Grande’s Grand greenY Gesture: I.S. are Paedophile Child Killers

It was great to see Ariana Grande visit victims of the arena blast in hospital, and put a smile on their faces. In contrast, I.S. ‘soldiers’ will spend their day raping and torturing their enslaved Yazidi girls, as part of their genocidal attempt to control the Middle-East and world!

She was greenYing, with the hospital providing the grey, but that didn’t matter… even to me… as the greenYgrey is only a puppet of parody.

I could say that Ariana showed more bravery than Abedi, and that the child was his true competitive warrior reflection, but he had been to a war zone, so I can’t call him a completely childish coward. He could have claimed to be more of a warrior than me.

Too Much greenYgrey Thinking for You?

I know that people like news with heroes and villains, good and evil, so this may be too greenYgrey for you?

Ariana has good security, and there will be good security at the benefit concert tomorrow, so I can’t say her and the crowd are braver than Abedi.

I can say they are generally better people though, although there may be some who aren’t by the law of averages, and its that ethos that I’ve been working towards and aiming for during the greenYgrey years.

Wrong Kinds of Humans

Its something those who try and compete with me, such as Dastardly and Muttley, still don’t seem to have understood. They, and all their workplace gossip, scheming, grooming and competitiveness are totally insignificant to me and my life.

When they one day realise that it won’t make any difference to my life, because they were never even significant to it.

I’m trying to save Blighty and the world, not get promotion!

greenYgrey’s Bigger Than Me

Sorry I have to descend into silly workplace stuff from such a major and crushing event, but that’s part of a world I unfortunately have to live in, although with most of the people and for most of the time it’s a fun enjoyable environment.

I’ve been aiming for the nice and peaceful, animal welfare and environment, for the last 14 years, since leaving the weights-room to start my marathons ambition inspired by Jane Tomlinson, followed by starting the greenYgrey project about twelve years ago.

The Britain I’d like to see would be one where cruelty is minimised, to all life, and the whole place is treated like one big nature reserve. Most of the children who died at Ariana Grande’s concert were probably the types to help fulfil that, with one I remember being particularly described as an animal lover.

Their individual lives were a crushing loss for themselves, and those who knew them, but it was also a big loss for the country, and possibly its future direction.

I’m a white middle-aged man, much closer to Hispanics-criticising Donald Trump than Ariana Grande in demography, but I hope the future of humanity is more like Ariana Grande.

Wrong Kinds of Humans Getting it Wrong

If there’s one type of human I hope human leadership is less like in the future than the Donald Trump type its the Abedi type.

Unfortunately for humanity and the world its the Trumps and Abedis types who are controlling it, and battling for hegemonic dominance.

Generally, women’s worst crime is that it is those types that they admire and reward, although they could argue that the patriarchal system doesn’t usually give them much choice. When women who are rich enough to be self-sufficient still act that way however, I do dismay!

Ariana Grande is a great role model as far as I know, and I hope she continues to provide music and support for her fans for years and decades…




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