Valentine Love 12: Nice Women, Rich and Poor

I first liked Tara Palmer-Tomkinson because she was good looking when she appeared on I’m a Celebrity back in 2002, but that’s just the primary impression. There have been lots of beautiful women on reality shows that I didn’t like when ‘I got to know them’. I continued to like Tara Palmer-Tomkinson because she had a combination of a clever self-deprecating humour mixed with tender warmth. I haven’t taken much notice of her over the last fifteen years, but occasionally noticed her.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson Obituary

Unfortunately, those characteristics may have contributed to her untimely death, as Lady Victoria Hervey wrote about her in today’s Mail on Sunday, reported hot off the press on this morning’s MSN, showing these are all new thoughts hot off my noggin press!:

“She pretended not to care what people thought about her but all she ever wanted was to be loved. She had an emotional fragility that would ultimately be her undoing.

“There was a sweetness to her, a vulnerability. I used to say she was like a labrador puppy wanting everyone to love her. She didn’t have the toughness you needed to survive.

“You had to get to know Tara well to get beneath that public image; to realise what a sweet, kind, vulnerable girl she was. In the end, I grew to love her and her death has left me reeling. I feel like a part of me, too, has died.”

I imagine that’s what Kate Moss is like, and that’s why I was glad she seemed to have found happiness in marriage, but it didn’t last. Hopefully she has enough good friends and family around to be enjoying life with safety. I know that will sound ‘weird’ in modern society, where buying and lying are the norms, and romantic love is silly or sad.

Image result for kate moss images

That’s why I’m also glad Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whitely have announced a baby is on the way; and I was sorry that Amber Heard’s marriage to Johnny Depp failed. If I thought I had a chance with Rosie and Amber I might think the opposite, honest greenYgrey style! Are you reading Amber?

I know my higher form of love for certain shaped women can seem shallow, and it’s only for those I don’t know, and the first spark, with personality then coming into play!

Lesson for Child and Vulnerable Women Groomers

The words ‘to realise what a sweet, kind, vulnerable girl she was’ reminded me of all the girls and women who are being groomed, raped, harmed and prostituted: most of them will have been sweet and kind originally, if they ever had any semblance of normality in their childhoods, before it was conditioned out of them, and like ‘vampires’ became carbon copies of their groomers.

It’s not only out on the streets either, with school, university and workplaces; teachers and managers; actively working to turn nice people horrible, either for their own amusement, or the good of their company and society as they see it. Nice characteristics such as love and caring are seen as weaknesses to be preyed upon, and ironed out, with the immoral buying and lying pseudo-alphas electing themselves to be the character change chasers, and rewarded with the pleasures of the personality kill’s physical conquest.

Unfortunately, some jobs do need people to be cold and hard. The more people, overcrowding, alienation, poverty, loss of identity and cultural conflict, the more likely the society is to need authoritarianism, unscientifically judging from examples such as the U.S.A. and Switzerland, although there may be many other factors involved, such as history and geography.

Liberal Left Lost Opportunity

The Liberal Left had a big opportunity with New Labour, but they tried to do too much, trying to change the world, while ignoring the problems in Britain. One of the main reasons I left the liberal left was their refusal to acknowledge the grooming and rape epidemic, because it was negative for their view of bright new Multicultural Britain; and they tended not to like ‘chavs’ anyway, although girls from all classes were victims, in a New Labour spin world where rape seemed preferable to racism.

One of my closest ‘friends’ refused to put any blame at all on the groomers, putting all the blame on the girls. Some girls probably were doing it chasing money or gang status, but most were groomed, or conditioned into acting that way by their groomers.

When I started the Greenygrey I hoped to help shape that dream of a clean, green Britain with lots of optimism and hope. However, New Labour continued to allow mass immigration, supported by the liberal left, who are now up in arms about Trump!

Brexit and Trump happened because they pushed too far, too fast. The same people who are campaigning against fracking and fossil fuels, which give traditional working-class workers jobs, are the same people who are campaigning for open borders and allowing green belt to be built upon: meaning there’ll be more need for energy!

They always seem to be ignoring or criticising the white working-class, while ignoring the problems brought by immigration. Green issues and climate-change should have been above left and right politics, but the young liberal left just seem to have been attacking the traditional causes, while ignoring the new threats.

Saved from Hoping and Caring… but not Loving Women?… in my Writing at Least!

I hung around with a biker club in the 1980s and never saw anything like the grooming culture of the last twenty years. They just had girlfriends, and seemed more monogamous than my ordinary friends. I also saw nothing like that attending custom bike shows or festivals. I watched a documentary about old-school British gangsters (one of them a very intelligent sounding Irishman: the opposite to wannabe Muttley!), and they were deploring the sexual horrors aspect of the modern criminal world. However, my liberal left friends, refused to even acknowledge it!

Anyway, maybe it helped me survive the last decade, becoming colder and harder, writing from the XaW Files world, Beyond Humanity, because Lady Victoria Hervey said Tara Palmer-Tomkinson had stepped away from the London party scene to save her sanity… ‘Tara, though, stayed close to the old crowd – and that wasn’t the healthiest thing for her. I wonder what would have happened if she hadn’t remained there.’

My writing over the last decade has probably been from a similar mental place to Tara’s, although like the L.A. Metallers I’ve been reading about lately, she was probably much more hardcore and full-time than I was. There’s great times to be had going out, but you usually learn what you’re going to learn quite soon, and once it’s just going through the motions, it’s time to get out and find a new hobby… even if that means leaving all your ‘baggage’ behind.

Friends want to love you, and love your memory, even if it’s after killing you; either accidentally or ‘wickedly’! Youth seems everything when you’re in it, but there’s more to life. Ultimately, there’s enjoyment in all times of life, even if it’s just the feeling of napping and dozing easier; bringing in some dozing-dozen ditty comedy wordplay for Valentine Love 12 on a cloudy cold Winter Sunday that seems made for just that!

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