Valentine Love 15: Comedy Wordplay Coincidence

I was thinking about Valentine’s Day yesterday, as you probably guessed; well, all month really, in a parody comedy way. Yesterday, I really thought about comedy wordplay for the first time.

Val in Tyne-and-Wear?

Is there a Val in Tyne-and-Wear reading? If there is, then I thought of you yesterday… or your name and location anyway. That’s because Valentine can loosely be dissected into Val in Tyne… while Wear wordplays with the Were theme of the greenYgrey.

The greenYgrey was originally just a wolf, with the were theme added for the Werewolf of Oz second of the landmark trilogy first ever travel questing by web maps, such as Google.

Apart from the Motley Crue/Alice Cooper attendees my favourite greenYgreying AAW from the north-east is Lilly the Stripper, who starred in a documentary about strippers three years ago… about the same time Love the mixed-up vole was born in the greenYgrey world!

Apart from her beauty, she really did impress with her femininity, intelligence and pride in her work, appearance and life – ambition. I hope she achieved her glamour model dream.

That doesn’t mean I think her vocation is ideal, and I don’t recommend it to any impressionable people, as I’ve heard it can be cut-throat, cynical and problematic. I have just as much respect for somebody working in a minimum wage job, as I do myself!

Volentine: Other Side of greenYgrey

On second thoughts, after Val-in-Tyne, I remembered our Love, how it’s a vole, and then thought it is only an o-a different to the first four letters of Vale-ntine. So I looked up volentine, and the search just brought up Erin Volentine, who is a great greenYgreying AAW in a different way to Lilly.

Erin Volentine promotes healthy eating on YouTube, Google+ and other social media websites. Here she is gYgPOPing in one of many videos including green, yellow, grey and PinkyOrangePurple:


You could say Lilly and Erin represent the grey and green of greenYgrey!.. if you’re thinking in a self-proclaimed genius kind of way!! Lilly is more my background, while Erin is more my current life philosophy.

Please don’t ask me to choose who I like best, Erin or Lilly. It’s like asking the greenYgrey Y to choose between its green and grey!.. or Love the mixed-up vole to descend from its higher form!!

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