Stargazing Live Australia Reminder of Werewolf of Oz Introductory Poem

After the Grand Council took over the Greenygrey world before the second of the rambles trilogy the Greenygrey was divided: Green was imprisoned while Grey was deported to Oz. The Werewolf of Oz book started with an epic poem as Grey travelled space to Oz.

Now, over the last three nights, Stargazing Live has travelled down-under to Australia (Oz), and Brian Cox and Dara O’ Briain have been looking at some of the same sky that Grey fantasy rambled.

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Here’s the poem:

Whizzing Earth’s space
I did race;
like Doctor Who’s Tardis,
through the northern
constellation of Camelopardus.

I think I passed through Cassiopeia
but to tell you the truth, it was all a blur;
it could well have been Andromeda.

Drifting through Ursa Major or Ursa Minor
I lost sight of the Great Wall of China
I recognised the three stars of Triangulum,
and felt a sense of equatorial equilibrium.

But then I saw another triangle
spinning my mind at an angle;
I asked ‘Dog Star’ Sirius
if it was aware of this?
It barked the name Triangulum Australe
adding I was now in the opposite locale.

Image result for southern cross images

When I saw the Southern Cross
I was no longer at a loss
I had read about constellation Crux
in some astronomical books.

I felt more at home in Chamaeleon
remembering my ability to chameleon
Norma was a lass, Hydrus a gas,
Mensa was a tester, Circinus a jester.

Into the atmosphere I whirled east to west
over the land of my looming test
I could make out the Great Barrier Reef
providing a valuable landmark brief
A long way from home I heard hound sound
whirled upside down I descended to ground.


Camelopardus, Cassiopeia, Andromeda, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor and Triangulum are all northern sky constellations.
Triangulum Australe, Crux, Chamaeleon, Norma, Hydrus, Mensa and Circinus are all southern sky constellations.
Doctor Who is a television series featuring a time-traveller. The time machine in the series is called a Tardis.

Werewolf of Oz is available on Smashwords and Amazon.


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