Valentine Love 20: London Fashion Show POP Front Page

It seems incredible that were (sic) just over a year into the POP (PinkyOrangePop) age, as it’s already most fashionable amongst the most fashionable. The Times front page led on a paramount POP setting from the London Fashion Show this morning:

Ethical Clothes, Avoiding Fur

I was delighted to read that Stella McCartney (chief inspiration for legendary greenYgrey world fashionista suprema and XaW Files star, Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno), Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein are not using fur in their fashion, after signing a petition against the use of fur on

Please don’t buy fur because I don’t like it, as it’s not me that suffers the poor conditions and probably pain of death. I don’t know if fur I see is faux or real, and presume it’s the former.

Visiting the humanYstella world, I was delighted to see a retro greenYgrey love headline intro:


Don’t worry POPolutionaries, Stella hasn’t forgotten about POP:


Balanced Debating, greenYgrey Style

I know that I’m being fussy in a way, because I like furry animals more than those that provide leather, although I haven’t bought leather for years either, buying my last pair of shoes at Vegetarian Shoes.

If rabbits are dying for meat then I suppose you might as well use the fur, although I’d rather they weren’t used for either, but when it comes to larger animals, such as foxes, wolves and lynx that aren’t eaten, being kept only for fur production, I’m definitely totally against it.

For a fashionable ethical balanced fiction fantasy, visit the XaW world with the greenYgrey world’s motley crew of creatures, and trendy Stella:

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