Wolf and Human Freedom and Captivity Television Channels Memory

While writing about my love for Dave the wolf yesterday, including his name, I forgot to include Dave the television channel, which has some good programmes.

Dave Yesterday Television Channels

Seeing Room 101 there reminded me of Frank Skinner saying on it how telling a good joke is worth more than a fickle friend to him.

The Yesterday channel is another, and has particular relevance to this site, with its greenY Y logo:

Yesterday logo 2012.svg

I watched Blackadder’s Most Cunning Moments last week, and thought the green gold alchemy sketch particularly relevant for this site, as well as having a great greenYgrey set, with the Bunsen burner thingy providing the yellow in a green and grey room (especially visible when Blackadder sits down at about 1.45 minutes):

The Prisoner Television Series and Great Escape Movie

I was also thinking afterwards that maybe Dave the wolf’s situation, when he was trying to escape promptly at 3pm each day, was more like The Prisoner 1960s television series, sung about by Iron Maiden, and referenced in my Werewolf of Oz, with Patrick McGoohan’s Number 6 character trying to escape each episode (I think, not having watched all of them).

Image result for the prisoner series images

Then there was The Great Escape, with Steve McQueen’s character USAAF Captain Virgil Hilts, the “Cooler King”, making neverending escape attempts… by greenYgreying:

Image result for the great escape movie images

Dave Wolf Five

I think Dave and the other wolves looked happy and content in Animal Park, and although it’d probably be ideal for him to be free with a pack of his own, he’s got a pretty good life there in Longleat. Hopefully he will be a good ambassador for his species too.

It’s probably like a human being in a comfortable place, with nice people, but without freedom, more like The Prisoner than Cool Hand Luke or The Great Escape.

Everybody living in human society is restricted in some way the same as Dave, if you abide by any laws or consideration to others. The only way to ‘escape’ some kind of human influence on your life is to escape humanity altogether by going to live in the wilds and being totally self-reliant.

Maybe Dave the wolf could find great stardom outside Animal Park, with the right agent/manager, like Axl and Izzy did escaping Indiana, and Duff Seattle, but there’s a lot of rebels who get eaten up, or fall by the wayside!

… And no hand in destiny
I’ll keep on movin’ along
With no time to plant my feet…
Suddenly this time I found
I’m on the streets and I’m all alone

Read more: Guns ‘N Roses – Yesterdays Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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Love is Dave, Dave is Wolf: Human and Wolf Personalities Similarities

When people say they always remember hearing about some famous people’s deaths, I think John Lennon was my most vivid and memorable. I woke up for a cold school day in my damp council flat bedroom on 8th December, 1980 and the radio was full of the news. I knew a little about Lennon, who hadn’t been that active over the previous decade, but not his full importance and legacy. I was moved in a shiver down the spine, hair standing on end kind of way by the sorrow and brevity in the voices of the announcements and discussion, as if something much bigger had happened, like the end of an era.

Love of Lennon Wolf Wordplay

I liked Lennon’s music, and most of his ideology and life story, but in a greenYgrey way, he apparently wasn’t perfect. I just thought I’d make that clear before the main subject of this blog post, in case anybody thinks I’m making fun of John Lennon, Yoko Ono, love or their love. Their Love song just came to my mind, in an ADHD kind of way, when I was thinking about a wolf called Dave that is a bit of a lovable rogue.

Thinking about comedy wordplay keeping to the letter, Dave is half way to love; the second half v and e to be exact: –ve. Moreover, wolf has the second o, -o–, so between them Dave Wolf has 75% of love.

I like the way Longleat have called him Dave too, a nice ordinary name, reminding me of how festival goers often walk around shouting an ordinary name as if searching for them, for a laugh, which has now become a kind of festival culture tribal call:  ‘Dave’, or ‘Where’s Dave’, or some other common name.

The Love video also contains lots of great greenYgreying, which again is a positive parody bit of fun:

Dave the Rebel Wolf of Animal Park

There are three Arctic Timber wolves in Longleat wildlife park. Two are conformist, while Dave is a bit of a rebel. He was shown timing his ‘escape bids’ every day knowing when visitors would be allowed in, and he could try and slink the other way, while the gates were open. He kind of reminded me of a wolf ‘Cool Hand Luke’.

His escape bids also made me compare Dave’s life to mine, and my desire to get out and see what’s out there; in youth more physically, and now more mentally. I wonder if there are people who are controlling my life and know what’s beyond the dimensions I know, as the Longleat keepers control Dave’s life and know what’s beyond his enclosure.

Park Life Comparison

It also made me wonder about the futility of pushing the boundaries, as Dave does. Beyond the buffer zone that he manages to escape into is the lion enclosure, and Dave’s reward for escaping farther would probably be to be eaten up by the lions.

In the Rory Bremner documentary about ADHD a researcher used an example of how ADHD people can be useful to society, as those who go and test the boundaries, maybe getting eaten by sharks, providing a warning to the rest of the community.

So maybe that’s why I love Dave, because he’s like a wolfie wolf me… in my youth anyway. I’ve been trying to behave in university and work since starting a new adult life in 1995; confining my searching and rebellion to my writing; but some of my ‘controllers’ haven’t loved me, and tried to turn me into a ‘problem’ they can try and look good ‘controlling’. Meanwhile, they were also using me as cover for their ‘rebellion’, or immoral or illicit behaviour at least; or it was just a coincidence!

When you’re young and under control you think the people in control are all conformists, but they are usually rebelling against the system or those above or alongside them too. I don’t mind that, but when they’re using people like me as their cover or reason, then I feel obliged to respond.

Oh, and Dave also loves to greenYgrey! Never mind the Dave Clark Five, here’s the Dave Wolf Three, with the third Dave on an escape bid, reminding me of my hitchhiking days!, seen in episode 3 of the Animal Park Easter special. Dave and the other wolves also appeared in episode 5.

There were five wolves by episode 5 actually, with two Eurasian wolves added, so they are kind of like the Dave Wolf Five now!

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Three Peaks Yorkshire Dales Pen-y-Ghent Descent

I don’t want to over-dramatise a day-trip on a moderate-sized mountain, but my feet were feeling like blocks of ice after a couple of hours walking on Pen-y-Ghent, one of the Three Peaks over 1000 feet visible to each other around the villages of Horton-in-Ribblesdale and Ribblehead. The villages are on the famous Settle to Carlisle trainline, but I boarded the train before that in Leeds.

Pen-y-Ghent Peak

It’s about an hour’s train journey, and I’d taken about an hour to ascend Pen-y-Ghent from Horton-in-Ribblesdale, as described a couple of blog posts ago. I continued to the north on the peak. I probably followed the dry-stone wall around to the east too far, but knew I had to go west somewhere, and had the other two of the ‘Three Peaks’, Ingleborough and Whernside, in that direction as landmarks.

So after a while I headed down the mountain directly to the north, and found a track above what I just found out is the River Skirfare:

There was a nice little waterfall soon after I found it:

There were some blue skies around to the east, but these photos were just before the dramatic photos to the west in the first blog post of this series.

I had a nice surprise as I walked along the west side of Pen-y-Ghent, not far from the village, as I happened upon this sight, after first hearing the force of the waterfall:

I walked around to the other side for a different view and photo scene, and got Pen-y-Ghent in the background:

I thought it might be Gaping Ghyll, as it’s the only such place I knew, but have just looked it up and seen it’s called Hull Pot; quite an amazing little place I hadn’t heard of.

I was having trouble seeing my phone’s camera menu, and think I must have altered the settings by accident. The above photos seem more monochrome than I remember, while the one below just before I headed away from Pen-y-Ghent seems more tinted:

It felt like returning from another world as I saw green fields again. Whernside is in the background.

Last year I ascended Ingleborough in the snow:

In 2012 I did the Three Peaks in beautiful spring weather:

The solo trip was during the writing of my second poetry collection, 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections, and I used an image adapted from a photo taken on that trip for the front cover:


Blake Lively Great Cause, Goldray New Album, gYgPOPing Soul Unites Them; and Rory Bremner on ADHD Inspires New Poetry!

It was great to see Blake Lively gYgPOPing while giving an emotional speech about child protection recently:

Screenshot (190)

Horizon: Rory Bremner Search for ADHD Diagnosis

While I try and care about everybody
I particularly relate to the free
or at least those searching for that feeling
perhaps with screws loose from normal thinking
suffering or blessed with bipolarity and ADHD.

I watched the Horizon documentary featuring comic impersonator Rory Bremner searching for an ADHD diagnosis last night, and related to a lot of it; the risk and stimulant (coffilosophy) taking, and exercise in the countryside were particularly relevant to my life told in the content of this blog over the last decade, while the attention deficit discussion was obvious to the issue.

I self-diagnosed from documentaries such as that about a decade ago, after ‘escaping’ civilisation as best I could to the greenYgrey world! I certainly wasn’t the first, but I was at the forefront of the opening up about mental health issues (one of the reasons why I get pissed off when people claim credit for my writing: stealing the positive part of my difficult mind!).

I didn’t care about what people thought of me until the ‘chav’ era, and finding out people were making me out to be totally stupid all the time, in line with the ‘chav’ image. I didn’t mind acting the fool when having fun, to entertain ‘friends’ and ‘colleagues’, but hoped people realised I could be quite intelligent when needed.

Goldray greenYgrey (well more PinkyOrangePurple, but doesn’t rhyme!)

In music, Goldray caught my attention (and kept it), with their greenYgrey to POP (PinkyOrangePurple) epiphany artwork on Classic Rock complemented by a great sound too!

Goldray - Rising album review

Videos available on the Goldray website and YouTube:

Ascending Pen-y-Ghent in Yorkshire Dales Three Peaks Snow

Cloudy when starting ascent
blue sky on Pen-y-Ghent
the ground was greenygrey
to the top all the way…

This was my first ascent of Pen-y-Ghent from the southern steep end. I ascended it from the north as the first of the Three Peaks when I did them in 2012. It was a trip in glorious spring sunshine that also produced the cover for my second poetry collection, 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections:


Five years later, I arrived in Horton-in-Ribblesdale at about noon…


Pen-y-Ghent has always reminded me of the sphinx; a crouching lion; and reading Graham Hancock’s Magicians of the Gods afterwards I first learned that it is a common mountain shape, due to the way weather corrodes mountains.



There were a few people around on the ascent, including a group doing all three peaks. Dry stone walls provide nice lines for photos.



Some blue sky appeared on the steeper ascent.



There was ice on the ground, and now I could see for miles.



There is a bit when it is a bit of a scramble, using stone for steps.



Then it levels out again…



… to the peak. One person was arriving just after me from the west, and two were following me with two dogs the way I ascended.



There was a nice view to the east too.



I continued north, and didn’t see anybody until returning to the village (Horton-in-Ribblesdale) over five hours later.


Amber Heard: Still AAWsome American

Amber Heard was with Johnny Depp when I first noticed her, and I was sorry their romance ended the way it did. I’m glad she has now seemed to find love again with Elon Musk. She could of course have been a contender for romance with me, but I don’t know if she’s even heard (didn’t notice that wordplay until I got there!) of me, and certainly didn’t expect it.

Amber Heard’s new romance provides the ideal opportunity to show that this blog and the greenYgrey are for the love and benefit of women, led by AAWs, and not some cheap scummy grooming operation like how most of my Double Negative critics use social media and their positions of power.

Elon Musk and Tesla

I was a little surprised at Amber’s choice when I heard (intentional; must be warming up; or the coffilosophy’s kicking in) about it, thinking she would go for another rock n’ roller after Depp; more a member of Tesla the band than the owner of Tesla the car. However, they do have one thing in common: a love of greenYgreying:

Image result for tesla rock band imagesImage result for elon musk  images

Musk seems a cool guy, having already appeared in two of my biggest parody satire influences, South Park and The Simpsons. If Paul Potty is reading [wordplaying on Pol Pot, who tried to take Cambodia back to Year Zero, like Paul Potty (student, 1995) did with me creatively (music and comedy TV), starting when I met him, when I was 30 years old!] I’d watched The Simpsons before, but I think he did introduce me to South Park. Everybody was raving about it then anyway, so I probably would’ve watched it. I just liked the Cartman character really anyway, laughing with and at; Paul Pot liked all the humour, such as that making fun of the poor and handicapped, reflecting his love of sadistic practical jokes! Although he was a nice enough bloke in most ways. Paul Pot didn’t write South Park and The Simpsons, but acts as if he did, followed by others, such as some in work (my previous marketplace), who seem to think talking about a TV programme gives them copyright! I’ve practically been a TV addict since the early 1970s!!

A Little Elongated Musk Wordplay

I have only had good experiences with musk, thinking of three for nice wordplay parody:

  1. I saw a musk deer in Nepal
  2. Musky Muskrat character from Deputy Dawg, seen in MY childhood
  3. Musk cologne smell

Image result for  musk deer imagesImage result for musky deputy dawgImage result for  musk deer images

*The three images above working in a chronological green-Y-grey way was unconscious, and only noticed afterwards!

Amber Leaves Green to Amber (traffic lights culture) with greenYgrey Images

Image result for traffic lights romance

Good Luck to Amber Heard and Elon Musk, and it was nice to see they chose to  greenYgrey for their first photos in public together:

News video: Amber Heard and Elon Musk Cuddle Up During First Public Outing

Screenshot (189)

Amber Heard Instagram

XaW Files and the greenYgrey decade has been about female empowerment, where needed, and fighting against grooming and enslavement. That is why Marc Latham has been ethically celibate.

Women: don’t let your men or fellow women tell you otherwise!

For heaps of classic coffilosophy there is only one book:

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Crepuscular Sun Directly Enlightens Ancient Mountain Temple

Ingleborough Crepuscular
from Pen-y-Ghent Vista


























The Significance

Last year I ascended Ingleborough, one of the Three Peaks mountains over 1000 feet in the Yorkshire Dales during a snowy period, and saw that prehistoric constructions on its peak are now thought to be sacred rather than accommodation – a Stonehenge type temple rather than an Iron Age village.

This year I ascended Pen-y-Ghent during a similar weather day, although this time I just had a light hail storm rather than a big cloud downpour; I could see such weather systems either side of me all day.

The photos above, after the first showing the scene on top of Pen-y-Ghent, looking north towards the other peak of Whernside, are of crepuscular sun shining directly down on Ingleborough.

I’m still agnostic, and maybe this happens often, just that I’m not there often, but it did seem like a special moment for me, and a coincidence that the sun was lighting up Ingleborough a year after I found out it probably had religious significance.

The Art

I know my experience is personal and was created by me, and don’t want to make it sound too eerie or weird. Everybody has special moments all the time, most with family members and friends.

I inputted it just as a gallery at the start, but some photos were bigger than others, and I thought they looked better as originals. I then thought of separating them by Ingleborough letters to increase the artistic effect.

I took dozens of photos during the day, and not exactly twelve.