Blondie Pop Pops into Modern POP BBC

Later with Jools Holland has received a PinkyOrangePurple (POP) (historian greenYgreyologists please note the first coloured-text POP!) studio redesign, like most of the studio-based BBC programmes I watch, and some from other channels, such as ITV‘s very relevant to this site Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule (Harry Hill inspired our werewolf television correspondent Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonhill). Note the presence of an old-skool greenygreyer in the foreground of this photo from a Sun article:


Blondie 39 Years Later

It’s now 39 years since Blondie pop-rocked into my life on the crest of New Wave, so it’s great to see them still playing, and creating new music. Moreover, on their recent studio appearance Miss Harry wore yellow on stage, with their third song a rousing playing of old classic Call Me.

Screenshot (197)

The studio lights were at other times golden yellow, perhaps fittingly for a Blondie interview, which also included other original members Chris Stein and Clem Burke.

Screenshot (198)

Blondie also played nicely impressive new songs Long Time and Fun off the new album Pollinator. This site was one of the first to report news of the new album in blog post, Valentine Love 3, 1/28th of the 28 days of February filled with mixed-up vole (remembering our anagram comedy wordplay)!

As usual, the other musicians on Later with Jools Holland were great, and I was particularly impressed by the performance of Future Islands vocalist and programme cover star, Samuel T. Herring, in their opening song, Cave. That is genuine admiration for an animated and passionate performance (like I remember thinking about Phil Campbell of The Temperance Movement at last year’s Download), and there’s nothing fishy about it… unlike his name (sorry Samuel), which I didn’t know at the time.

Screenshot (196)

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