Ariana Grande’s Super-Groupie for Benefit Concert

After Ariane Grande’s brave decision to return for a benefit concert this week, I have decided to offer my services in the only way I think I can: by volunteering as her super-groupie this week, giving Taylor Momsen a rest!

I mean that in parody comedy way of course!

They say to carry on as normal, and parody comedy is normal for this blog. I hope it will be taken as the respectful good humoured contribution it’s supposed to be, turning the normal gender and age of groupiedom on its head.

The concert is a great cause, with terrible tragedy for the lost, those who knew them, and those still suffering injuries. I hope it’s a great day, and raises a lot of money for those in need.

The attack wasn’t a part of any sport or war with rules,
it was just cowardly and senseless murder and mutilation.

All great greenYgreyliens will be at one in spirit with the Arianators on Sunday,
linking up in comedy wordplay to the letter through the capital A(ngels of AAW for us).

Image result for Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande


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