Valentine Love 11: Half-Time Girl

There Was A Time when I’d have put football players in the VL 11, but there’s been much too much homophobia in the U.K. since New Labour’s Multicultural Fascism. So, although the players of the team I’ve supported since 1970 have been doing well this season, helped a little by my lucky 5 attended games of 4 wins and a draw (unfortunately, I must have left a little luck in Newcastle, Sheffield [Wednesday], Reading [well, Slough] Huddersfield and Derby in the last couple of years, as they are challenging us for the promotion/play-off places!).

Billy Joel: Uptown Girl

Having attended my minimum five games for the season, I feel safe in showing my love for the promo woman who looks like she could be a top model (maybe she is?). With a big historic prestigious club full of rich, young and fit men; and Premier League-size crowds; I guess she gets enough attention, and hopefully my Valentine love will be classed alongside them. I don’t know her background, but she certainly appears to be an uptown girl.

Great to see vegan Christine Brinkley still looking fantastic this week at 63; I was an 18-year-old biker working in a sawmill when this was released in 1983! Swap ‘Uptown’ for ‘Half-Time’ and I think it works quite well!:

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