Tour of Yorkshire 3 Cycling Race Successful – great greenYgrey legacy

There was a third successful Tour of Yorkshire last weekend, with lots of greenYgreying going on again. The race started the  year after the Tour de France 2014 set off on its Le Grand Depart from Leeds and Yorkshire in 2014. Here’s a greenYgrey history timeline:

  • 2012 – Dr. Marc Latham left Leeds, Yorkshire to visit Brittany in France
  • 2012 – The greenYgrey middle Y rose in ascendency
  • 2013 – The Tour de France Grand Depart was awarded to Leeds and Yorkshire
  • 2014 – The Grand Depart took place with a yellow Y for Yorkshire logo
  • 2014 – Crash at end of first day in Harrogate blamed on Marc Latham
  • 2015 – First Tour of Yorkshire, and Gary Verity awarded knighthood
  • 2017 – Crash at end of first day in Scarborough – Marc Latham not there.

The above is parody comedy based on reality, with the dates correct, but I don’t know how much of an influence I or the greenYgrey were really!?

Tour of Yorkshire 2017 Images

Here’s three images of great greenYgreying during the third Tour of Yorkshire, arranged somewhat artistically:

Tour de Yorkshire spectatorsImage result for tour of yorkshire 2017 imagesSpectators

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