Michelle Keegan Ant and Dec Self-Parody Comedy Example Recollection

After citing Michelle Keegan’s appearance on the first episode of the new series of Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway I forgot to include an example of greenYgrey-style self-parody. I remembered it without watching it again, which is how my mind works, and I think most minds from other examples I remember about mental recollections.

Here’s my ADHD mind self-portrait from over a decade ago, just after graduating with my PhD:


Michelle Keegan was talking with Ant and Dec about applying for a part in their programme, The Honoured, I think. When they asked her what part, she said the part of Ant! Ant said she couldn’t have that because he’s Ant.

There was a lot of laughter, so I think most of the audience got the self-parody, while most people don’t seem to have got mine during my lifetime. Maybe I’m too dry, but Michelle Keegan was too, playing the part like a professional! (did you spot the parody, as she is of course, first and foremost an actress!!).

Image result for michelle keegan images

Maybe it’s the occasion, with people primed for comedy in such an entertainment setting. They are less ready for it in a workplace, when you say you’re after their job!

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