One Love ‘Manchester’ Should Be ‘U.K.’

I hope Manchester’s benefit concert goes well tonight, and the people attending, including the totally beautiful, cool and sexy 10/10 Adriana Grande, just got braver thanks to the Three Stooges for Allah who attacked London last night.


One Love Manchester

I have one love for Manchester, and that’s for its music culture, so I can honestly totally support tonight’s concert. I’ve always had a nice time there when I’ve visited, so don’t have any hate for them… apart from those United fans siding with Galatasary  v Leeds after two innocent fans were stabbed to death in Istanbul.

Some ordinary people around the country who don’t like Manchester or London might not care about the terror attacks, but I think they’ll be making the same mistake the tribes of Britain did when the Romans invaded, with some allying with the Romans.

Russell Brand Revolutionaries

The Liberal Establishment Multicultural Fascists made me and people like me the ‘enemy’ over the last twenty years, for trying to warn about attacks like that have happened over the last fortnight, as well as the grooming and rape epidemic which was by the same type of people.

Russell Brand was out looking happy with himself during the week; maybe he thinks his ‘Revolution’ is hotting up? Ironically, maybe some of the victims of the last fortnight’s attacks bought his ‘cool’ book!

Like I said yesterday, the terrorists just hate liberals/women/whites/British/Europeans/non-Muslims/non-Islamists, so they won’t care if you support them, unless you totally submit and volunteer as a slave to Allah!

The street gangster/gangsta types are on the fringe of the terrorism, maybe supporting it by buying or selling illegal stuff with them, or doing their demonising of me for them, like Dastardly and Muttley, and Paul Potty and the gang. Ironically, they are all, or have been, hedonistic party people, just like Manchester suicide bomber Abedi and the victims; showing what a vicious circle it is.

Donald Trump, God and Secularism

On the other side of the political spectrum, and ‘pond’, I think Donald Trump was wrong to bring God into it, especially after recently doing a ‘monotheism tour’ to Saudi Arabia, Israel and Europe.

Allah is Saudi Arabia’s ‘god’, and that’s why last night’s (and all the other I.S. ones) attacks took place.

I think a better response to the I.S. attacks is more secularism, and more debate about the reality of ‘god’. Religion should be discussed and debated in the context of modern science, and not in some kind of politically correct cloudy mythology.

Britain and Europe has been filling up with Islamists over the last decade, which doesn’t bode well for the future, near or far.

I think the way to limit the impact of attacks in the name of Allah is to open Islam up to real scrutiny and facts, not to fight it with ‘our god’!

Maybe then, the Jihadi-type Muslims won’t want to come to Britain and Europe. Over the last twenty years, since New Labour, the liberal establishment has encouraged Islamism to the point of persecuting and silencing people like me as much as possible.

I have been sidelined to this blog in my own country, while international Islamists are treated as heroes, and given all the money to research and propagate themselves!!

Thanks for the support Donald Trump, but I don’t think you got it right, like a lot of other stuff; although you’ve got some things right… like the Islamist threat!

Sorry if you think I’ve been scoring points and taking advantage of the situation, but believe me, I’ve been trying to be as diplomatic as I can; something most of my critics don’t know anything about!!!


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