Valentine Love 19: Love Songs A-Z Loving You Sunday Morning: Girls, Girls, Girls (Part 2)

I love Adele in many ways. I don’t want to lose any of her fans and big women as my readers, but her weight isn’t one of the reasons. I love her most for her voice and songs, but also think she looks beautiful, despite her weight. I also love her life story of achieving what she has from a poor background, and think she is a great role model for her demographic, especially through her rapport with the crowd, such as at Glastonbury last year. I’ve probably seen enough of her burping (cue lots of burping in front of me now!?) and blubbering now, but they are small criticisms.

I also love her dress sense, with gorgeous greenYgrey a favourite of hers, as seen at this year’s GRAMMYs (which has a nice greenYgrey ring to it):

Rock Sexism Loving You Sunday Morning

This blog’s posting today was inspired by the Scorpions song Loving You Sunday Morning, but I’ve been thinking of blogging about rock music for a while, and allegations of sexism; since the first part of this Girls, Girls, Girls theme on September 29th in fact. One of the reasons I started with Adele was to make the point that her songs could be called sexist, as they are from her point of view, the female’s, and mostly criticising the male.

While there are some harder and more divergent metal bands that sing about extremes, the male ones I liked in the 1980s and 1990s mostly sung songs with a mixture of love themes. The ones that are usually cited as sexist are the ones about chasing women, giving them great ‘love’ or not wanting them anymore (the latter kind of like Adele). Motley Crue’s Too Fast For Love is a good example of that, but they also sang about being under the spell of women… in a nice way!

There were a lot of rock songs celebrating and defending women too, and also a lot of self-analysis, with most bands/singers blaming themselves (albeit often for being too wild and free, like metallers like to see themselves be). Guns N’ Roses’s Use Your Illusion is a good example of that.

Some sang about strong independent women, such as Alicia Silverstone’s character in Aerosmith’s late 1980s videos, or female victims, such as L.A. Guns’s Ballad of Jayne; which could be seen as an ignored warning about what seems to have been growing into the norm since then.

Hair Metal Homophobia

Short-haired homophobic men often seem to consider liking ‘hair metal’ gay, and if I had to choose a man I probably would pick somebody like Bret Michaels, who looks like the women I like best (luckily, I never liked Poison), and ironically went out with Pamela Anderson (I liked her more for her face and hair rather than cosmetic cleavage!).

However, I just think Bronski Beat, Communards, Frankie Goes to Hollywood etc, as examples of gay short-haired musicans!?

Homophobia could be used in mitigation by hair metallers accused of sexism: that they have to assert their heterosexuality to make their sexuality clear. Some might say they shouldn’t make it clear, but then some gay men might say they are trying to lead them on, or use them!

There’s a fine (greenYgrey) line between homosexuality and homophobia, so I’ll just add that I like a lot of gay music, starting with Queen and Judas Priest, and think Jimmy Somerville has a great voice:

Frankie’s Power of Love is still powerfully lovely, and especially the dance remix:

However, however nice gay men can look and sing, they can never challenge women in my mind, so I’ll end with a song by the very macho ZZ Top that celebrates women and my dreams back in the 1980s: all good clean fun, and with plenty of gYgPOP (greenYgrey and PinkyOrangePurple) and greenYgrey3 relevance.

As there was a similar woman watching them from backstage at Glastonbury last year, I can only hope that my celebration of beautiful women will similarly be accepted, and applauded.

While there were times I thought I might be a saviour rather than the saved, I think I’m back to needing to be saved now! Amber Heard, Taylor Momsen and Kimberly Garner…

 … or similar lesser known AAWs, were (sic) are you (if currently single and available!):

P.S. Women in relationships, I only want a little bit of empathetic loving, rather than all of it as ZZ Top sang in the video above!

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