Reflections Coincidence 3: Riga Marathon and Mind

This is the blog post I started yesterday, before seeing that this week’s WordPress photo challenge is Reflections:

This time last year I travelled to the Baltic for the first time, primarily to take part in the Riga marathon, with this year’s taking place this Sunday. It was the end of a five marathons, one every three years, twelve years ambition. Here’s some different kinds of reflective (nature, history-glass and personal) photos, in a greenYgrey3 collage from a day trip I made the day after the marathon, to Sigulda and Turaida, a couple of hours from Riga.

I then continued to Estonia and Finland, which were equally naturally nice.

As well as being a running ambition it had also been a mental health mission. There was a recent documentary, Mind Over Marathon, about people struggling with similar mental challenges training to take part in this year’s London marathon. I would joke that Princess Kate was representing the greenYgrey in it, but perhaps this is not the place… and she wasn’t wearing gYg… as she often has.

I think that when I started my mental health and running mission only a small percentage of people thought they had mental health issues, about 1 in 7 rings a bell, whereas in a Mental Health Foundation report I saw in the Metro newspaper yesterday two out of three think they’ve had a problem.

I think this is down to more knowledge about it. The pressures of modern life have probably increased mind problems in some ways too; overpopulation, technology time pressures and bullying, awareness of negative world events etc; but most people have a better quality of life than in the past. People used to have to work more and in worse conditions, but maybe they had more community spirit and social identity; such as miners missing their work and not wanting to swap it for a clean call centre with a view!


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