person demonisation!

Motley Crue AAW-WOW Goldmine

Motley Crue are my age, and they still brought out an impressive well-dressed female audience (was I Too Fast For Love!?), as well as work crue (pun intended); some of them might have been working for the Metro Arena? Alice Cooper (man) was the support act, and his then guitarist Orianthi has probably challenged Taylor Momsen the most as the gYgPOP rock queen.

Image result for ORIANTHI IMAGES

Rammstein Woman might sound like a preserved prehistoric bog body, but that’s how I remember a Download woman who stopped long enough to register her AAWsomeness. That had nothing to do with me being mightily impressed with Rammstein.

Sunglasses and suitcase arrival woman too, and my neighbour who noticed.

I only remember those who mix aesthetic beauty with those who seem to have a beautiful mind, at least towards me. All the others soon fade from memory, if they register at all.

The above are some of my memories and recollections. I might have got the thoughts and attitudes of the women all wrong, and respect everybody’s right to think what they want, which is what I’ve been promoting the last decade.

All your nice recognition is appreciated, but I’m a writer first. If my freelance career doesn’t take off, I’ll have to return to some kind of workplace… where there’ll be lots of women (and men?) thinking I’m there to work with them, from my recent experiences! So please save me from having to return to places where humans lie in wait, ready to spin their webs based on what I’ve said in my talk or writing; themes I grew bored of long ago.

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