Marilyn Manson New Album Say10 Inspired by Desire for Tenth XaW Files Chapter

While Marilyn Manson used to be angry about most things in mainstream society, now he is so content that he told the AFD press agency his only inspiration for new album Say10 was his desire for a tenth XaW Files chapter.

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XaW Files, which started its journey three years ago today, followed the X Files series and episodes format at the time to the T, but the series has since returned with six more episodes. This has given Marilyn hope that there will be more XaW Files episodes in the future, and he named his new album in line with his request.

As recently reported on Classic Rock, Marilyn Manson has released a promo clip for Say10 with the proclamation: “6:19. The time has come.”; which was also obviously a request for that episode of XaW Files to be blogged on this here website!

I granted Marilyn that request, but I don’t think I can add another chapter onto XaW Files, as I’m very happy with its ending… unlike Sherlock!

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.

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