Finland: The 17 in ’17 Bit (Part 1)

Happy greenYgrey independence centenary to Finland!


Welcome to another “17 in ’17” installment!  Recently, I offered a Canadian love call to celebrate the 150th birthday of my neighbors to the north.  This time, I’m singing the praises of Finland – the land of all my lovely Mum’s grandparents – in this, the 100th anniversary year of its independence!  Here, in no special order (and with largely inadequate pictures – apologies…), are the first 9 of 17 reasons why the country is so very dear to my heart!

1.  It’s Not Butter

Nope – but Finland could easily be called a Land O Lakes!  I’ve read that lakes make up about 10% of Finland – and are they ever a beautiful use of space!

2.  Found in Translation

I was just watching the US and Finland playing in the World Hockey Championships (ohhh, yes – there will be hockey in the next installment!) and I recognized a…

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