Islamist Colleague/Rival Teaching at Salford with Abedi

The main ideological reason I left university for creative writing (creative writing doesn’t mean writing lies by the way; with regard to real events, it means writing them in a non-linear way; creating a new way of looking at them, or making people see things in a different way) was that I didn’t think I could criticise Multicultural Fascism from the heart of the liberal establishment.

Warning about Islamism for 18 Years

I’ve been warning about the Islamist threat from here for the last decade, because I felt the liberal establishment had a Multicultural Fascism outlook. While the universities try and make out this is because they are ‘so nice’, there is the financial side too, with Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia (which definitely isn’t very nice!) putting the most money in, paying the massive amounts earned by the academic hierarchy.

The Saudis are ironically at the heart of the Salafi Islam that is the most extreme and violent!

While I’ve been struggling away creative writing, other organisations have been doing it more mainstream, with Douglas Murray the leading expert on the subject regularly on television. I wasn’t surprised when I heard him say yesterday that Abedi was at Salford University, or that the university had a total opposition to the government’s Prevent (terrorism) campaign.

Making Money from Multicultural Fascism

That’s because the Islamist international student colleague who slept with at least one of the Heads of Department, after a ‘conference’ in Hawaii together, worked at Salford.

Moreover, when I looked up her CV yesterday, I saw they were at Salford the same time.

Associate Professor in Politics and Media
University of Salford
September 2008 – July 2015 (6 years 11 months)
TEACHING: “Politics and Democracy” (1st year); “International Politics and the Media” (2nd year); “Media, War & Democracy” (3rd year); “Terrorism and the Media” (MA level).

I don’t know if their paths crossed, as Abedi, who was there 2014- 2016, was doing a different subject, but I’m sure she contributed to the extreme ideology on the campus.

I was surprised to see on her CV that she’s presented papers at NATO conferences, but maybe I shouldn’t be, as they are still set up against Russia, and not the Islamist threat. When I was at university I was still wondering why her main mentor (not the one she married!) was pro-American and pro-Islam (Saudi mainly I think). It’s mainly money.

Photos of her posing with Arabs in the Middle-East have disappeared from the web. So has her husband, Dr. Robin Brown!

Persecuted for Telling Truth

Some of you might be thinking ‘he’s only thinking about himself’ and ‘why isn’t he grieving?’. I’ve been grieving for the last 18 years, expecting this to happen, and trying to  ‘prevent’ it… while others have been making their money and enhancing their careers… while mocking me as a stupid chav!

If the ‘west’ wants to prevent future Abedis they should start telling the truth about Islam, as well as showing a balanced world view, instead of blaming everything on white Europeans, and not making out non-whites to be such victims:

  1. The ‘prophet’ Mohammed had a 6-year-old bride consummated at 9.
  2. ‘Muslims’ went on a global invasion in the century after his life, massacring and taking slaves. They ultimately failed, surely proving there was no Godly support.
  3. That was around the 7th century A.D., about 4300 years after the first Hindus.
  4. Muslims have fuelled the slave trade to this day, of all colours, including white and black.
  5. Salafi Islam has been on the rise since the 1950s, and not as a result of western foreign policy.
  6. While most native Europeans see ourselves as the height of civilisation, Islamists see us a bunch of pagan barbarians, like the native British were to Romans, or natives around the world were to Middle-Eastern monotheists (one invisible god; the ‘one’ they believe in!) colonists.
  7. Yazidi girls are still being raped, tortured, enslaved and sold as commodities by I.S.

Truth about Islam

Ironically, most of the above were recently set out by Tom Hamilton in the documentary ISIS: The Origins of Violence. It was on about the same time as the story about the mainly Islamist paedophile grooming epidemic that has been festering in Britain for the last twenty years: Three Girls.

The Muslim reaction to the recent atrocities have generally been good, but most religious extremist colonists that went to the Americas were generally nice, but that didn’t end up well for the native people.

The only way to lessen the terror threat is to have less people who can be brainwashed. Being too nice or too horrible to them isn’t the way, it’s to have less people and less concentration and focus on one religion; especially Islam, the one that threatens!

Can Britain separate itself from its reliance on Saudi money now? Can Europe control its international universities? I don’t know.


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