Emma Watson Wins Beauty and the Beast MTV Genderless Award

The greenYgrey has been genderless throughout the decade, and now MTV has presented the first genderless movie award. Perhaps fittingly, the movie actor award went to Emma Watson for her part in Beauty and the Beast. Moreover, most of EW’s iconic photos in the movie were of her in a yellow ball gown, with the greenYgrey looking its best after its central y rose in yellow stature during the decade.

All that Glitters is not Gold… and Neither is All that Doesn’t

While I generally like the story of the fairytale, I would just like to add a word of caution. I don’t think looks can be a trustworthy representative of personality in any way.

Those who look like princes are not necessarily of good character, and neither are those who don’t look like princes… and in line with the genderless award, the same goes for princesses.

Emma Watson looks and sounds a nice person, and could be a candidate for the greenYgrey role if someone gets around to making the movie… or at least the Y?!

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