Tennis Serves, Love Returns? Eugenie Bouchard v Maria Sharapova

Love the mixed-up vole arrived in the XaW Files story at the end of chapter 1 in Saint Petersburg, after an epic Moscow chess match story, in one of the best love scenes from the book, blogged previously on this website:

‘I was sorry to say goodbye to the horse, but was glad I opted to watch the tennis, as it was a great game. Kournikova took the first set to love, then Sharapova took the second to love. The third set would decide it, like the Y in greenygrey. The games went to serve throughout the set, and Kournikova was winning the tie-break to love, when I felt something tugging at my leg. I looked down, and was astounded to see it was Love, the mixed-up vole; the love correspondent at the greenYgrey.’

Bouchard v Sharapova

In Saint Petersburg it was a fantasy match between Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova, and last night there was just about the closest thing to a real game as Sharapova played Eugenie Bouchard, who last won an appearance on this site back in 2014, when she played in the Wimbledon final against Petra Kvitova.

Madrid, Bouchard and Sharapova seemed to be paying tribute to the greenYgrey, in a parody comedy way, with the players sporting mixed-doubles POP (PinkyOrangePurple) outfits and the tournament the greenYgrey, highlighted in the two photos featured on MSN news:

mariasharapova - cropped: Maria Sharapova and Eugenie Bouchard shake hands

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