Valentine Love 9: 9 Chapters of Mixed-Up Vole

While coincidence and conspiracy are central themes for XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, there is also love throughout, and hardly any hate, thanks to our anagram star Love the mixed-up Vole… who also rhymes with a fellow greenYgreyer, mole!

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Reminding me of Love’s best joke of XaW Files: What do you call air-conditioning for moles? Molecular! geddit, mole-cooler!!

Love the mixed-up Vole: Best Supporting Character

While all the ‘celebrity werewolves’ adapted from the human world played a great big part in the XaW Files story; especially those adapted from Stella McCartney and Sacha Baron Cohen, J.K. Rowling and Chris Packham; our Love was the only one to appear in all nine chapters. This blog contains some of the highlights from each of the first five chapters, starting at 1.

  1. Love appeared in the XaW world after greenYgrey attended a Saint Petersburg, Russia tennis exhibition match between Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova. Wordplay included Love appearing at a love point in the tennis match, and the story continuing From Russia With Love, citing the James Bond film.
    The upper centre of the poster reads
  2. Love hit the ground running, soon creating some wacky wordplay in Tartu, Estonia, where it ordered a local delicacy rhubarb tart for it and the greenYgrey, creating a Tartu tartwo: reminding me of the Van Halen song Tattoo (Tattoo). It later played a central part in the Lemmenjoki and lemmings stories in Finland. Love shapeshifted into a mouse for a while in Latvia, and welcomed greenYgrey into Ogre, where it had lived with the local ogres, after being separated from gYg… which is another story, remembering Hammy Hamster’s Tales of the Riverbank
    Tales of the Riverbank.png
    … but it did inspire the greenYgrey to reference the Black Eyed Peas’s Where is the Love?
  3. The arrival of Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno at the end of chapter 2 took some of the pressure off Love, but it was worried at the start of the chapter, after mixing Minsk, Belarus up with minks the animals, who while also beautiful and worthy of life, aren’t a vole’s best friend. Poor Love later went blind passing Chernobyl, inspired by the The Great Escape movie scene inspired by the true story of RAF Flight Lieutenant Colin Blythe, before showing a deeper form of love, reminiscent of my love for AAWs, with some poetic philosophy. The chapter ended on a high for Love though, as it lifted gYg out of a frozen lake, and even ended with the mole joke featured at the start of this blog post.
    Donald Pleasence Allan Warren edit.jpg
    RAF Flight Lieutenant Colin Blythe was played by Lincolnshire Methodist Donald Pleasance.
  4. There was a conference in Gyongyos, Hungary near the start of the chapter with the central debate on Love at First Sight. Love was lost to the vampires for some of the chapter, but reappeared at a crucial time to Whitesnake’s Love Ain’t No Stranger.
    Image result for love ain't no stranger images
  5. Love was lost again at the start of the chapter, but found with an anagram search in Vlore, Albania. Love survived Snake Island in Macedonia, and loved the Balkans national parks. It also loved meeting the lovely wren called Lovcen, and taking part in the X-Files meets Nero Wolfe including Guns N’ Roses wordplay travel keeping to the letter story. The chapter ended on a high for Love when it played a big part in an important game of voleyball, based on volleyball, and the X-Files/Nero Wolfe character Skinner complimented it by saying he thought the next best thing to a vowel is a vole.
    Image result for tara national park imagesThe next four chapters continue with Love. A love one newspaper today says Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was always looking for. We couldn’t save Tara, but we hope to save our queen, Kate Moss. With faraway love of course, unless she requests something more. Did Tara even know of the greenYgrey? Not that I know. And it was probably misrepresented to her if she had heard of it, and her place in XaW Files’s Higher Form of Love.

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