Wolf and Human Freedom and Captivity Television Channels Memory

While writing about my love for Dave the wolf yesterday, including his name, I forgot to include Dave the television channel, which has some good programmes.

Dave Yesterday Television Channels

Seeing Room 101 there reminded me of Frank Skinner saying on it how telling a good joke is worth more than a fickle friend to him.

The Yesterday channel is another, and has particular relevance to this site, with its greenY Y logo:

Yesterday logo 2012.svg

I watched Blackadder’s Most Cunning Moments last week, and thought the green gold alchemy sketch particularly relevant for this site, as well as having a great greenYgrey set, with the Bunsen burner thingy providing the yellow in a green and grey room (especially visible when Blackadder sits down at about 1.45 minutes):

The Prisoner Television Series and Great Escape Movie

I was also thinking afterwards that maybe Dave the wolf’s situation, when he was trying to escape promptly at 3pm each day, was more like The Prisoner 1960s television series, sung about by Iron Maiden, and referenced in my Werewolf of Oz, with Patrick McGoohan’s Number 6 character trying to escape each episode (I think, not having watched all of them).

Image result for the prisoner series images

Then there was The Great Escape, with Steve McQueen’s character USAAF Captain Virgil Hilts, the “Cooler King”, making neverending escape attempts… by greenYgreying:

Image result for the great escape movie images

Dave Wolf Five

I think Dave and the other wolves looked happy and content in Animal Park, and although it’d probably be ideal for him to be free with a pack of his own, he’s got a pretty good life there in Longleat. Hopefully he will be a good ambassador for his species too.

It’s probably like a human being in a comfortable place, with nice people, but without freedom, more like The Prisoner than Cool Hand Luke or The Great Escape.

Everybody living in human society is restricted in some way the same as Dave, if you abide by any laws or consideration to others. The only way to ‘escape’ some kind of human influence on your life is to escape humanity altogether by going to live in the wilds and being totally self-reliant.

Maybe Dave the wolf could find great stardom outside Animal Park, with the right agent/manager, like Axl and Izzy did escaping Indiana, and Duff Seattle, but there’s a lot of rebels who get eaten up, or fall by the wayside!

… And no hand in destiny
I’ll keep on movin’ along
With no time to plant my feet…
Suddenly this time I found
I’m on the streets and I’m all alone

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