Baftas 2017 Dominated by gYgPOP

While POP (PinkyOrangePurple) colours are now commonly found in many British television studio-based shows, as highlighted recently on this blog, this blog doesn’t have a television show all of its own. So we weren’t expecting to win an award at last night’s Baftas 2017. However, the awards plinth did seem to have a great greenYgrey design:

Screenshot (200)

Moreover, when searching Sarah Lancashire (sorry Yorkshire!) Baftas awards 2017 for the above photo, the related images have a nice gYgPOP overall design:

Screenshot (199)

Sarah Lancashire won awards for her role in Happy Valley, which reminded me of my campaign against psychopathic groomers in university, work and society; although I was just an independent writer.

I’ve known Sarah Lancashire as an actress since Coronation Street, which I watched regularly when she started in the series in 1991. I didn’t remember her character’s name, Raquel Wolstenhulme, now, just remembering her as established character Curly Watts’s partner.

Maybe that’ll sound ‘sexist’ to those who care more about literary political correctness than street and workplace grooming and exploitation.


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