Civil War Breaks out in Cotswolds

One of the reasons I’ve tried not to take the Greenygrey/greenYgrey too seriously is that it might lead to conflict and war, as in most other real groups/religions. That seems to have happened in the Cotswolds though, as traditional Greenygreyliens seem to have risen up and attacked a symbol of fashionable new greenYgrey.

The Real Story

I half thought the media and a lot of people were playing a greenYgrey April Fool’s joke on me when I saw the story, but it does seem to be a real one, as it’s in today’s paper! They don’t mention the greenYgrey, but it was indeed because a local didn’t like a yellow car spoiling the traditional scenery in Bilbury, which is very green and grey.

A yellow car, owned by a local, Peter Maddox, was vandalised, and then lots of yellow cars have driven there to support the yellow car driver.

Our green and grey have called for calm, and yellow thanks everybody for their support!! Here’s some images:

The village with only yellow flowers representing the Y of greenYgrey:

Tempers were calmed last month when the retired dentist who owned the bright yellow Vauxhall replaced it with a grey version

The yellow car in the village:

When photos of his car went viral, Mr Maddox, who moved to Bibury 15 years ago after his wife passed away, said: 'I never intended to cause a problem with the yellow one'

Follow the yellow car road (reminding me of Werewolf of Oz):

Car valeter Matty Bee, 28, who organised the rally in Bilbury, said it was 'a celebration of anything yellow' as hundreds of cars drove through the village

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