Russell Brand Revolution to Red Nose Day and the Westminster Attack

It was ironic that Russell Brand was leading Red Nose Day last night in the week that Westminster was attacked, after he launched his big publisher and bookstore publicity Revolution a couple of years ago, with Anonymous thinking he was leading them to a proper political revolution, including the kind of violence seen in the 2011 riots.

And the BBC is still wondering why the latest attack happened!

Sorry, if I haven’t been emotional enough about it, but I have been warning about it for 15-20 years… and been ignored… unlike Brand, who seems to do no wrong in the eyes of our national broadcasters’ gatekeepers!!

P.S. For one-dimensionals, I’m not saying Brand was personally involved in the Westminster attack, I’m just saying that his part in Multicultural Fascism created the cultural, political and ideological climate that could have pushed the murderer towards the attack he did.

P.P.S. I’m not criticising charity either, and hope good causes get as much money as possible.


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