Valentine Love 10: 10/10 Women ReadYmades Art

For my Valentine Love 10 I was thinking should I go ahead and just post the Yellowism video I previously called nine 10/10 women for my taste in XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, or post something totally different and surprising. After thinking for a while, I started looking for model photos in line with the former expected option, and then the first three photos took the form of a barbell, and began to shape itself into art. Then I remembered I’m celebrating the centenary anniversary of Marcel Duchamp’s toilet to fountain this year, some critics’ artwork of the twentieth century, and 10 x 10 is 100, so here’s ten 10/10 looking women for my taste photos turned into three new examples of greenYgrey readYmade art… with some forward hidden messages for special ordinary angelic women who have brightened up the everyday greenYgrey.

Barb-ell-ie T-en-erife-ic

Image result for Candice SwanepoelImage result for erin heathertonImage result for Doutzen Kroes Fashion Model

Ladies First: Fo(u)r-eground Beauty, Background greenYgrey/POP

Image result for miranda kerrImage result for Victoria's Secret UncensoredImage result for Victoria's Secret UncensoredImage result for Victoria's Secret Uncensored

Wish Upon a Wolf, Tiger Learning Light, Blonde Beauty

Image result for women with wolvesImage result for women with animalsImage result for women with animals


Above third greenYgrey readYmade heading references Disney’s Wish Upon a Star (children’s charity link, original video below), William Blake’s Tiger (Tyger) poem and Anna Sewell’s classic novel Black Beauty.


Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.

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