Valentine Love 22: BritPOP Bromance

I remembered and returned to the third episode of Britain’s Ancient Capital: Secrets of Orkney mainly for Neil Oliver and Chris Packham discussing humanity and nature while watching a great gYgPOP sunset; as well as some of the research findings, both the one proved right that pushed the origins of the community there back even further to before 3500 B.C., and the one proved wrong, showing how science works, admitting when it is wrong, in contrast to religion.

Andy Torbet v Dr Shini Somara

Some of my university days hair metal homophobes, who were into more macho metal, also made out that I went to the gym because I liked muscular men; generally they just tried to find a negative to everything I did, usually sexual, but sometimes money or social, while making themselves look good. Then when I parodied their attitudes and behaviour they didn’t want to accept it, clinging on to the fake compliments I gave them!

They didn’t like people who went to the gym in general, or women who wore short skirts in the city centre, but it was alright at places they liked, such as festivals and concerts; and they liked thin men who showed off their body, such as Russell Brand.

Andy Torbet is a fine figure of a man, and white; showing it off in a greenYgrey sauna with a more clothed female non-white Dr. Shini Somara. I felt no sexual longing for Andy Torbet, but Shini Somara looked quite fanciable: thin, long-haired, feminine and intelligent, taking an interest in ancient British culture without a chip on her shoulder. That’s me showing my sexuality and that my sexual preference is not racist.


There are many beautiful non-white women, but as in all my remembered life though, white blonde and brunette women still dominate my most beautiful women to my tastes list; and after living through Multicultural Fascism the last twenty years, and people thinking I was campaigning for female freedom to see their hair etc, or feeling pressured into a mixed-ethnicity relationship myself, it’s a white woman that I’d feel most comfortable with. That’s here and now anyway; I might feel different if I left Blighty and Europe?

My Mission from God: the Woman God!

My warnings about grooming and trying to educate women and girls is down to cultural prevalence and eminent danger. Women shouldn’t trust anybody offhand: not because of their race or position, whether a doctor like me, or a man in uniform.

During New Labour’s Multicultural Fascism society seemed to be making the white working-class community out to be failed; if we even defended ourselves we were made out to be ‘racist’, such as in the BBC’s ‘white season’, and standing in the way of their bright new image of the country… and Blair’s money-spinning business afterwards.

I joked that I was on a mission from God, the woman-god; inspired by the Blues Brothers movie, without at first shortening it to the Goddess, or Goddesses, with that belief prevalent in Blighty during pagan times.

By the way, the findings at Orkney push the community there back much further in time than the Middle-Eastern Monotheist religious books’ belief in all life on our planet, let alone humanity. They consider all life on Earth started within a 1000 years of their books’ history, which is about 2000 years after our ancestors were setting up their impressive community on Orkney. The dinosaurs etc were tens of thousands of years earlier.

Men at Work

This was going to be a blog celebrating a Brit bromance all about men chatting while enjoying the gYgPOP sunset. That was until I entered the iplayer page for episode 3 and was met by this great gYgPOP3 cover image (with all six green, yellow, grey, pink, orange and purple colours, and three creatures), showing multi-ethnic Britain at its best in my consideration, inspiring my Torbet v Somara comparison:


Here’s five images of the gYgPOP sunset Neil Oliver and Chris Packham enjoyed, as their BritPOPing ancestors were doing over 5000 years ago:


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