Valentine Love 21: Happiness in Empathetic Love

I like the look of a new book by an author and British television personality that reminds me of these greenYgrey images. Can you guess who?

Image result for fern imagesY  Image result for COTTON  images

Image Coincidence

I’d thought of the above image quiz before seeing the project photo below, where the author seems to be playing the role of the Y, between our project’s symbolic flower, the dandelion (as it changes between grey and yellow on a green stem), and the heart-shaped lovely tree, which usually supplies a lot of the greenery:

Fearne's Happiness Project

The Answer

Yes, it’s Fearne Cotton, whose name would sound like fearnYcotton if said all in one go and you pronounced the e as it is said in isolation, sounding like y.

The book is called Happy, and has a great gYgPOPish cover:

Fearne’s a married mother of two, so I only have empathetic love for her. And that feels good. It feels good to be Happy for her, and her family.

It would feel even better if people accepted that, especially after a decade of ethical celibacy during the greenYgrey decade. That’s probably the biggest inspiration for this Valentine month of blog posts: to emphasise what I’ve been doing, and trying to inspire, over the last ten years, over a thousand blog posts, many poems, several books, articles and even a short film.

The fact that most people want to still see me as a stereotype shows how ingrained in their psyches it must be.

Happy Lessons

The book is about letting go of perfect and being happy with yourself, which is kind of what I was getting at recently in my hope is a hurdle to humble philosophy written in alliterative (poetic technique using words starting with the same letter) parody comedy.

Fearne talked about the book in Metro, led by this great old-skool greenYgrey setting photo:

Fearne Cotton talks about her brave battle with depression in new book Happy

I didn’t know Fearne was such a great greenYgreyer until seeing these photos:

Like Fearne’s book, I hope my books can help provide a little happiness and empowerment for some people in the everyday. I don’t expect them to be an elixir of change in all of humanity, but of course aimed for that, or at least to change people’s perceptions of me and my demographic and www priority interests.

If I ghost wrote XaW Files for a celebrity like Fearne (maybe it’d suit Taylor Momsen or Hope Sandoval, or as there is some male comparison a Guns N’ Roses or Metallica member?) I think and hope it would get the publicity and plaudits it deserves. There’s still time…

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.

You Are The Boss of Your Own Happiness: 50 Ways to Change Your Life Today by Theo Kay. $3.99 from
50 Ideas for you to change your life today. You are the boss of your own HAPPINESS!


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