Kerouac to Duchamp New Poem and Readymade Image Collage

I entered the Alician rabbit hole
channelling Kerouac
travelled a decade
and I can’t go back
Rrose Selavy c’est la vie
emerging different person
Dr. Who change made
tardis can of art pop Lucozade
My writing reached its peak
finding something new
in time for centenary anniversary
of Duchamp’s readYmade artistic toiletry…

Toiletree Trajector3

Making of New greenYgrey readYmade

I visited google plus before here, just to check it out. I saw the third photo above first, commenting that it was great gYgPOPing (greenYgrey and PinkyOrangePop). Then I saw the second photo, and while thinking about the caption for it (thinking camouflage then blending in) I saw the first image, and thought it fitted together into a story, and kind of my Kerouac to Duchamp decade of creation trajectory.

I then wrote the introductory poem, which followed on from the last blog post celebrating the centenary anniversary of Marcel Duchamp’s toilet to fountain readymade.

After posting the blog I thought I should title it, having thought of that during the initial posting, but without thinking of the title, and seeing it all together toiletry3 emerged without hesitation!… but after another edit it’s in fact toiletree3!!… and a third edit to clarify that the second edit was of this paragraph, not the title!!!… and after a fourth, I extended it to Toiletree Trajector3, which also hopefully shows I wasn’t aiming for a fitting 3, but was ironically thought of while having my big morning/lunchtime clear-out on the toilet!!!!

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