Deep Purple Krokus to Great Escape Meerkats World Poetry Day +1-1

It was World Poetry Day on March 21st, and we’re celebrating today, as part of the greenYgrey world’s Writing Month. While there is loads of great poetry in the first five chapters of XaW Files already posted, such as the Lemmonjoki one referenced in this one, there’s lots more in the final four chapters too. The one below is the first epic(ish) one I reached.

Swiss Border Poetry

Travelling from Switzerland to Germany it pushed the travel quest story ahead with Swiss clock precision and Swiss army knife multi-faceted writing, while also looking back at earlier chapters in this book and the previous book in the trilogy, and referencing great rock bands Deep Purple (Smoke on the Water relevance) and Krokus, and movie influences from my childhood to adverts in the present.

Image result for alexander orlov meerkat images

I recently had the pleasure of seeing meerkats in person, and they were as adorable, cute and interesting as Alexander Orlov and associates!

Chapter 7 Episode 12

Entering a new episode,
the Grand Hotel
had transformed
into The Territet.
Werewolfie said
the cuckoo clock
had told him
to get ready, set,
so we left Montreux
now numbering nine
all alliterative line
saying goodbye
to the lake
known locally as Lac Lemon
reminded me of the Lemmonjoki
northern Finland river
that Jack Lemmon
helped me remember.

We made a quick detour
skirting the France border
to lakeside Lausanne
on the way to Bern
all the time be-wereing
not to overdo the steering
or tyres might burn-out
our tiredness make us fraught
I thought – thought – our team
is nearly complete
only Tarwolfino obsolete
I’m sure he’d understand
Tarantino deals a deadly hand
travel quest objective still alive
with two more chapters of strive
still to go – go – what’s in store
this and fifty-one episodes more.

Image result for switzerland photos

Curved south on 5 to Thun
north again Interlaken to Lucerne
zig-zagged from Zug to Zurich
if you like natural beauty take your pick
wilderness park left, lake right
both were worthy of full-time sight
fitting in an aural Metal Rendezvous
with Krokus having more steel for you
than the average Swiss army knife
playing metal all their adult life
rolling stones gather no moss
would have been great to cross
the Germany border in WWII day
especially the Great Escape way
but we were passing through
in a nice way I’m trying to relay to you
welcomed by meerkats in Meersburg
and all kinds of corvids in Ravensburg
Grey reminisced rambling Oz golden shores
Meekatharra and Mollymook memory stores.


Territet is the new name of the Grand Hotel where Deep Purple witnessed the casino fire that inspired Smoke on the Water:
Krokus: Metal Rendezvous.
Great Escape movie.
Last two lines reference our own Werewolf of Oz.

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