Ariana Grande Humanity Sun To Me

I could say that if it wasn’t for people like Ariana Grande and her fans life wouldn’t be worth living. But even if humanity and Blighty do descend into total civil war I’ll probably keep going for as long as possible, either trying to join one of the gangs or becoming a Mad Max-style loner. That’s because I think I’ve only got this one life, so I might as well use it.

Knocking on the Sun’s Door

Now I’m the wrong side of 50 I feel like I’m knocking on heaven’s door (Guns N’ Roses version!) anyway, and the void doesn’t seem as distant as it once did. I was thinking the other day that the best times of life are the twilight ones, like they are often the best times of day, with a good sunrise or sunset.

When you’re young, you have some kind of ‘magic’ in your mind, as if you remember something from before you were born, and then it returns in later life. The years in the middle of your life (about 18-50 of an average UK lifespan) are like bright daylight, when you are furthest away from the ‘void’, most immersed in the human world, where you are pressured to abandon or postpone your ‘childish’ love and empathy for life and the planet we share.

Ariana Grande Concert Love for Life

It was a beautiful night for Ariana Grande’s concert. With a line-up including Ariana, Miley Cyrus and Little Mix I didn’t think I’d be writing that Katy Perry would have looked the most angelic, but that’s what happened; especially during her ‘love conquers’ speech:

Screenshot (218)

She was wearing an angelic ensemble, and the sky light was at its peak, with high clouds glowing in the twilight.

It was the same beautiful night in Leeds, and has been old-fashioned greenygrey clouds and rain since, which would be god crying if you believe in sky messages.

I thought there may be a perfect POP (PinkyOrangePurple) sunset for the pop concert, but it didn’t materialise, and in the end it was humanity that provided the POP colours with the stage lighting; suggesting this is all a human creation, as I think about the monotheistic religions; as Ariana Grande sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz.

Screenshot (220)

greenYgreyliens, Arianators and Beliebers One Love

Justin Bieber was the only one who brought ‘god’ into the concert, but he did it in a nice innocent loving way, obviously meaning well, so I wasn’t angry or upset.

I think the best way to prevent further incidents is to keep ‘god’ out of normal society as much as possible, rather than providing a fertile ground for radicalism¬†to grow; or even tectonic plates for earthquakes.

It was apparently very religious Tony Blair who brought ‘god’ into politics, with Alistair Campbell advising him that ‘we don’t do religion’; as well as leading the bombing of the Serbs in Kosovo and being instrumental in the invasion of Iraq.

Like the other ‘youths’, and ‘relatively uneducated’ who’ve got it wrong during the greenYgrey years because they haven’t understood; I wouldn’t be a self-proclaimed genius if this was basic!; I give them the benefit of the doubt, and tolerate their subjectivity.

Maybe I should do the same for Donald Trump, who I criticised earlier that day on this blog for bringing ‘god’ into it, but he is the president of a big country!

That could be why people don’t give me any leeway or understanding; because I’m a PhD graduate. They don’t care that I’m going out of my way, for very little pay, to bring them the best of my mind for free most days, trying to prevent incidents like those that happened in Manchester and London recently.

Sun To Me, Really for Some Humanity

The Faithless video below was recommended on YouTube this morning. It said ‘new song’, but is in fact from 2009. It combines a nice tune with some great gYgPOP scenery.

While I dismay at human overpopulation, I put human life above my environmental worries. Nature’s probably going to reclaim the world one day anyway, so let humanity have its day!

It’s dedicated to all the lovely people like Ariana and her guests and fans, and all the people from all over the world who tried to help them, and stop the London attackers.

I liked Faithless back in my clubbing days, and still do; nothing to do with the persecuting pressures of Multicultural Fascism, and nothing to do with sex (understand Dastardly and Muttley, and Paul Potty and gang!).

Just music, sun and life, and the freedom to like what I want!


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