Valentine Love 16: Higher Form of Dr. Love Feminism for Men New Philosophy

The greenYgrey world has been full of love since our mixed-up vole entered, and so is XaW Files. I think it has been such a good influence on me, I can now be called Dr. Love, after the Kiss song, although my universal love is of a higher form. Here’s Kiss with a gYgPOPing performance of the song in 2012:

Higher Form of Love for Men

I think Kiss were talking about physical things though, while my mixed-up vole tries to elevate it to a more Valentiney dimension; in reality it is influenced by animals, but also by the girly love I’ve been trying to follow during the greenYgrey years; in part influenced by impressive women such as Jane Tomlinson, and in part the horrors of men, epitomised by the child and vulnerable women groomers.

Feminism is hard for men, because it has girly connotations, and is often considered anti-men. A ‘feminism for men’ could be called femalism, containing ‘mal’ to signify the man’s retention of manliness.

Femalism is already a word, but quite obsolete, according to Wiktionary:

Every woman-loving man should be a femalist, but that doesn’t mean women should try and take advantage. A woman’s higher form of love in return should be to accept and acknowledge it, rather than try to milk the man for all he’s got!

If you’re wondering where the above Higher Form of Love phrase occurs in XaW Files, it’s in episode 16 of chapter 8, with the travel questers in Gothenburg, Sweden. There’s lots more lovely wordplay around it, keeping to the letter of the XaW. Talking of keeping to letters, the greenYgrey Y is here on its own, as green and grey are missing; moreover, Love is also lost, after having two children in Chapter 6 called Lovus and Lovulus, based on Romus and Romulus of Roman legend; here told in glorious gYgPOP:

Image result for romus and romulus IMAGES

Chapter 8 Episode 16

There is a G, but there is no Y
There is a G, but there is no Y
There is a G, but there is no Y

Any Breakfast,
an E in brekkie?
There is an E
and it’s letter three
but in three it’s four and five.

Dream Granola, Gre-No-Li Reality

My sleep was good in the comfortable First G bed and room, but my mind was restless, as the above thoughts hopefully show. I tried to convey my dreams to the others after we convened for breakfast; afterwards noticing convey and convene share their first five letters but are unrelated.

When I ordered granola, Chris dropped his spoon, spilling sugar everywhere. Lovus joked ‘Why don’t you Pour Some Sugar Over Me’, referencing the Def Leppard song.

‘I’m sorry,’ said Chris, ‘it’s just that I was researching Gothenburg on Wikipedia before breakfast, and found Gunnar Gren. He was one of the Swedish-AC Milan football forward trio known as Gre-No-Li. I was going to mention later how both names reminded me of greenygrey. Gunnar Gren has ten letters, two Gs, and Gren is all grey apart from the last letter; while I think Gre-No-Li has a nice greenygrey ring to it. Then Y’s dream and ordering granola just seemed too uncanny, even for an X Files parody.’

‘Yes, that is eerie,’ I responded, before adding, ‘which I just realised has the same amount of Es as greenygrey. Great work Chris, and thanks for reminding me that you’re not just a natural world expert.’

Liseberg Sounds Loveword Bounds

Once we’d eaten our fill of organic goodness, we discussed where we wanted to go in Gothenburg. Bo joked that we’d better start right at the beginning, because that’s where you’ve gotta go in Gothenburg.

We all laughed, and Chris added to the jollity by saying that he thought Bo was a one trick pony when they first met, but now he realised he had two strings to his bow.

When we’d all calmed down, Lovus and Lovulus put forward Liseberg, which is Scandinavia’s biggest amusement park. They said they thought their mother might be there, as they’d last been together in Tivoli, and they’d heard something about a Higher Form of Love, which could refer to the mixed-up vole being all up in the air. Moreover, Love and Lise share an L and E in the first and fourth letters.

Image result for LISEBERG IMAGES

I said that sounded a great idea, and Liseberg also contains a berg, which is something I’ve been interested in since Wurzburg.

UnYnding Through Winding Streets

We set off after first checking out of the First G, and checking up on Dai n’ Dec. There was a lot of snoring emitting from their cabins, so we left them to it.

I looked forward to reaching Liseberg, and seeing more of Gothenburg, but remembered my thoughts on finishing books from the last episode, as we rambled through the streets. I wondered if I didn’t write any more of this ramble, and just kept it all to myself, would I feel less diminished in the future. Could I use the thought and energy I expend here for a greater purpose or personal gain.

I could not answer myself, still not knowing what the denouement of this ramble would bring; I ended up thinking there was no point planning ahead, when the only thing I now knew for certain was that I am a wandering wondering Y.

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