Valentine Love 27: York(shire) Worth Saving: Look North Weather Women

After the deadly storm Doris swept across Blighty on Thursday (reminding me of the German art group Die Tödliche Doris featured in XaW Files – it could be a coincidence, or conspiracy: the storm could have been named Doris after its namers read XaW Files and hoped it would be deadly!?) the river in York was nearly flooding.

Could Have Claimed My Saving

If we’d been in Viking times I could have claimed to have saved York from flooding. I went there on a pre-planned trip to attend the Jorvik Viking History week celebrations and it was cloudy when I arrived. As I reached the banks of the River Ouse the sun came out, and it was a lovely partially sunny and cloudy day afterwards.

It had in fact been sunny in Leeds in the morning, so it was probably just a matter of the sky clearing from the west. I don’t think I brought the sun, but I don’t think I create greenygrey weather either.

It was what I’ve mostly seen in Blighty all my life, and was one of the main reasons I initially left. Now, as I enter the autumn years of my life, and appreciate sleep more, it doesn’t seem so bad, and good for creating nice sleeping conditions!

While it can be a bit depressing thinking most days are cloudy, on the other hand, greenYgrey style, hopefully those who don’t have the wanted sunny days for special occasions such as weddings, won’t feel unlucky; just not very lucky for that day!

It’s similar for tourism: while it may put some off holidaying in the U.K. it might prepare others, and they’ll enjoy their holiday more, especially not feeling deceived, and will be more likely to recommend it to others.

Tourism is supposed to be booming in Blighty and Yorkshire, but I don’t claim credit for it; it’s more about the weak pound at the moment!

Intelligent Environmental Thinking

I just caught up with the Look North news from Friday (the story was on the website earlier) and was delighted to see that they are going to be planting lots more trees, plants and creating bogs on the moors above Todmorden in Yorkshire to prevent future flooding; the rain now simply runs down the sheep-grazed smooth hills.


I think it’s a great intelligent example of humanity improving the environment while also protecting itself. It reminded me of Yellowstone Park, where the reintroduction of wolves helped the environment by cutting down on the amount of animal grazing; I love deer, but too many can apparently be detrimental for the foliage.

Look North Weather Women

Talking of Look North, and this being Valentine month, I think I should give Keeley Donovan another mention. Moreover, she’s now been joined by Abbie Dewhurst, who is kind of like her blonde equivalent: a lovely looking and personality seeming girl next door.

Image result for keeley donovanImage result for abbie dewhurst

I hope Keeley doesn’t mind me sharing out my Look North weather girl love… maybe she’ll be relieved! I think I heard her mentioning a boyfriend one time, as well as Alan the cat, so she seems to be doing fine.

I didn’t go to York to see beautiful women, but there were of course many there. I also saw an interesting and impressive historical poetry reading about Viking King Harald Hardrada by Peter Carrington-Porter and a Northern Extremity Viking-style music night featuring Old Corpse Road, Haerken, Atorc and Sellsword.


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