Blake Lively Great Cause, Goldray New Album, gYgPOPing Soul Unites Them; and Rory Bremner on ADHD Inspires New Poetry!

It was great to see Blake Lively gYgPOPing while giving an emotional speech about child protection recently:

Screenshot (190)

Horizon: Rory Bremner Search for ADHD Diagnosis

While I try and care about everybody
I particularly relate to the free
or at least those searching for that feeling
perhaps with screws loose from normal thinking
suffering or blessed with bipolarity and ADHD.

I watched the Horizon documentary featuring comic impersonator Rory Bremner searching for an ADHD diagnosis last night, and related to a lot of it; the risk and stimulant (coffilosophy) taking, and exercise in the countryside were particularly relevant to my life told in the content of this blog over the last decade, while the attention deficit discussion was obvious to the issue.

I self-diagnosed from documentaries such as that about a decade ago, after ‘escaping’ civilisation as best I could to the greenYgrey world! I certainly wasn’t the first, but I was at the forefront of the opening up about mental health issues (one of the reasons why I get pissed off when people claim credit for my writing: stealing the positive part of my difficult mind!).

I didn’t care about what people thought of me until the ‘chav’ era, and finding out people were making me out to be totally stupid all the time, in line with the ‘chav’ image. I didn’t mind acting the fool when having fun, to entertain ‘friends’ and ‘colleagues’, but hoped people realised I could be quite intelligent when needed.

Goldray greenYgrey (well more PinkyOrangePurple, but doesn’t rhyme!)

In music, Goldray caught my attention (and kept it), with their greenYgrey to POP (PinkyOrangePurple) epiphany artwork on Classic Rock complemented by a great sound too!

Goldray - Rising album review

Videos available on the Goldray website and YouTube:


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