Valentine Love 25: Ant n’ Dec Friendship

It was great to see the One Show have an Ant n’ Dec sofa challenge on Friday, with the cheeky Geordie presenters greenygreying by wearing grey on a greenY sofa in a mostly POP (PinkyOrangePurple) studio, while a greenY sofa was placed in Newcastle and London to see which attracted most people.

Ant and Dec The One Show Saturday Night Takeaway

Ant n’ Dec are thought to be the main inspirations for non-werewolf humany star characters Dai n’ Dec in Werewolf of Oz and XaW Files: Captain Dec O’ Rum (juxtaposing an unlikely greenYgrey mix of decorum calm in charge of a deck full of rum) and his shipmate Dai on the Seas (Dionysus).

Probably not surprisingly, home support won over population, with about three times as many people in Newcastle as in London. Numbers increased so much later in Newcastle that the sofa wasn’t visible, which is a bit extreme for greenYgreying!:

Ant and Dec The One Show Saturday Night Takeaway

As you can see, people were more worried about the show getting Ant n’ Dec the wrong way around than the Newcastle greenY sofa being hidden! Unbelievable!!

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