Call Me: Free Illuminati Admirer of Margot Robbie

A news story on the first page of MSN news today was about world secret societies. I’ve never joined any; or been asked to join any, perhaps disappointingly, but not unexpectedly, considering my background, free speech and information views and physical demeanour!; but I’ve heard of most on the list.

Illuminati can Call Me

Blondie played Call Me on Later with Jools Holland last week, featured on this website, and its echo fuels this section. I must say that the description of the (Bavarian) Illuminati in the above MSN news story sounds right up my street: ‘devoted to the opposition of superstition and obscurantism. They are suspected of having been at the root of the French Revolution…’ I must admit I had to look up obscurantism, but it was what I expected: ‘the practice of deliberately preventing the facts or full details of something from becoming known.’

It basically sounds what a free society should be: powered by the latest science with the information made available to all by a free media. Global league tables in line with this are always dominated by Scandinavian countries.

As I’ve often made clear on this blog too, I support an evolution of the mind (greenYgreyvolution/POPolution), rather than physical one, and think that a benign royalty is okay, especially considering the British politicians who probably would have become president in my lifetime (such as Thatcher and Blair, although I recognise they had good points, as well as those that bring my mind to despair!), in line with Scandinavia, although I also love French free enlightenment thinking from Rousseau to Sartre etc.

Margot Robbie on greenYgreying non-Footwear Form

Margot Robbie featured on this site last year after starring in Wolf of Wall Street, and it was nice to see her on great greenYgreying form at a Hawaii wedding, with the location also providing great greenygrey!

Screenshot (201)

I lexically like the ‘Going to the chapel’ caption too, but preferred her WoWS footwear. I reveal that in line with my Scandinavian style freedom of speech/information beliefs, and in total control of my sexual preferences… as shown by my ethical celibacy during the greenYgrey years.

Any women who try to take advantage of my openness by trying to draw attention to themselves because of what I write just look a little silly to me, although I go along with it if it’s done in good taste, and funny.

If they use it to try and cause trouble for me, then they become negatives in my mind, and any sexual attraction they may have had recedes/disappears.

I write that because some women still seem to consider me the enemy. If they are brainwashed by men (Muttley, Paul Potty etc) or women (Dastardly) to consider all I write false or wrong then they probably are, although I think they could probably become free thinking individuals with access to all knowledge and information… in line with the Illuminati thinking!

I’d just to make it clear here, that I have always supported gender equality, in line with socialist thinking, and always inspired by the Scandinavian model (as well as adoring female models, who I love in a controlled realistic emotional way, as well as aesthetic!).

My ethical celibacy has been to highlight that I will continue to like and support women without sexual rewards, as ‘mainstream media’ revolutionary Russell Brand continued to enjoy during his short-lived totally unethical and politically incorrect ‘revolution’!

XaW Files and all the greenYgrey years literature is testament to the above, and I became an independent writer, outside the possibly lucrative academic world, to freely write what I think and believe!

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