Love is Dave, Dave is Wolf: Human and Wolf Personalities Similarities

When people say they always remember hearing about some famous people’s deaths, I think John Lennon was my most vivid and memorable. I woke up for a cold school day in my damp council flat bedroom on 8th December, 1980 and the radio was full of the news. I knew a little about Lennon, who hadn’t been that active over the previous decade, but not his full importance and legacy. I was moved in a shiver down the spine, hair standing on end kind of way by the sorrow and brevity in the voices of the announcements and discussion, as if something much bigger had happened, like the end of an era.

Love of Lennon Wolf Wordplay

I liked Lennon’s music, and most of his ideology and life story, but in a greenYgrey way, he apparently wasn’t perfect. I just thought I’d make that clear before the main subject of this blog post, in case anybody thinks I’m making fun of John Lennon, Yoko Ono, love or their love. Their Love song just came to my mind, in an ADHD kind of way, when I was thinking about a wolf called Dave that is a bit of a lovable rogue.

Thinking about comedy wordplay keeping to the letter, Dave is half way to love; the second half v and e to be exact: –ve. Moreover, wolf has the second o, -o–, so between them Dave Wolf has 75% of love.

I like the way Longleat have called him Dave too, a nice ordinary name, reminding me of how festival goers often walk around shouting an ordinary name as if searching for them, for a laugh, which has now become a kind of festival culture tribal call:  ‘Dave’, or ‘Where’s Dave’, or some other common name.

The Love video also contains lots of great greenYgreying, which again is a positive parody bit of fun:

Dave the Rebel Wolf of Animal Park

There are three Arctic Timber wolves in Longleat wildlife park. Two are conformist, while Dave is a bit of a rebel. He was shown timing his ‘escape bids’ every day knowing when visitors would be allowed in, and he could try and slink the other way, while the gates were open. He kind of reminded me of a wolf ‘Cool Hand Luke’.

His escape bids also made me compare Dave’s life to mine, and my desire to get out and see what’s out there; in youth more physically, and now more mentally. I wonder if there are people who are controlling my life and know what’s beyond the dimensions I know, as the Longleat keepers control Dave’s life and know what’s beyond his enclosure.

Park Life Comparison

It also made me wonder about the futility of pushing the boundaries, as Dave does. Beyond the buffer zone that he manages to escape into is the lion enclosure, and Dave’s reward for escaping farther would probably be to be eaten up by the lions.

In the Rory Bremner documentary about ADHD a researcher used an example of how ADHD people can be useful to society, as those who go and test the boundaries, maybe getting eaten by sharks, providing a warning to the rest of the community.

So maybe that’s why I love Dave, because he’s like a wolfie wolf me… in my youth anyway. I’ve been trying to behave in university and work since starting a new adult life in 1995; confining my searching and rebellion to my writing; but some of my ‘controllers’ haven’t loved me, and tried to turn me into a ‘problem’ they can try and look good ‘controlling’. Meanwhile, they were also using me as cover for their ‘rebellion’, or immoral or illicit behaviour at least; or it was just a coincidence!

When you’re young and under control you think the people in control are all conformists, but they are usually rebelling against the system or those above or alongside them too. I don’t mind that, but when they’re using people like me as their cover or reason, then I feel obliged to respond.

Oh, and Dave also loves to greenYgrey! Never mind the Dave Clark Five, here’s the Dave Wolf Three, with the third Dave on an escape bid, reminding me of my hitchhiking days!, seen in episode 3 of the Animal Park Easter special. Dave and the other wolves also appeared in episode 5.

There were five wolves by episode 5 actually, with two Eurasian wolves added, so they are kind of like the Dave Wolf Five now!

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