Reflections Coincidence: 2

I’d already started a blog post yesterday (Thursday) reflecting on my marathons ambition being realised in Riga Marathon 2016, with this year’s taking place this weekend, when I saw today on Tesserology (Reflections Coincidence: 1) that this week’s WordPress photo challenge is reflections.

Shadow Reflection

Reflections have been a big part of the greenYgrey decade, with my Folding Mirror poetry form having a strong reflections focus, reflected in my second poetry collection being named 242 Folding Mirror Poems and Reflections.

The photo on that cover was of course a shadow rather than a reflection really, but included mental reflections in a twistYturvy greenYgrey way, after I’d been thinking with the sun and nature in the Yorkshire Dales for a while beforehand:

242 Mirror Poems and Reflections by [Latham, Marc]

I have taken many reflections photos too though, and they are now mental reflections too. Here’s a couple of greenYgrey ones from the Leeds – Liverpool canal, where I did a lot of my running training over the last eleven years.

The first is a close up of the water, taken on an open stretch of fields it was always nice to emerge into, with sky and electricity equipment reflected; the second is from a standing height, with sky and trees reflected in canal and puddles, taken near the start of the green belt:

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