Valentine Love 26: 3 to Another Epic Writing Success: 27 Times the Average Valentine Love

I posted yesterday’s blog with minutes to spare before the day ended, keeping alive the ambition to post 28 days of Valentine Love in the 28 days of February: thus providing 27 times the love of the traditional one day of Valentine love. This is mostly for comedic reasons, self-parody, with most of my love now transferred to my mixed-up vole anagram star.

Misrepresented by My Leftie Friends

I saw a documentary about old-skool Lefties recently, and was reminded of when I was a leftie in the 1980s and 1990s. They stressed their opposition to property ownership and materialism, as part of their criticism of capitalism.

I also recently went to a counter-culturalist style event, and the people there were as nice as they usually are at such events. My criticisms are of the group of friends I had in uni, and not anybody I don’t know; they were also nice in most ways most of the time, but maybe it was just a case of getting to know them too well… like most marriages!

I thought it was ironic seeing that again, with most of my ‘leftie’ critics using their property and material possessions as signs of ‘victory’ against me; who they considered money-oriented, either as a ‘desperate chav’ or ‘greedy Jew’.

I did have a part-time job at uni, with most of them not needing one, as they were rich enough without. Most of the time it was just a few hours a week, working at the football ground of the team I support, with access to watching most of the game after work.

While I’ve been working while I write to do the right thing, when I probably could have gone on the sick, I’ve either got criticised for working too much (by leftie friends) or too little (by tax-payers, such as workplace managers!).

Being about twelve years older than most of my ‘uni counter-culture friends’ I said they’d probably soon settle into mainstream life after university. Most of them only proved me wrong by joining the ‘rat-race’ straight after university, without taking a gap year!

I don’t blame them for that, or think they necessarily made the wrong choice, just their hypocrisy in thinking themselves great counter-culturalists and depicting me as some kind of an imposter, when I’d been in the counter-culture since about 1980, fifteen years before meeting any of them.

Taking My Humour Out of Context

During Leeds United’s downfall about fifteen years ago I joked about flirting with Arsenal, when Thierry Henry was up against Michael Duberry, so then they started putting it around that I wasn’t a Leeds fan. Most of them weren’t Leeds fans, so they were spoiling what should have been a nice Leeds United story: a fan of twenty-five years moving to the city to support the club, getting a job at the stadium and meeting many current and former players, including his boyhood favourite, and then becoming a Doctor of Philosophy. In the U.S.A. it would be an American Dream-style story!

When I said I didn’t want a ‘Battle with the Blondes (women)’; admittedly after finding out stuff about a woman I didn’t know, and foolishly telling them during my time in the abyss; they started putting it around that I was in such a battle; as well as trying to recreate and perpetuate my torture in my new home.

They tried to put men off me by claiming I was sexually interested in them, thus diminishing my chances of being a role model, although I was admittedly a drunken mess most of the time when out in public anyway… only an Ozzy/Tara style role model!

They encouraged me to get intoxicated, and then left me… to die possibly; or invited me to free parties, and criticised me for drinking the supposedly ‘free’ alcohol; like they were also ‘possessive’ of even their friends; and hostile to women showing a bit of skin in public!

I think most of it with the ‘leaders’ was because they felt I was a threat to their pseudo-alpha image, as I’d done a lot in my life, although they denied that even; the same for my day-job and university department.

In reality, I didn’t want to be a leader or threat to any of them, always having been more of an outsider critic anti-hero than someone who needs a bunch of yes-people to support their egos.

My Life Before Them

They claimed they were great influences on me, when they just added little pieces to my jigsaw if anything. The place I grew up in in Wales had a big counter-culture scene in the 1980s, with a hippy commune on the edge of town.

Lots of people I knew used to go down to Stonehenge each year for the free festival. I never went, but went to other free festivals, as well as Reading and Donington Monsters of Rock, and the Kent Custom Bike Show. During the 1990s, the free parties in the hills morphed into raves, which was how I got into that scene. I’d still been more into rock and metal when I applied to university, but had got more into rave by the time I arrived, having experienced my Summer of Love in 1995!

I had also travelled to every populated continent travelling on a shoestring between 1987-1994, and for the right reasons of wanting to see the world and experience life, as well as more beaches and sunshine – sick of old-fashioned Greenygrey weather!


My ICS lecturers seemed to join in my torture, like the religious schools that used to abuse poor children, as reported on the BBC today; the story that inspired Werewolf of Oz. Some of my day-job managers seem to have followed suit, as if upholding the abuse of power tradition.

The Head of Department and his student/secretary makes me out to be bitter or sexist in that I criticise her, but I wasn’t criticising her as a woman, I was criticising her as a hypocritical deceiving student, who was playing the great rebel while secretly in that relationship. I had been willing to help and support her beforehand, thinking she was a better student than me; I felt let down by her as a colleague, rather than being bitter like she’s probably making out. While she was okay looking, I was more interested in city/clubbing women at the time; although looking back with hindsight, an academic would have been a more sensible… and lucrative choice!

The male power junkies (and I include Dastardly in that, although she’s still officially female – and nothing against transgender people in general! – she hates girly women, such as the Russian Eurovision Song Contestant who was emotional when receiving good points) try and turn women against me by either making me out to like or dislike them more than I do: either building up their hopes or scaring them!!

That’s why I’ve had to stress the types of women I do fancy more than normal, although I do like complimenting them as well, and think it would be a more honest and open society if everybody did stress their preferences, as a lot of relationships are built on lies and falsehoods.

I’m still a part of the counter-culture I knew in the 1980s, stressing freedom and openness, animal welfare and environment, while criticising autocratic institutions and religions; it’s not me that’s changed, its society; and I have adapted my views to that. I’d rather stay an independent writer, but if there’s not much work in it, then I’ll have to look into doing something else.

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