Valentine Love 14: Rose and Roses for Unknown greenYgreyer

They say God works in Mysterious Ways and the same’s true of the Goddess. Yes, she’s certainly thrown everything but the kitchen sink at me, but I’ve made it to the 14th hour (in California! and that time zone north and south), of the 14th day (of the second month), of the 14th year (if we count 2003 as the first year).

Remembering Fallen Characters

The 14-14-14 reminded me of war remembrance in the U.K. having 11 as its symbolic number: the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. So I thought I could do a respectful pastiche, while also remembering any real great greenYliens who didn’t make it to this time, and characters such as Quentin Tarwolfino and Chris Packwolf, who didn’t make it back from the XaW world; and Kalbarri Barry Bottlenose Dolphin, in Oz. Here’s a gYgPOP rose containing a bit of everything colour wise.

Image result for roses images

Unknown greenYgreyer Lovely Coincidence

I took this photo of my computer screen supplied by Microsoft months before I decided to call the two months from November 21st to January 21st the MIST (Midwinter Ideal Sunrise Times) months.


I don’t know when the photo was taken, but the misty morning seems apt. Maybe Derren Brown would say it subliminally influenced my MIST creation?

14 Years of Deep Thought and Creative Writing

The 14 theme of today also reminded me of the Guns N’ Roses song 14 Years, which was on my favourite LP side of all time after it was released, the first of Use Your Illusion 2. The song’s meaning is unknown according to Wikipedia, with neither the writers, Stradlin or Rose, having had a relationship of that length at the time. It could have been influenced by their relationship, or be a general objective song about relationships.

If it has any relevance to my 14 years of greenYgrey, it is not for the great greenYgreyliens and positive people, but the Double Negatives, and those who get everything wrong, or just don’t like it without even thinking. If you feel you are one of the people most criticised, and aren’t too bad a person, then you are better than those who should be liking it because it’s mostly supportive of you, but there’s some things you don’t like about it… or that I don’t give you all my support, credit and money!


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