Dave not only Wolf Love for me, Wolf only Dave Love for me

When I wrote yesterday that I’m a champion communicator it was with a hint of self-parody, as I’m not really a great verbal communicator most of the time. I can have my moments, in the right mental state, with the right topics, in the right situation, but I’m not a consistent or extensive talker.

Writing and Imagery

I’m hopefully a good writer, and can mess about with imagery and branding, as I’ve been doing over the last decade with the greenYgrey.

I learnt a lot about propaganda, public relations, political communications, spin, advertising, branding and marketing in Communications Studies.

However, I was doing it from a socialist critical theory angle, believing in enlightening and freeing the masses rather than intoxicating and bewitching them; like Derren Brown with magic; so instead of trying to make lots of money out of it I set up this freelance writing website, with a self-parody brand inspired by the dominant colours I saw in the landscape.

New Labour Message a Day

My repetitive use of ‘great greenYgreying’ for example, is a parody of New Labour’s message a day policy. Blair and Campbell used it at NATO conferences during the Kosovo conflict, which was their first major war, and a precursor to the more remembered Iraq War.

I probably ramble on a bit too much to do it like New Labour! Blair was the first Prime Minister to value the mass media message though, so I was probably influenced by that; along with their ‘middle-way’ politics.

However, I think they lost their way, mostly because of mass immigration and multiculturalism neglecting their core supporters, but also because of greed and inefficiency.

The ‘point’ behind the comedy of yesterday’s Blair photo, was that while the greenYgrey might have hired Blair to advertise the ‘company’ twenty years ago, hopefully it is now Blair that feels the need to associate himself with the greenYgrey (that’s the way I like to think of it anyway, although knowing that the greenYgrey isn’t that big, and not knowing if Blair has even heard of me or the greenYgrey).

For anybody thinking ‘who does he think he is?’ about me, well, I am a doctor of philosophy, and think I knew about some aspects of history and foreign policy more than Blair did when he was Prime Minister (he’d studied law), according to some who knew him, who reported he was worried he was out of his depth during the Kosovo campaign, not knowing what he’d got himself into… and that was certainly the case in Iraq; like Trump is now apparently, not having the foresight to learn about politics before becoming the country’s leader.

I think we could still be under a nice socialist government if New Labour’d played it right, with a ‘placid reservoir’ policy rather than a ‘stormy seas’ one. Britain’s population could be enjoying more equality and education, environmentalism and enlightenment; rather than continuous and increasing overcrowding and pollution, conflict and inequality.

The blame is not left or right, but above that, both, partly inspiring the ‘Beyond Humanity’ of XaW Files. When I left university I said I wanted to get ‘above politics’, as I saw both sides at fault, and just trading policies and insults without really addressing the real problems. That’s where I am now, but fear nobody else is; or seems to be… that’s why I want to escape up a mountain, or out to sea…

Truth v Big Lie

While I’ve used some of the New Labour strategies, I’ve tried not to make the same mistakes. I learnt that the worst thing for a communicator to do was to be found out to be lying or misinforming. That was the global communications ethos for most of my life.

However, in the last few years, perhaps inspired by the social media one of my Heads of Department thought was going to change the world for the better, an anarchic shouting match with lies and falsehoods bandied about willy-nilly, seems to have taken over.

The amount of ‘fake news’ and ‘fake news accusations’, not to mention a continuing obsession with race, creating white shame and white haters, makes me want to give up including parody, because the mainstream news industry seems to be one big parody of itself!

Image result for erdogan images

The person who tells the most ‘truth’ now seems to be the one who has the most friends and followers, with the real truth ever harder to distinguish.

I am Dave… in Spirit and Experience

Sorry to any human Daves I’ve known, who might have thought I was really writing about them when I professed my love for Dave the wolf, but I was really writing about Dave the wolf. I know he’s only a bad boy television celebrity, and I don’t really know him, and have criticised musicians and entrepreneurs before for writing songs aimed at young women and girls celebrating bad boys, but Everybody Loves Dave (Raymond).

Knowing how my Double Negatives think, because I’ve been around a long time, been a lot of places, lived in a lot of communities and studied a lot, I guess they’ll be thinking the above, because they think my life revolves around them, rather than them being miniscule marginal to my life and thinking.

I am Angelic Waif Woman Lover

I did think of them the other day, in a counter-intuitive way, when I saw that Jamie Hince had musically partnered with Alison Mossman in The Kills while married to Kate Moss; and Amber Heard’s new beau Elon Musk (I just about managed to think of his name after a little thought, prompted by my blog post, with my comedy wordplay having just that educative angle, as I used such memory games to revise for my exams – if you have nothing else for free today, and feel some dismay, then please consider this FREE tuition) has an interest in AI (Artificial Intelligence) inputted into the human brain, and her ex, Johnny Depp, starred in a movie about just such a topic (Transcendence).

Image result for kate moss vogue images

If I did such a thing I’d probably be considered weird, but I think it was just a coincidence for Hince and Heard. I’d rather have been writing from a secluded hut somewhere, without any humanity to think I’m writing about them, or for them, but unfortunately I’m still not that successful.


I think because I try to be too greenYgrey, rather than as shallow and ruthless as a Brand and Cowell, or Blair and Campbell… although they may be nicer than me in other ways… such as being more humane!?

Multicultural Fascism or Islamophobia?

Unfortunately, humanity usually only has time for the big clear message, and more and more, the big fake news lie! Maybe it was always that way, and is just becoming more apparent now; maybe there’s the same amount of lies now, with just more media outlets to call others liars.

Image result for fake news images

I only know what I learn from the media myself. Space could all be a hoax as some claim, as I haven’t been there. Like Dave the wolf, I’m only curious. From what I’ve been taught, I’d die up/out there, but I don’t know for sure. I can only go from what I’ve been taught, but believe in the universal truths, as there is obviously no global conspiracy, the way it’s turning anarchic now, or even united ‘United Nations’, and all the competing countries can’t be lying!

Grass is greenYier

That’s one of the main things I learnt in university: to use as many sources as possible to inform your opinion, and to pay special attention to the authoritative and respected ones. They may be biased and spin, omit and sensationalise, but they don’t usually report falsehoods and lies, and are quickly criticised by others when they do.

Image result for revolution images

Russell Brand’s ‘Revolution‘ and all the political anarchy makes me want to value academic peer reviews and mainstream publishing, but then I remember that one of the reasons I left was because I couldn’t write the truth (as I saw it, and I think has been proven since). And like Blair, I thought I needed to speak to the masses, rather than just a few intelligentsia.

I guess the grass is always greener on the other side… if the sun is shining there! As Che would have said, Viva La greenYgreyvolution… Siempre (Always) greenYgreyvolution…

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